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Average ratings for long-term car rental alternatives on Turo (4.9 stars)

Hyundai Accent 2015
Great long term rental. Appreciate everything Josh!
Daniel L. - February 21, 2018
Lexus IS 250 2007
Great option for a long term rental
Leonard A. - April 30, 2018
Chevrolet Cobalt 2008
excellent long term rental, thank you
Rhekeen .. - June 3, 2018
Chevrolet HHR 2009
Great trip. Easy communication. Long term rental made easy.
Jasmin S. - January 16, 2019
Volkswagen Jetta 2013
Nice car for a long term rental. Chris and his wife were really nice and helpful.
James L. - January 14, 2019
Nissan Leaf 2013
Booked a long term rental. Everything went smoothly. Requires frequent charging. Overall great car!
Tiffany A. - October 12, 2018
BMW 5 Series 2011
A perfect car with an amazing engine and big comfort factor! I recommend especially for long-term rental!
Bartosz P. - June 3, 2018
Toyota Yaris 2015
Sachin was great! Had a long term rental of the Yaris and did not have any issues.
Matt F. - August 26, 2018
BMW 3 Series 2005
Carl was great to work with—both accommodating and flexible during my long term rental. His car was super fun to drive and an excellent value. I would love to rent from him again.
Christina A. - September 13, 2018
Honda Civic 2008
Awesome rental as always, 3 week long term rental and went without any troubles. Highly recommended for short or long term rentals.
Patricio B. - November 13, 2017
Kia Forte 2010
I rented Jeffrey's car for a long-term rental and had a great experience. Smooth, easy car to drive, great communication with the owner!
Sule K. - November 15, 2017
Chevrolet Spark 2013
I did a long-term rental for about 2 months. I had a great experience and did not experience any issues during the rental.
Sathya K. - August 15, 2018
Toyota Prius 2007
Super easy experience. I would definitely rent this car again, great price for a long term rental. Yaussu was very helpful and friendly.
Joey M. - August 19, 2018
Hyundai Santa Fe 2009
Nesaruddin was very flexible when I needed a few changes with the long term rental. Would rent again for sure! Thankyou:)
Dave J. - August 22, 2018
BMW 3 Series 2013
Beautiful car. Clean, loaded with amenities, and an excellent ride. I did a long term rental, and didn’t want to bring it back ;-) I’d definitely rent from Akshay again, and recommend him to others.
Jacob B. - January 21, 2019
Toyota Corolla 2013
I’ve had a long term rental with Skye and he has been great to work with. Very professional, friendly, accommodating, and helpful. Will definitely choose Skye for future rentals.
Linda M. - October 5, 2018
Jeep Patriot 2017
Damien has the perfect customer service! Very personable, directive and attentive. Totally helpful when it comes to human interaction and rental car experience. Definitely suggested for a short or long term rental!
Joya B. - February 5, 2018
Toyota Corolla 2005
The car was great and exactly what we needed for an affordable long term rental. Jeff was super helpful with every issue we had and is really easy to get in touch with.
Drew W. - August 28, 2018
Ford Escape 2009
Carl was really great to work with. Super nice guy wjo is very responsive and flexible, and the Escape was perfect for me to use as a long term rental. It had super low mileage!
Erin S. - June 22, 2018
Hyundai Tucson 2013
Ethan has made my long term car rental agreement cost efficient and always willing to give you the best deal available. Constant communication during pick-up and drop-off made the experience very easy for a 1st time Turo user. Thanks for your service Ethan - 2 months for under 2,000 dollars at 30 a day. Bye Bye Enterprise you will no longer be my service provider.
Shawn S. - July 11, 2018
Audi S4 2018
I rented this car for a month while on business in the Bay Area. The car was outstanding. Perfectly maintained and loved. Brian is a really great guy, a true Gentlemen who's accommodating and understanding of all the little dramas that come up during a long term rental. My only regret is I can't give this guy and his car 6 stars.
