Dodge Grand Caravan Rental in San Francisco, CA | Turo
Dodge Grand Caravan2007
66 trips
$ 59
per day
The car
Dodge Grand Caravan
66 trips
7 seats
5 doors
Gas (Regular)
20 MPG
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Commercial plates! Park in a yellow zone for 1/2 hr or as long as posted!

"Grand" in Grand Caravan is well deserved. Seats 7 with plenty of room to spare for luggage. Has stow and go seats - you can fold all 5 rear seats flat into the floor. A sheet of 4' x 8' plywood can lay flat in the back when the seats are down. It'll even take 10-12 foot beams up the middle. Interior dimensions behind the front seat are 90" long, 54" tall, and 64" wide. Seats are configurable in lots of ways. Please read the instructions about how to put the seats down!

Long enough to hold bikes or skis easily

Note that this van is not new. People move all sorts of things in it! Sometimes there is sand from a beach trip, or it's a bit wet inside from being in the snow. You might be getting it after a few rentals and before I can get back to it and vacuum it out. I usually manage to vacuum it once a week. It's a utilitarian vehicle that doubles as a people-mover - please accept it for what it is.

The Grand Caravan is surprisingly big. A sheet of plywood can lay flat in the back when the seats are down. Load a bike or two, or three no problem, even with the 2nd row seats up seating 4 adults comfortably. When the seats are up there is still a large amount of space in the very back. 14 cubic feet of bonus storage in the seat wells which close and hide stuff nicely under the floor. Sliding doors on both sides.

Good sound system (no aux jack though). CD player is not working.

Nice for long trips as well as errands and it lives for Ikea runs. Has 2 12V outlets.

No smoking please. Pets are ok as long as you VACUMN :)

It goes 12-15 mpg in town and up to about 24mpg highway. There is a very handy Chevron station at 6th and Harrison just a couple blocks from where the car usually is. If it's not full when you return it you'll pay the gas plus $10 filling fee

If you go over a toll bridge, please pay cash. If you can't, tell me - there is a $4 processing fee if you tell me, and it's $25 if you don't tell me. If you go over the golden gate bridge you can pay in advance or within 48 hours of going over - please be considerate of my time and pay in advance! Thanks!
  • Automatic transmission
  • Long-term trips
  • Pet friendly
  • Toll pass
  • Snow tires or chains
Parking details
Parked on the street. Even though SF is not easy, where it's parked in SOMA there are spots virtually every day in the afternoon and evenings are no problem at all. The only exception is Monday night because of street sweeping. I know the streets around here very well, so ask me - I can help you find a spot. Text me if you have questions or need help. If you have to return in the morning you can park in the lot at 40 Oak Grove St. If it's late morning (11am or later) most days during business hours I can allow you to park at a 2 hr spot or at a meter - but only by arrangement via text.
Pets ok but you MUST clean up after them. NO EXCEPTIONS! I will charge you if there is pet hair because it's really bad for the next renter.
Car location
San Francisco, CA 94107