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Dodge Grand Caravan2005
2 trips
$ 30
per day
The car
Dodge Grand Caravan
2 trips
If you show interest in my vehicle and send me a message I will likely respond early in the morning prior to 9 am EST, between 12-1pm EST, or after 6 pm EST. Thank you!

Mini van seats 7 people with 4 bucket seats and a bench seat in back. The van also has privacy windows in the back and is equipped with Sto & Go as all of the back seats fold into the floor leaving enough room to fit a 4 ft by 8 ft sheet of plywood or anything else needed to hall. We keep it clean and running well so it is reliable for you to get from point a to b without issues.

I can meet you at the airport but I will need to be reimbursed for a cab ride home. I will inform you of the upfront cost via email prior to renting my vehicle. Then I will asked to be paid for the cab prior to rental.

Couple important things to remember. I work full time so I can only meet you to rent this vehicle after 6 pm ---- HOWEVER Give me a call anyway to see if I might be able to accommodate a different time.

I can rent at anytime on the weekends. I do not use this vehicle everyday, it is open for use 365/24/7.

I am a busy dad so keep that in mind as I will do my best to accommodate your needs. Thanks for considering my vehicle!

We can supply a gps upon request and possibly other stuff let me know what you need.

It is a 2005 mini van it is not immaculate/perfect, but it is clean. I have NEVER had an issue with it and I have driven it from 120,000 miles to 155,000 miles. My in-laws took it to Florida on July 1, 2014 and had no issues with it at all on their long trip.

There are somethings that do not work.
I think these are minor but I am an honest person so I am posting it.

#1 The driver side rearview mirror is loose and will adjust itself if the wind hits it just right.
But it is easily maneuvered back to position.

#2 The parking break broke on me this winter.

That is all! I hope you rent from me! Thanks!
  • Automatic transmission
  • GPS
  • Long-term car
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Car location
Hudsonville, MI 49426