Simon O. - January 9, 2019
Mazda 3 2018
Enjoyed a great long term rental with David’s Mazda 3. Had no problems with the car or with communicating with David regarding pick up / drop off & how the trip was going. Was very easy to do & renting a new car made it easier in regards to checking for safety / damage etc.
Alana S. - October 19, 2018
Nissan Altima 2016
Evan was simply the best, even for setting up a long-term rental. Communication was super easy, he was very reliable and accommodating also in trouble-shooting. The car is cool-looking, spacious, new and comfortable even for long drives, has a very good mileage and is provided with all the premium features you'll need. Absolutely recommended.
Claudio R. - October 4, 2017
Hyundai Sonata 2018
Great experience working with this host. Rigo was there to meet us on time. The car was fantastic. I would definitely rent from Rigo again. I had the car for a week so I appreciated the high mileage allowance. Some cars limit your mileage but for this long term rental I didn’t have to stress about that because I had over 1,000 miles.
Vanessa B. - November 25, 2018
Honda Civic 2006
My first experience with Turo, and it was great. Pickup and return at the SFO valet lot were super easy and convenient, Man was very responsive, and the car was perfect for getting around. Very gas-efficient, and runs well. Would definitely rent from Man again, and recommend to anyone who needs a long term rental in the Bay Area. Thanks, Man!
Rebecca A. - March 9, 2018
smart fortwo 2008
10/10 would recommend. Tima was so flexible with my long-term rental, checked in to make sure everything was going okay, and made himself available for any questions I had. I extended my rental three times with no issue. Strongly recommend. Thanks, Tima!
Andra S. - October 23, 2018
Toyota Prius 2007
We needed to rent a car for over a month and this was very easy and affordable! Would definitely rent from Mossab again.
Teri K. - January 21, 2019
Chevrolet Spark 2015
Lisa and Sparky (an apt car nickname!) were such a blessing for my long-term rental through Turo. I saved big time over using a rental agency, plus got a cooler car than they’d ever have. Lisa was always helpful and communicative with the car stuff, and Sparky was a flawless ride. Comfy, super-fuel efficient, and safe. Very easy stickshift too, no clunky gears or hard transitions. Nice sound system too! Highly recommend Sparky, and greatful for the aloha that Lisa brings. A consummate host!
Drake L. - December 19, 2018
Ford Mustang 2017
Thanks a lot to Manuel, great car, did a long trip, it was very reliable. Really nice convertible.
Nikolai K. - February 24, 2019
Volkswagen Jetta 2014
Perfect car for my week long vacation in Georgia and North Carolina. Easy pick up and return and great communication from Rad.
Shanna F. - October 29, 2018
Land Rover Range Rover Sport 2010
great car perfect for a family and a long trip
DANY G E. - November 29, 2018
Ford Fusion 2017
The car was amazing, very clean, and very sporty. I averaged 29mpg for the long trip so it definitely holds up well. Highly recommend.
Samuel P. - March 18, 2019
Toyota RAV4 2017
Shakila was amazing to work with! We had tons of space that was needed for all of our luggage for 3 girls going on a week long vacation.
Jaime C. - April 10, 2018
Toyota Prius c 2015
Great communication and would recommend to anyone taking a long trip! :)
Jasmine K. - December 22, 2018
Dodge Caravan 2006
It was a great car for our week long trip. In good condition and Chi was very accommodating!
Eric C. - January 28, 2019
Toyota Prius v 2015
Chio was amazing and his car was perfect for our week long trip. Gas mileage was EXCELLENT!
Adam P. - December 30, 2018
MINI Cooper 2008
I got a chance to ride this beautiful Mini for a month. The car was just like expected and John was very helpful during my long trip. I would rent this car again and suggest to others. Cheers!
Onur E. - March 9, 2019
Irish Mae
Toyota Prius 2010
Great car for a long trip. Great price as well. Thanks Andrew.
Irish Mae P. - October 28, 2018
Mazda CX-7 2010
The car was great for a long trip which ended up doing. Thanks Carlos!
Emiddio V. - November 9, 2018
Ford Explorer 2017
The car was great for a long trip. Very clean and comfortable. I recommend!
