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2017 Tesla Model XPegasus P100D1552
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------ ABOUT THE Model X P100D ------ 2017 Tesla Model X P100D with Ludicrous PLUS. This vehicle has fully loaded option. ZERO- 60mph in 2.9 Seconds. Experience the sensation of going to the MOON and back in this LOADED Tesla Model X P100D. This beautiful futuristic car cost $170,000, the best in it's class. If you want to drive a TESLA this is the only car that is worth it. The MOMENT you sit down and see the beautiful PANORAMIC windshield and open up the FALCON WING DOORS, you will realize you have just stepped into the FUTURE and are now the pilot of your own SPACESHIP! Let Enhanced Autopilot take away the stress of rush hour traffic with AUTONOMOUS: Steering Lane Keeping Speed and Distance Control Lane Changing and Self-Parking! This Model X 6-Seater has the BEST-IN-CLASS storage of any SUV, and is loaded with options to bring your rental experience to the next level! 6 Seater Model X is the most luxurious and expensive interior Tesla has to offer with USB hookups for each passanger. Did I say the entire cabin has heated/Cool seats. For preserving the battery life, the car is usually charged to around 90% when you pick it up. When returning, the battery level should be around 90% Features include: 100kWh Battery with OVER 290 miles per charge Dual Motor ALL WHEEL Drive AUTOPILOT with convenience package Traffic-Adaptive Cruise Control Auto-Steer Premium Upgrades Package (including Self-Presenting Front Doors Medical-Grade Air Filtration System with Biohazard Mode, and Custom Ultra High Fidelity Sound) Internet Radio, Internet Browser, and GPS Navigation Ultra White Leather Seats - Premium Smart Air Suspension 17” Touchscreen Personalized Driver Profiles DID I MENTION THAT THIS IS A SPACESHIP?! Enhanced Auto Pilot/ Navigate Auto Pilot Six Seat Interior 22' Wheels, Onyx Black Wheel Premium Sound System Self Presenting Valet Doors Sub-Zero weather package Please return vehicle in the same condition you got it from. Additional fees apply if battery is not the same charge when return, to insure it ready for the next guest. Thank you. New to Turo? Create your account using this link and receive $25 off your first rental: Then refer your friends from your new account and you both receive more travel credit for more trips. **Please note, if you have already created your account, this referral link will NOT give you travel credit. Ask Turo for a different promo code BEFORE you book your first trip. ** ——-Thinking about buying a Tesla?——— You can use my referral code to get 1,000 miles of free Supercharging on a new Tesla: If you want to master all of the awesome feature on this Tesla, I highly recommend that you watch this clips with the link below. Enjoy! We also have a 2018 Acura MDX- SH-AWD(best for snow trip) and 2019 Tesla MODEL 3- AWD (long range battery), the only one available for rent in the Bay Area. Ask for a FREE test ride (subject to availability)

Business class

This host caters to business travelers.


This exclusive car has additional safety checks for guests under 30.


Must be 25+ to book
Automatic transmission
EV / Hybrid
Audio input
All-wheel drive
Long-term car
Child seat
USB input
Toll pass
Heated seats
Must Be 25+ y/o to Drive
6 Seater/ Ultra White Premium
Ultra High Fidelity Sounds Package
Ludicrous Speed Upgrade 0-60 2.9seconds
Enhanced Auto Pilot
3rd Row Seat
Battery Range Upgrade
Valet Front door
22" Onyx Black Wheels
Streaming Music
Sub Zero Weather Package
Self Parking with Summon
All-Wheel Drive
Heated Seat
Wire-less phone charger
290 miles range!


Add optional Extras to your trip at checkout.
Unlimited mileage
Option 2 Unlimited Mileage, Long term renting
Prepaid EV recharge
Save time and make dropoff a breeze by adding this Extra, which allows you to return my car without fully recharging. Please return with at least 30 miles of range. Anything under 30 miles range risk damaging the battery.
Unlimited mileage
OPTION 1, Unlimited Miles/day. Short term
Post-trip cleaning
Return the car hassle free, without worrying about clean up after your trip. Does not cover upholstery cleaning, spills, stains, pet hair, or smoke removal.

