Dodge Grand Caravan Rental in Anchorage, AK | Turo
Dodge Grand Caravan2016
$ 250
per day
The car
Dodge Grand Caravan
6 seats
3 doors
Gas (Premium)
16 MPG
This is a 24' class C, RV with studded tires winterized until may. We use it mostly during weekends but we are willing to rent it to visitors. The RV has all weather tires from May to October and is okay to fill up water tank during these dates.
We purchased this RV last May in Seattle and drove it to Anchorage. After test driving many "tanks on wheels" we decided to purchase this model because it feels like driving a van. therefore, it is easy to forget that there is a big box behind you. A full tank can take you for about 300 miles so BE AWARe, Alaska is VERY big!!! and gas stations might be hundreds of miles apart...
The RV has a full kitchen with gas stove, convention oven and microwave, fridge and freezer, central heating and AC. We have 4 set of plates and silverware. We have it set up in a way that we can just get in it and go adventure... therefore there is always food there but Recommend checking expiration date before ingesting:)

There is no phone signal in most areas of Alaska, so we recommend you to plan on having a point of contact or a sat phone if are going to be on the go. Remember you can stop and camp on any pull off along the road that does not have a do not camp sign... you can stop at a campground and pay, or you can just do your own thing. I personally have only pay for a campground the days i am fishing either at Rusian river or swift water.

You can always contact us for any questions. We are pretty well travelled and know that the best trips are the ones that you get to do what you want do not the ones that people tell you what to do. I am from Spain so my grammar is a little off... Sorry...
  • Automatic transmission
  • Bluetooth
  • USB input
  • Snow tires or chains
  • Sunroof
  • Milepost
  • Studded tires
  • Fat bikes on request 16inc and 18inc
  • Bear spray
  • Bug spray
  • Table games
  • Miskito screen
  • Sugar, salt, paper, coffee, H2O filter
  • Lawn chairs
  • Plates and utensils. 4sets
  • Fishing knife, fishing gear on request
  • Child seat on request
  • Bike rack on request
Delivery details
Please send us your flight number to coordinate arrival to Airport. Due to limited space and time we cannot wait for over 10 minutes at the airport.
No parties
No off road driving
No driving into the water
No cutting or cleaning fish inside
No crashing
Empty water tanks before returning
Fill up with propane before returning
Return with full tank of gas
How does it feel to drive an RV
This RV feels like driving a van
What type of voltage do I need to plug RV to
Regular 110 house outlet.
Do I need to stay on campgrounds
NO, you can stay on any leveled pull offs or parking areas that don't have a "do not camp" sign on
Can I drive the Rv in the snow?
Yes, as long as it is less that 10cm high
Can I drive RV on ice?
Yes, just go slow... no matter what tires you use it will take a little more distance to stop.
Do I need a Hotel?
Up to you.
How many beds does the RV have
1 bed and a bunk bed.
Car location
Anchorage, AK 99508
Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport
Up to 5 miles