Tudy L. - September 25, 2018
Kia Soul 2012
Rocco made my month long trip extremely easy. I would definitely recommend.
Kevin C. - October 4, 2018
Hyundai Accent 2010
This was our first Turo experience, Kevin’s car was in good condition and got the job done fo our week long trip. He is super helpful with directions and offers airport drop off.
Anny N. - March 9, 2019
Honda CR-V 2013
Awesome experience. Car was great, clean, and a way better deal than traditional car rental companies. My first Turo experience and I'll certainly use it again
Douglas H. - February 28, 2019
Nissan Rogue 2013
Nice guy and clean car, GPS will help if you got a long trip
CONG Z. - January 30, 2018
Dodge Grand Caravan 2009
A great car, perfect for our long trip around Quebec! Ary was absolutely perfect !
Sébastien F. - August 13, 2018
Chevrolet Cruze 2013
Jeffrey’s car was very good for our long trip (about 2000 miles).
Lucrezia G. - August 22, 2018
Tesla Model S 2017
It was a beautiful experience dealing with John, if you want a vacation or you have to go on a long trip and don’t want to be exhausted, rent this car! This car has all the features Tesla has to offer and it’s powerful like a spaceship!!! But nothing compares to dealing with John it’s worth to pay even more but renting from him!!!!!!!!!
Usher H. - March 1, 2019
Nissan Versa 2010
Excellent car and great communication with the owner throughout the trip. Highly recommended for long term rentals in particular. Shah is both accomodating and responsive, renting with him was a breeze.
Rohan K. - February 27, 2019
Toyota Corolla 2016
The best in Houston .. beautiful exotic cars and long term rentals
Sven D. - October 28, 2018
Toyota Prius 2010
He is awesome and so accommodating! He was there on time and ready. Car runs really good for a long trip! Recommend again!
Michele H. - December 24, 2018
Chevrolet Suburban 2016
Alex is awesome, he made my trip so easy for me. His car is great. Definitely recommended for long trip.
Amin K. - October 22, 2018
Honda Odyssey 2016
Junlin is such an amazing guy, very nice car , lots of room for 8 people , perfect for long trip
Ali T. - October 13, 2018
Kia Optima 2012
Jody is an amazing young man. I ended up needing a long term trip and he was accommodating and understanding. He’s responsive. Car is great. You won’t find a better man to rent a car from. He’s a true blessing.
Jama B. - April 1, 2018
Toyota Sienna 2013
Ranjit was easy to communicate and the car was in a good shape even for a long-term trip. If I need a car for people more than 5, I definitely would rent Ranjit's car.
Nathan K. - September 3, 2018
Honda Odyssey 2005
Easy to communicate with and the van was in good condition for our long trip. Thanks!
Elaine B. - January 4, 2018
Nissan Versa 2007
Iassac was very generous. Great, reliable vehicle. Exactly what I needed for my week-long trip.
Mike C. - December 27, 2017
Mercury Mountaineer 2007
Very clean. The mileage included is so high which is flexible for long trip.
Long N. - May 24, 2018
Mercedes-Benz R-Class 2007
Very tidy Mercedes - great for a long trip with my family of 5.
Will S. - June 27, 2018
Ford Edge 2011
The SUV was wonderful, ran very well and was exactly what I needed for my month-long trip. Jeremy was so kind as to leave it at the airport for me and allowed me to drop it off for convenience sake. Would definitely rent Jeremy’s car again!
Tina K. - February 24, 2019
Mitsubishi Outlander 2017
Very professional an prompt. I like this service better than normal car rental companies
Justin L. - January 1, 2019
Toyota Prius c 2013
Great car. Great owner. Highly recommend especially for long term rentals
Lyvonne B. - November 7, 2018
FIAT 500e 2015
Rented the car long term. Was a smooth process.
Spencer M. - May 31, 2018
Toyota Prius 2008
Great experience, rented long term, renting with again, thank you!
MOSES B. - October 21, 2018
Subaru Outback 2013
So easy! Great alternative to expensive car rental companies.