Parking details

You can use street parking, there is no street sweeping and our community has private security patrolling 24/7.


Dear Renter, we are a personal car sharing service not a car rental company. Please respect my amazing Tesla as if it were your own, return the car in the same condition and follow my guidelines below Renter Agrees: 1. Smoking, pets, eating, are NOT allowed inside the car. Thank you! 2. Renter is responsible for a minimum $250 cleaning fee, if there is any smoke smell, evidence of pets or other foul smell detected upon return. 3. Renter is financially responsible for any wear and tear during the rental period. 4. Renter of car must return the charging cable. Lost cable fee will be $650, . 5. Renter of car must return with at least 65 miles remaining on the battery. This way I can drive home. Thank you! 6. HAND WASH prior to return or a $50 car wash charge will be applied to the reservation. Please show receipt of hand wash, DO NOT run through car wash machine as it will damage the paint. Highly recommend to add EXTRA for hand wash package for your convenient. 7. Excess miles charged at $1.99/mi 8. Supercharger idle fees are $0.40/min if car is plugged in and not actively charging, unplug and move from space BEFORE it reaches the charge limit to avoid fees. 9.Return car with at least same battery charge range, Charging fee $0.75/per mile of charge if returned with less range. 1. Supercharging (Highly recommended) NOT FREE. Supercharging will get you from 0-80% just in 40min. Charge rate of 300mi/hr. 2. Level 2 Public Chargers Takes about 6hrs to fully charge Charge rate of 18-22mi/hr. 3. Mobile Charger (Not practical) If you have 240v washer/dryer port you have good luck of 22mi/hr 110v will get you 3mi/hr 🚭NO smoking allowed in the car in case you smoke a $250 fee applies 🚭NO vape of any kind (our infant loves this car). No Smoking or any type of marijuana smell is allowed in the car. If there is any lingering smell, we will report to Turo and charge in excess $250 for detail and cleaning services.


