Find the perfect Long-term car rental

Search hundreds of unique makes and models, for rent by local owners

Not your typical long-term rental

Bypass the rental counter and rent better cars from real people

Out of the office

Whether you’re taking a long vacation or working remotely for a month, rent a car and enjoy the same mobility you’d have if you were home.

An extra epic road trip

Hoarding your vacation time like a squirrel stashing nuts before winter? Time to cash in that cache of hours with an extra long road trip.

Wheels while you wait

Car in the shop? Not to fear! Find the perfect long-term rental car, truck, SUV, or van while your own car gets shined up like a new penny.

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    Get a taste of the outdoors without leaving the comfort of your car.
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  • Scenic seaside drives

    Rent a car and take a leisurely road trip on one of these scenic coastal routes.
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