Ford Escape2008
4 trips
$ 36
per day
Ford Escape
4 trips
Silver-blue 2008 Ford Escape Hybrid available for rental with the following features:

~ Built in navigation system
~ Nice stereo w/ CD player and Auxiliary audio hookup for Ipod or Iphone with the connection cord available for you in the vehicle
~ Rear back up sensors with warning alarm
~ Roof Rack
~ Rear seats fold down to create larger cargo area
~ Leather interior
~ Gas mileage between 28 and 32 mpg combined city and highway driving according to
~ Non-smoking vehicle
~ Seats 5 including driver

If you are flying in to Oakland Airport you can take the 51A bus from the airport (about 20-25 minutes). Get off on Park St and walk about 5-10 minutes to vehicle. I have taken the bus to and from OAK before and its pretty easy.

Pick up at BART: Fruitvale, Lake Merrit, or others in that vicinity may be a possibility.

~ Driver Must be 25 +
~ Absolutely no smoking
~ No drug use/heavy drinking/partying while using vehicle
~ Please don't take the vehicle through car washes or to detailing centers. I hand clean the vehicle myself, and am particular about what cleaning products/methods are used, some can be damaging. $25 cleaning fee if vehicle is returned with spills or is dirty.
~ No heavy colognes or perfumes please. I use a light essential oil lavender spray air freshener
~ Please refill gas
Thanks for your consideration.

Please send me a brief email telling me who you are and what you will be using the vehicle for.

If this will be your first time driving a hybrid, I will say that it's not really any different than driving a regular car. While driving under 40 mph the vehicle will run on electric power from the battery, over 40 mph it will switch to the engine power. It does not have strong acceleration power so don't expect it to drive like a sports car. You can expect the tachometer (rpm) to reach a higher level than a regular engine would. The manual says that the tachometer may reach up to 6000 rpm while driving up steep hills or with heavy acceleration which is normal with this type of engine. You will here some noises, which are the battery turning on/off, and when you stop the engine usually powers down and becomes completely silent.

If you have any questions about anything at all during your rental period please feel free to contact me.
  • Automatic transmission
  • Hybrid
  • GPS
  • Audio input
Car location
Alameda, CA 94501