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Jeep Wrangler 2012
If you want to be like every other tourist here you can rent a Jeep anywhere but if you want to stand out and get something that's actually worth your money you need Greg's Jeep. For about the same price if not quite a bit cheaper than the big rental companies charge you get something that can actually handle going off-road and makes you look like you actually belong on the island. It was super clean and very well maintained. It has a lift and big tires but it's very easy to get in and out of. My wife who is about 5'2" had no problem at all entering and exiting the Jeep. It drove really well and is very easy to drive even if you're not used to driving something a bit bigger. I drive a 370z back home which is about the exact opposite of this and I had no problem maneuvering into parking spots and tighter areas. We went to Volcanoes park, Mauna Kea, and some other off the beaten path parks where 4wd is definitely recommended. This thing handled everything like a boss. It's also a real head turner. We had people asking about it and taking pictures with it everywhere we went. It definitely made our honeymoon here even better than expected. It has 4 doors so if you have a family or just a lot of stuff to carry around you won't be cramped at all in this one. Greg is also super nice and easy to deal with. He met us at our resort for a very reasonable fee and we were on our way. Again you can get a basic silver Jeep with street tires like everyone else or you can get a real off-road warrior that will make your trip to Hawaii so much more memorable! If you're thinking about getting a Jeep for your trip and are reading this now do yourself a favor and just reserve it already!
Alan W. - June 6, 2017
Ford Explorer 2013
Amazing time and such an easy rental. If you’re looking for a big comfy car to get around rent this explorer!
Creighton G. - April 12, 2018
Chevrolet Spark 2013
Great little car for running around the island. Helpful maps guide book and even bug spray provided.
Marguerite Y. - February 1, 2018
Toyota Tacoma 2017
This is a must rent! Very accommodating and super cool. Highly recommend.
Kaulahea W. - July 17, 2018

Long-term car rentals in Waimea