  • How does TOLL work?
    For your convenient our car has register LICENSE PLATE to cross all the bridges in California that has electronic toll. When the car crossing the toll plaza, they will scan the FastTrak Device or LICENSE PLATE(automatically) and debit our account directly. When you pass through a toll plaza and use an electronically tolled lane, the toll will automatically be registered and paid based on the car's LICENSE PLATE. Electronically tolled lanes may be called FasTrak lanes, EZPass lanes, or other names, depending on your location. To avoid paying twice for tolls, do not pay cash when passing through a toll plaza with electronically tolled lanes *If you paid cash please keep notes of all receipt and text of a picture of it for our record. We will bill one day after your trip if any Toll fees incur during your trip. Thank you
  • What are Charging option?
    There are several options, listed below in order of usefulness. 1. Tesla Superchargers. These are the high voltage charging stations that can charge the car from 0 to full within one hour. In most scenarios within 30 to 40 minutes. They are usually located close to shopping/dining, so you don't have to wait in the car most of time. Use app: "Superchargers for Tesla" to locate the superchargers. An alternative app is "Plugshare". It has other EV chargers as well. You can filter out the other chargers by selecting Tesla Supercharger only. Superchargers are free to use for this car. However, if the charging is done but the car is still connected, Tesla the company will charge me an idling fee. It's usually not a lot. But if this is incurred, the charge will be passed along to you via Turo reimbursements. 2. Regular 110 Volt power outlet. This is to charge at a house or other parking facilities with a regular 110 Volt outlet. This is slow charging for sure. But charging overnight can get you enough range to get to the next supercharger. The car is equipped with the following accessories (all in the frunk) for this purpose: - Tesla charging cord - 110 Volt outlet adapter (to be connected to the plug on the charging cord) - Extension cable (if outlet is too far for the charging cord) Please note that occasionally a 110 Volt outlet doesn't work, probably because of low amperage. In that case, the LED lights on the charging cord and the Model X charge port will turn red. No use to try multiple time. You will have to find an alternative outlet. 3. Household 220 Volt power outlet for dryers. If you have access to one, for example when a garage has a dryer in it, this will be faster than the #2 option. There's another adapter in the same accessory bag for this. However, the extension cable won't work. 4. 220 Volt EV Plug (J1772; public or household). Most common EV charging standard. The car has a J1772 adapter that can be used on those chargers. Please note: - The Tesla charging cord is not needed. You just connect the adapter to the plug from the charging station. - Normally these charging stations are not free. Without a membership card, you can usually contact the charging network and do a one time charging. Please note: The car is not equipped with the adapter for the 440 Volt Fast Charging stations (CHAdeMO DCFC). Accessories The car has the following accessories. Please make sure to return items to its place after use. In the middle compartment next to the driver's seat: - FasTrak toll tag In the compartment facing the front passenger's seat: - Car registration - Turo insurance card - Regular insurance card In the front trunk: - Charging accessory bag, including adapters - Power extension cable
  • What do I do if i get a traffic ticket or parking violation ticket?
    Tickets: If you get any tickets during your rental, please pay them off yourself. If we receive a ticket in the mail that has not yet been paid, we will pay the ticket and charge you the full amount + $25 processing fee.
  • Can we take this car to the snow?
    Please DO NOT take this vehicle to the snow, check out my other AWD SUV vehicle that is more suitable for snow weather. Current tires is not snow tires. Thank you
  • What if I'm late to return?
    Pickup and return within the rental times only. If you're running late for pickup, please let me know and I will make arrangement for key handover. Late return is never ok, take it for granted you will be stuck in traffic in the Bay Area, it is not an acceptable excuse for a late return and you will be charged the late return fee of $50 per hour. To avoid this, I would suggest booking extra time into your trip at checkout. Most importantly, please communicate if there will be any delay.
  • How do I receive travel credit?
    New to Turo? Create your account using this link and receive $25 off your first rental: Then refer your friends from your new account and you both receive more travel credit for more trips. **Please note, if you have already created your account, this referral link will NOT give you travel credit. Ask Turo for a different promo code BEFORE you book your first trip. **
  • Do I have to wash the vehicle before returning?
    Yes, to insure the car is ready for the next booking, please return vehicle in the same condition when you get it. Please use Hand-wash only, as the paint is a light metallic (environmentally paint) that will get scratch easily with machine wash. A cleaning fee will only be charged in severe cases related to the interior, e.g. spilled liquids, pet hair removal, smoke smell, etc. Minimum of $250 The car should be returned the same condition as when you pick it up. We understand that spills and accidents could happen. We would have to charge a $50 clean-up fee. Thank you.
  • What kind of range can I get out of this vehicle?
    A typical battery charge of 90% can yield approximately 265 miles. Your mileage may vary.
  • Are Super Charger free?
    Supercharging is not free, Tesla pull the cord on FREE Supercharging in 2019. While it’s a fraction of the price of gas there is a fee associated with charging and you will be billed the exact price they charge me Leaving a fully charged Tesla plug into the supercharger-will incur $.40 per minute charge.
  • I have not driven Model X before, how can I get familiar with all of the feature on this awesome car?
    If you want to master all of the awesome feature on this Tesla, I highly recommend that you watch this clips with the link below. Enjoy!


2 ratings

Great car & great owner. The pick up/drop off was easy & smooth. The car was clean & amazing to drive. Great experience all around.

Phyllip H.-Mar 19, 2019

Nhat and Linda have the best Model X Tesla makes. They provided it clean, charged, ready to go and even had bottled water in the car for renters to enjoy. They were easy to work with and provided great info about this futuristic car.

David D.-Mar 12, 2019

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