Jeep Wrangler Rental in Hayward, CA | Turo
Jeep Wrangler2017
10 trips
$ 120
per day
The car
Jeep Wrangler
10 trips
5 seats
4 doors
If you want to save money just use uber or lift and pick up the car.

If have you have money to burn just ad the delivery.

Warning 300 miles a day up to the 2 day only. On the 3 day total 750 miles till it reach 7 day.

If you have any question call customer service to contact me. They will give you my email address and we can talk about what ever question you like.

Warning ever rental you must attempt to have the car wash when returned or leave $10 in the glove box if you do not have time to have the car wash on the out side. I will take the $10 and wash it my self.

I only ask the outside of the car only. I am not demanding the full wash.

Turo policy car must be return back the same way you got it or be charged $20 cleaning fee.

You must go to a self car wash as this jeep might not be able to be driven inside a drive through car wash

2 days minimum

I am offering $250 a day 4 days only for unlimited miles. . Total $1000.00 on this jeep if your interested please call customer service and they will get hold of me.

Remember only 4 days only. You can not rent this jeep pass 4 days on unlimited miles.

This price is not listed at all but you can get hold of me through customer service to adjust the rental agreement.

Right now its only certain amount of miles per day.

You will be discounted but the miles will be lowered.

Car is available 24 hours a day. Once you book you will get my number to call me up.

If your doing last minute booking at night time it would have to be pic up at my house.

Copy and paste

The you tube video is very close to this jeep.

This is the perfect Anniversary Gift and just go all out on your vacation and go to the snow we are 100 percent you will enjoy. Or go on a road trip but will require a week rental or one month.
Please read before booking.

Places where you can go reno, yoesemite, tahoe, moab utah, boreal, mount rush more, jackson wyoming etc.
If you go on insane road trip you should rent the jeep for a month or rent by the week and pay me the over milage .75 a mile.

I took this jeep up to reno and I had fun. There was one car that took side picture with the jeep.

Take your next vacation from ordinary to extraordinary with a fully customized Jeep Wrangler from turo.
Places to go Reno, Tahoe, Yosemite, Los Angeles, Las Vagas.
Please do not email me to lower the price the answer is no.
We do last minute booking.

Please check out my feed back and book it if you like to show off.

All I ask book it and will contact you on the Turo ap.

Delivery if needed SFO airport is free delivery.

This bulletin board is up dated every day.

Ever booking you must disclose where your going to take the jeep or else I will not approve the booking.

This is a brand new custom jeep that cost me $60 K.

I am hundred percent people will start talking to you or start staring at the jeep.
  • Automatic transmission
  • GPS
  • Audio input
  • All-wheel drive
  • xm radio
No smoking.
No pets
Can I take this jeep out of the united states.
No, there are people who want to enter into canada or mexico. Please do not take it out of the united states.
Can I get a hold of you ?
Sorry I'm not going to give out my number only if you book. You can call customer service if you want to.
Can I smoke inside your jeep?
No if you do there will be cleaning fee of $250.
Can I pick up the jeep at SFO and the end of my rental choose anther location.
I'm sorry the answer is no, pick up and drop off must be the same location.
What happen if im late picking up the car ?
I am going to give you 30 min to 60 min. If you do not pick up the car on time you will pick up the car at my house. I can not wait around for you to pick up the car when its not even my fault and I will go on to next delivery. Your delivery is for one delivery there not back and forth. So once I bring the car home you need to pick up the car at my house. Even if your flight is delayed. Its not my fault. Then I will pick up the car on time again must be on time or you will be fined $50 a hour only if there is a renter after you.
Is there a way I can contact you ?
You can call customer service and they will help you get a hold of me.
Can I eat inside the jeep ?
Yes you can just clean after your selfs. I strongly suggest to watch out with the gum.
Do you charge late fee?
Yes so make sure your on time. Its $50 a hour late fee up to max $200. I will only wave the late fee if you rent the jeep for 7 days.
How do you determine the cost per day ?
Option on the jeep and what every body is asking for there jeep per day. My jeep is custom so I should charge more that every body here on turo but I do not. My price is close to there price per day. I will not offer the same miles per day at all. So its up to you during your trip how many miles you want to use on the jeep. Over milage is .75 a mile.
Car location
Hayward, CA 94545
San Francisco International Airport
Oakland International Airport
Mineta San Jose International Airport
Up to 50 miles