Honda CR-V Rental in Berkeley, CA | Turo
Honda CR-V1999
257 trips
$ 45
per day
The car
Honda CR-V
257 trips
5 seats
5 doors
Gas (Regular)
22 MPG
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My sturdy reliable Honda is no longer available for rent. She now belongs to Kars4Kids. She has served the Turo community well and got me started on a wonderful
Check out my other Honda CRV or Toyota RAV4 4, for a similar style vehicle with even cooler, more modern features. I'll be providing you the best vehicles for awesome adventures for a long time still!!


My reliable Honda CRV is a great small SUV. I keep it in excellent condition inside and out and has only ever required routine scheduled maintenance. It still drives as smooth as the day I purchased it.
Car has a functioning radio, A/C and cruise control and a bike rack for 2 bikes.
The left side rear view mirror needs to be adjusted manually, right side is still mechanically controlled by button next to steering wheel.

My CRV really is a multi purpose vehicle. Here are some uses myself and other renters have used it for and check out the photos for illustrations:

By far the most useful feature. I have moved many times in this vehice even out of state and it carries an unbelievable amount of cargo. Dimensions are 60"L x 42"H x 36"W. The height and width are measurements are from the frame of the open trunk. There is some extra height and width within the cargo space, so there is extra wiggle room and I very often put the front passenger seat forward to create extra length. I have fit everything from a 6 seater kitchen table, dressers and bedroom furniture. A renter informed me they fit a loveseat couch in it. I do not recommend attempting to transport a mattress, unless its a futon that can fold. Even if you manage to squeeze it in through sheer will and determination, getting it back out again is a much different feat. My CRV handles better and is a much smoother ride than a UHAUL and loading/unloading and parking is so much easier. Do multiple trips if necessary, you will not be charged per mile if you stay under the daily allowance of 150 miles.

The CRV is a very comfortable ride. It seats up to 5 adults very comfortably with lots of leg room and great visibility from all passenger seats. There is also ample space for luggage and camping equipment. Many of my passengers report significantly less car sickness riding in my car compared to sedans.

Going to IKEA or Costco? Stock up on your bulk items using my CRV. Easily accessible hatchback, very easy loading and unloading of your shopping items. The CRV is also easy to park, being a smaller SUV, it parks easily in compact spaces.

Here you must see the photos to illustrate what a great camping car it is. Whether you're car camping or backpacking. It will carry all your equipment, and the car will easily accommodate 2 sleeping adults and I am 5'10" and I fit. It also comes with a stowaway picnic table, very useful for impromtu picnics anywhere.

Some extra items I am willing to rent to you for $5 per day each item:
a 2 person tent
1 adult size sleeping pad
A camping stove ( you must supply your own butane gas)
1 camping chair
A hand cart for moving boxes, max weight 150 lbs.

I myself was a gigging drummer for many years in LA, my CRV was great for loading and unloading my drumkit. I have also had many musicians, chefs and gardeners rent my CRV for their gigs which required transporting themselves and the tools of their trade.

If you need a replacement vehicle for a few days while your vehicle is being serviced, my car comes with a Berkeley Zone C residential parking permit so you have unlimited parking on any Zone C streets, but please watch for street cleaning days and times.

Unfortunately I cannot accommodate pet transportation but fortunately for those of you like myself with sensitivities there has never been any pets inside this car in the 12 years I have owned it, so if you're allergic or hypersensitive, you will be safe and sniffle free on your trip. Please be mindful of this and do not sneak your pet in on a trip? It does not matter how fabulous your pet is or if you believe it's hypoallergenic. Humans are the only beings allowed in my car. I will know right away and it is quite unsafe to have an allergic reaction while driving. Transportation of your pet in my car will incur a $130 cleaning fee.

The CR-V is a 4 cylinder, 2 wheel drive vehicle, so is basically a Civic under the hood with the body and extra cargo space of an SUV. It does not handle mountains very well, you'll get there but by chugging painfully slow so I decline most mountain trips. Later CRV models, post 2002 have more horse power to handle its SUV type body better and then there's the honest-to-God SUV engines with 6 cylinders and all wheel drive that are designed for such trips and there's many of those here on Turo, so invest the extra $$ and rent an all wheel drive SUV.

I offer delivery only between the hours of 10am and 9pm and is subject to my availability and proximity to public transit. Please be flexible and accommodating in your delivery requests.
Any delivery that crosses a bridge with exception of SFO will incur toll and Bart surcharges. I will add to your bill through a reimbursement request at the end of your trip. $13-$15 typically.
Once a trip with delivery is approved, please do not change the delivery location or time, as I plan my other commitments around the scheduled delivery location and time.

I will meet you at the terminal after you let me know you are waiting at the curb.
Turo offers a valet service at SFO and is available 6am-12am. If I cannot fulfill your delivery request or you arrive before 10am, I will deliver the car to Turo parking lot and you can avail of the shuttle service they offer to and from the terminal.
Let me know as soon as possible if your flight is delayed, in such cases I will likely deliver the car to the Turo lot for you to pickup at your new arrival time.

When making a request, please state an estimated mileage and general purpose of your trip.
You must pickup and return within the rental times. If you're running late for pickup, let me know and I'll make arrangements for key handover. Late return is never ok, take it for granted you will be stuck in traffic in the Bay Area, it is not an acceptable excuse for a late return and you will be charged the late return fee which is $50 per hour. To avoid this book extra time onto your trip and it's fine to return the car early if you're trip finishes before rental end time. Most importantly, please communicate any delays, safely, do not text and drive so I know you have not been in an accident.

You must pay for all tolls and parking fines. Leave $6.25 in the glove box if you are driving over the Golden Gate Bridge, please pay cash at all other toll booths that have a cash kiosk. Failure to pay tolls will incur a $30 fine. You can let me know ahead of time if you know what bridges you will driving over and if you prefer I'll request a reimbursement at the end of your trip.

You must fill the tank before returning the car, even on short trips where the gauge has not moved much. A $10 inconvenient fine will be added to your bill if I have to fill the tank at the end of your trip. Leaving cash in the car is not enough, you will still incur the inconvenience fine. Please also leave the gas receipt or upload a photo of it to trip photos.

Cleaning fees of $75 will also be incurred if car is returned excessively soiled.

Happy and safe travels.
  • Automatic transmission
  • Audio input
  • Bike rack
  • USB input
  • Toll pass
  • Picnic table
Delivery details
Delivery is offered subject to my availability which is typically evenings and weekends only before 10pm.
I will meet you curbside to deliver the car. Call me when you're at the curb with a terminal and door number and I'll arrive within 5 mins. Please send your flight details when booking your trip so I can check for delays.
Returning the car at end of your trip will be at the nearest Bart station to the airport. Then I'll drive you to the terminal.
No smoking or vaping
No pets.
Not recommended for mountain or snow trips.
How do I open the trunk?
Turn the key. Glass hatch opens first above. Handle above license plate will then open lower hatch out to right.
Why is the parking brake light still illuminated?
Once you release the hand brake to the right of driver seat you are set to go. Sometimes electrical wiring is loose and light will not go off.
Where do I find the picnic table?
It is in the trunk under the carpet.
Car location
Berkeley, CA 94703
San Francisco International Airport
Oakland International Airport