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Kia Sedona2005
10 trips
$ 23
per day
The car
Kia Sedona
10 trips
Why is my van so inexpensive? What's wrong with it? What's the catch?

The catch is… I am lazy.

I don't deliver the van. Ya gotta find a way to come get it from me. :)

I have been on this site for over a year and have done many pick ups and drop offs. And I have just decided it’s not worth it. I would rather greatly reduce my daily rate and stay sitting on my lazy butt.

Driving 10 or 15 or 20 miles to meet someone to drop off my car is just too much work for me. And add to that I would have to find (and pay) a friend to give me a ride for drop off and then take me back to pick it up again later.

Also… I work nights so I sleep til noon and I would run into many situations where I simply was not available when renters needed to meet. :(

So, I have decided to list the van at a dirt cheap rate, but the catch is… renters have to come to my neck of the woods to get the van and to return it to me.

My “neck of the woods” is Davenport FL (33897)

So… benefit from my lack of energy and grab yourself a cab or an uber ride to Davenport FL 33896 or 33897 and come get my minivan for way less than you could get one anywhere else! :)

Gas: It will have a full tank when you get it, so please have it filled up when it is returned. That way there is no guesswork on the gas. Ya just pay for what you use. Thank you. :)

Brand new engine as of September 2015

Smooth ride that seats up to 6. Perfect for Florida Family Vacations. :)
Back two seats are removable if you prefer storage space.
Everything works perfectly.

The Check Engine light is on. It's an O2 sensor. Apparently the car was made in California where they have different emissions standards and the original gas cap was lost at some point. So now whatever gas cap I put on it does not quite make the correct seal so it keeps tripping the Check Engine light. It's nothing to worry about but if it makes you nervous I wanted to let you know why it’s on. (even on the gas cap itself there is a printed message that says "If not completely sealed Service Engine Light may come on")
It's not an issue. It runs perfectly.
Stereo can play tape/CD or a 1/8 cord for your MP3 players and/or phones.

I work part time and at night so most of the time this car is not being used.

Contact me with any questions!

And whether you rent my car or another… enjoy Florida!!!!


(I work nights so please give me til at least 1 PM to respond. Sorry!)
  • Automatic transmission
  • Audio input
  • Long-term car
Car location
davenport, FL 33897