Honda Odyssey Rental in Lemon Grove, CA | Turo
Honda Odyssey2016
40 trips
$ 89
per day
The car
Honda Odyssey
40 trips
8 seats
5 doors
Gas (Regular)
23 MPG
This is a 2016 Honda Odyssey EX-L and it's a premium ride with all the bells and whistles.

➡️Keyless Entry/Push Button Start
➡️Leather Trimmed Seats
➡️Seats up to 8 passengers
➡️Bluetooth Enabled Audio Streaming
➡️Reclining 2nd row captain chairs
➡️Floor collapsable 3rd row seats
➡️Fully Powered Side Doors and Tailgate
➡️IIHS Top Safety Pick+ w/Forward Collision Warning

🚫No long distance road trips outside of Southern California.

💺Seating For 8 Passengers
If you need the 2nd row center seat for 8 passengers notify me at booking otherwise I'll deliver w/o center seat for a more comfortable seating of 7.

✈️ Airport Pickup Information
Provide arriving flight info upon booking. See FAQs for details.

Email prior to booking a reservation for approval on a special accommodation. If you have questions or need more information reach out:

🛰This vehicle is equipped with GPS location enabled theft prevention.
  • Automatic transmission
  • Audio input
  • Ski rack
  • Long-term car
  • USB input
  • Heated seats
  • Sunroof
My expectation and the Turo policy you agreed to when signing up to the app is "THE VEHICLE MUST BE RETURNED IN THE CONDITION IT WAS RECEIVED." If the vehicle isn't returned clean you will be charged for cleaning starting at $25 and going up based on severity.

Mileage - If you exceed your mileage allocation you will be charged for each mile over the allocation at the Turo specified rate of $0.75 per mile, there are no exceptions to that rule.

Interior Damage Matters - I take pictures of the interior and exterior of the car before every trip, gashes in doors, rips in seats, deep scratches in plastic, you will be held responsible for new interior and exterior damage.
Delivery & Return at a Specified Address
This type of delivery can either be really easy for me to accommodate or very difficult. Generally I can't provide delivery between 2:00PM to 10:30PM Sunday thru Thursday. If you need this type of delivery the best thing to do is to contact me (435)531-9171 prior to reservation confirmation, so we can coordinate and determine what's possible.
Pickup & Return With a Free Ride
Generally outside of my work hours it can be possible on some trips for me to come pick you up in the Salt Lake Area and drop myself off back home or do the reverse for car return at no additional cost. This needs be discussed with me and approved by me prior to a finalized reservation. If your trip is very a short one and its at a cheap rate (Under $49) then I can't alway reasonably provide a high level of service its case by case.
Pickup & Return At Car's Location
The exact address of the car's location is provided on the Turo app after your reservation is confirmed. Picking up and returning the car this way makes my life enormously easier and for that I can offer more flexibility on policy and sometimes discounted rates. Contact me prior to booking for those situations.
Early Mornings & Late Nights
I can usually accommodate pickup and return for late nights more so than early mornings. If you need delivery to the airport after 11:30pm I'm probably going to need hitch a ride home. If you need return to the airport before 8am you may have to cover some parking costs.
Vehicle Mileage
Let's start off and make clear that generally if you need to travel more than 150 miles per 24 hour period or more than 750 miles per week then Turo is not the right choice for your trip. Most cars on Turo have specified mileage allocations and exceeding these allocations can be very costly, the Turo specified rate is $0.75 per mile over. Mileage is the largest contributor to wear/tear and depreciation of a vehicle which is why when you rent from Hertz or Avis you get a base model Chevy Malibu with unlimited miles. So if you need to drive to Las Vegas and back in 72 hours please don't do it with one of my cars.
Stay Local
Turo is best geared towards people who want an affordable rental, unique rental, or premium rental car. It is not ideal for long distance driving or high mileage trips. So please keep the driving within Southern California and if you're planning on going farther discuss that with me prior to booking.
Primary Driver & Additional Drivers
Lets be clear that the car will under no circumstances will be delivered or released to any individual other than the individual listed as the primary driver or another Turo approved driver who has been added onto the reservation by Turo. I can not add on additional drivers for renters, I can not approve individuals to drive. Only Turo approved drivers can drive the vehicle. If you want to add an additional driver you need to do that through the Turo app. By signing up for Turo you have already agreed to abide by these rules and failure to do so could waive insurance coverage and force a cancellation of your trip.
Expectations of You as The Renter
First read and understand the "Guidelines" section. Then understand that I'm not Avis, I'm not Hertz, I don't have those kind of resources or infrastructure. My expectation and Turo's stated policy is "THE VEHICLE MUST BE RETURNED IN THE CONDITION IT WAS RECEIVED." If you spill in the car you need to clean it, if you eat the car you need to clean it, if you have trash you need to throw it out, if you get mud in the car you need to clean it. If the car is not returned in the condition it was received, cleaning fee starts at $25 and goes up based on severity. I make note of everything in your review if there are any issues. If the car is returned dirty that will be in your review, if you went over miles that will be in your review. I'm generally a patient, accommodating, and understanding person but a decent share of people treat my cars disrespectfully so we have to stick to the rules.
Level of Service & Guarantees I Provide
Not all cars are made the same and not all Turo providers are professionals. On Turo like elsewhere you get what you pay for, so exercise caution as a renter because yeah you may save a lot of money by going with the cheapest car but is the car the safe? Is it reliable? Will the provider cancel on you one hour before trip start? How far will a provider to go to make things right when they go wrong? Generally the level of service I provide is as close to Gold level as possible. I maintain these Volvos, I know these Volvos, I love these Volvos, these Volvos are my life and I do my best to keep them in top shape. If something goes wrong, I'm going to fix it, if it can't be fixed quickly, I will either provide you myself with a different car or assist you in finding one. I have before and will again in the appropriate situations refund renters on the spot in cash when things go wrong and I have to take back the car. I have before and will again deliver to a renter a replacement vehicle vehicle at significantly discounted rate to finish their trip. When someone's trip with another provider goes wrong who does Turo support call for help in Utah? They call me.
Car location
Lemon Grove, CA 91945
San Diego International Airport
Up to 10 miles
Free delivery for trips of 5 days or longer