The car

Jeep Wrangler 2002

28 trips
18 MPG
Gas (Regular)
2 doors
4 seats

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Ready for the beach! A perfect summer fun time machine. If you haven't signed up with TURO already, please use this URL, And you'll save $25 OFF, Hello, please don't book my Jeep until I return messages from yoiu.... Full Soft top, so please don t take out , skin rear windows or doors. ( front half windows or rear side windows ok ) Or you will be charged $200. Thank You 5-speed manual. Power locks, Iphone jack with USB, aux jack and CD player Fun Jeeps have come a long way. But you'll have to get used to the Jeep waves! She is in good shape, solid, fun to drive around the West Side buts its not a Ferrari so don't push her racing on freeways cant go over 65 anyway) Los Angeles driving only ( sorry no trip out of LA county zone, will be too slow like 65 speed on freeways since its a 4 cyl and to bumpy for your comfort for long distance drive ) If you haven't signed up with TURO already, please use this URL, And you'll save $25 OFF, The Jeep is a 4 cyl so it's better on gas than the 6 cyl. This Jeep is a stick shift and you need to know how to drive a manual before renting. This Jeep has zip-able windows. NOTE FOR DELIVERY OPTIONS AND LAX CUSTOMERS NO PICK UP AND DROP OFF OUTSIDE WEST LOS ANGELES AREA If I cant bring the Jeep to you, I will send you an Uber to 3rd floor, departure level, ride service stations (outside, curbside) labeled alphabetically. Just call text or email me to let me know what letter it is: tel. 310-902-9515. For drop off: ON YOU: After returning the Jeep to my house near LAX, please get an Uber or Lyft for yourself. ( I am 20mn away from LAX ) Please, do not use the 'Fast Trak Lanes' on the freeways as I don't have a Transponder. If you do, you'll have to pay the Ticket. NO EXTREME OFF ROADING. This is not a boat or a rock climber, just a fun Jeep to ride around in the city. HOW TO: Never Get a Parking Ticket in Los Angeles … Again Your tire can t be in the RED ZONE By law, NO PORTION of the vehicle can be in the RED ZONE. Don’t trust a colored curb. With the exception of red and blue, you can park on yellow and green curbs all day on Sunday. On Monday through Saturday, you can park at green or yellow curbs after 6 p.m. unless otherwise posted. Within the posted time constraints, yellow curbs are for commercial loading only and green curbs are short-term parking only. -NO PARKING NEAR FIRE HYDRANT.... you should be 15 feet away from it unless the city issued an local law making it shorter. -FOR MY EUROPEAN RENTALS YOU WILL GET A TICKET PARKING ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD. In California and in pretty much all the states the law is that you must park in the same direction as traffic flows on that side of the street. -MYTH: You need a PhD to decipher parking signs. Notoriously complicated parking signs can get the best of almost anyone. Fortunately, LADOT made this video to make sense of it all starring Sergeant Kimmi Porter. SO WHATS MY BEST PIECE OF ADVICE you have to avoid a parking citation? READ EVERYTHING. READ EVERYTHING. READ EVERYTHING. Especially the red signs. Read ‘em—they’re there for you. Read your meter display too because it'll tell you what time your meter expires. That meter is consistent, your watch or clock might not be.......


Manual transmission