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My Jeep Renegade it is new confortable, sturdy! This subcompact cross over it is one of safest cars and...jeepy is always ready for adventure (4x4)of for stay in the city!( so easy to park)


Automatic transmission
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All-wheel drive
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The car worked great but I had problems with the owner in regards to the entire transaction. This is the email I sent to Turo in order to try to solve our dispute, thankfully I believe the Company sctrutured a deal that was fair for both parties. Dear XXX, It is my greatest interest to solve this in the best way possible, but before talking about (4) why the hosts claim is not true, I need to tell you about how the rental occurred  and how this litigation is far beyond the miles limit. I'm a brazilian lawyer and me and two of my childhood friends wanted to travel trough California, we also had meetings in silicon valley with a few tech companies, planned to go to lake tahoe and LA. So with that in mind and since we did not have that much time in our hands we decided to look for a company that did not have that much bureaucracy in renting cars, throughout a google research we found TURO. After a extensive research for all wheel drive cars in the bay area we decided to chose Ilse's cars because of the mileage limit and because we did not had any additional fees like the 35$ dollars cleaning fees some other cars in the app had. Hence, we decided to rent from the February 11th at 8:00 a.m. to the19th at. 8:00 p.m. To our surprise and sadness, in the early morning of the 11th Ilse left a message on the turo platform warning us that she had a problem and the car needed oil change and we were suppose to talk to her husband (Fenicio) because she was in India. (Picture attached). Well since she sent us the message late at night, we only saw this when we woke up at 7:00 a.m. and our meeting was at 9 a.m., we knew that trying to rent another car at the time would be impossible and also we had already paid for Ilse´s car, I called Fenicio and he said that he didn't know how much time it would take, since we had urgency we decided that would be faster to go meet him at the Jeep dealership and get that car as soon as possible. The car was only ready at 10:00 a.m. When checking out the car, Fenicio (Ilse´s husband) apologize to us because the car was dirty (inside and out) and said that he had know idea that she was renting that day, he even said that if it was up to him she shouldn't rent it, he would rather just give her the money. After that he asked for a copy of my passport and my driver´s license (which I gave with no hesitation even tough I shouldn't). The beginning of the trip everything went according to the plan, but as we were making our way to Santa Barbara the road (Highway one) was closed with no detour because of the weather, we had to go all the way back to Monterrey to continue our trip to LA and with that we went over our mileage limit. Since our goal was to solve all the problems in the best way possible, we cleaned the interior of the car, fulled the entire gas tank and gave back the car about one hour earlier.  After delivering the car, when I was at the airport to our surprise Ilse had made a request for reimbursement at the absurd amount of $354,32 and almost 60% the value of the entire rental even tough the car came back almost in better conditions than it left. She is charging a 50$ fee for cleaning and it was never showed in any part of the rental proposition in the app or website, that was one of the only reasons that made us rent her car instead of other better options that had those fees described in the app,  she is also charging additional miles (like the limit was 1000 miles when in fact it was 1400 like shown in the pictures) even tough we explained to her everything and on top of that is not even deducting the 2 hours that the car was late or the additional gas that we put in. We never denied the mileage of the car, we picked up the car as shown in her pictures with 28181 miles and gave it back with 29764 miles (1583 miles in total, and only 183 miles above he 1400 limit hired), we only expressed to her that due to an unforeseen event (the storm on the coast of California which made the road close by santa barbara - highway 1 "big sur" - closed with no detour) we could not comply with this clause and had to breach that obligation. The biggest problem is that she "mistakenly" charged an additional 600 miles, which is beyond absurd. Another problem comes with the cleaning fee, as I stated, in every Turo car post they list the fees that come with the car, Ilse´s car did not came with anything and like I said before, her car came completely dirty, if this inevitably reaches the Court her husband can testify this, he was the one who specifically told us: "I'm sorry that the car is too dirty, I did not know she was going to rent it." The amount of bad faith that they have shown is what made this entire experience terrible, if she had asked to clean the car before giving it back, we would´ve done it for sure even tough the car came so dirty, we cleaned it up the same way the car came, they knew it was our first time using the app, they took before pictures and did not upload on the app, and I questioned why?! We never took pictures of the inside of the veicule because we genuinely thought since her own husband told her how dirty it was and since he took pictures that this wasn't going to be a issue, clearly we were wrong, we were late for the meeting so we ended up only take pictures of the damage outside of the car. Also they took some horribles pictures when the car was delivered to them that just simply dont portrait the truth, you can see in the app the we took the pictures in a gas station when we were about to delivery the car and thats how the car looked. We honestly believe in Turo and the business model, we thought this was a major upgrade in the rental department that was always dominated by the same bureaucratic and expensive companies and that we would have the time of our life, but when I saw this outrageous $354.32, when we left the car in a better condition than rented it, when she knew all the facts: that (i) the car was dirty when we rented it, (ii) that we filled up the entire gas tank and (iii) that we had to postpone a meeting and only got the car 2 hours later than what we schedule,  I just lost faith in this segment, it is just sad that people use this incredible platform in a way of trying to extort money from people, in all honestly if I knew this would end up like this I would've hired a professional photographer to record everything from the beginning of the transaction until the end or would've just end up hiring the big companies. I really hope we can solve this in the best way possible, I'm already in Brazil, but if you guys need any more information just let me know. Thank you in advance.

Gabriel R.-Mar 1, 2019

What a great vehicle for our trip! Ilse was an awesome host. Her vehicle was clean & totally reliable. Her communication was just right.

Scott C.-Jan 4, 2019

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