Marsha M. - October 18, 2018
Chevrolet Trax 2016
Thank you so much! Perfect car to rent for a long trip and you were so accommodating 😄
Jessica C. - May 3, 2018
Volkswagen Passat 2012
Kyrylo's Passat held up nicely through our long trip through Florida and it was an excellent deal. Thank you!
Peep P. - May 10, 2018
Toyota Sienna 2016
Car is very strong,nice and perfect for long trip with big family! We loved this car!
Balan D. - September 3, 2018
Toyota Camry 2018
Israel was very nice. Tha car was clean and mileage is perfect for a long trip! Would definitely rent again.
Charbel S. - September 4, 2018
Jeep Patriot 2016
Easiest pick up, coordination, and return ever. Ride was perfect for our long trip up to NYC!
Karuna I. - November 13, 2018
Ford Fiesta 2013
The car was just what we were looking for - inexpensive transportation during our week-long trip to Phoenix. What made it amazing was the customer service. Our flights - both arrival and departure - were affected by weather and Tyler went above and beyond in accommodating.
Colleen M. - March 3, 2019
BMW 3 Series 2011
10/10 Recommended! This was my first time renting through Turo and John made the experience perfect. He is very accommodating, knowledgeable of his vehicle, and willing to assist you. His BMW 328i comfortably fits four adults for a week long trip and is the ideal vehicle to rent. Thanks again for the experience John!
Mujahid A. - March 17, 2019
Jeep Compass 2015
This car was perfect for my week long trip. With a spacious trunk for all my luggage when arriving from the airport. The car was a very easy ride and the Turo pick up and drop off was perfectly convenient. Will definitely book with Reza again
Naomie W. - March 14, 2019
Honda Accord 2016
Our week long trip with Patrick’s Honda was perfect. The car was very clean, comfortable, roomy and sporty with all the e-options. The owner Patrick was punctual courteous and engaging. Would not hesitate to rent from him again our next trip to San Diego. We Rate this adventure an A+.
Eric P. - March 20, 2019
Mazda CX-5 2017
Great car and transaction. It worked perfectly for my week long business trip. Thanks again!
Mike B. - January 22, 2019
Tesla Model 3 2018
A+++ Jerome was available with extremely flexible hours. And the rental was even booked last minute. Car rental companies can seriously take some lessons from this guy. Outstanding customer service and just as amazing car. Will rent again.
Kevin M. - March 3, 2019
Cadillac CTS Coupe 2013
Process of pickup and drop off was very fast and easy, would highly recommend this as an alternative to conventional car rental companies. Car was clean and ready to go.
John K. - March 18, 2019
Hyundai Santa Fe Sport 2014
Rent this car. Great for a long term visit on a budget
Nancy B. - March 21, 2018
Honda Civic 2017
Awesome rental easy pick up and drop off. Nice car drove well for a long trip. Darya is a nice guy seamless drop off and pickup.
Ankit S. - March 19, 2018
Toyota Camry 2015
Everything was a great! Easy pick-up & return. Car was in amazing condition! Phone charger and holder been very comfortable for long trip! Will definitely be renting again!
Sergey K. - October 17, 2018
Acura TL 2012
Michael was great to work and his car was wonderful for a long trip! I would definitely rent from him again.
Robin E. - October 1, 2018
Toyota Camry 2012
Awesome individual . Definitely a long term vehicle provider!
Henry D. - October 8, 2017
Chevrolet Malibu 2016
Great alternative to the large car rental companies.
Kory F. - July 8, 2018
Toyota Corolla 2017
Vehicle ran great and was perfect for our week long trip to see some of the wonderful state of Oregon.
Jimmy S. - July 5, 2018
Chrysler Town and Country 2013
Thanks a lot. Great service. Nice and clean car. For our long trip DVD player came handy and kids loved watching their favourite shows. Would strongly recommend Brian's car anyone who is taking family trip.
Rasid H. - February 4, 2019
Toyota Camry 2018
Israel was a pleasure to work with, his car was a smooth and comfortable ride, and his generous mileage allowance was really wonderful for our long trip. Thanks again!
Ryan W. - February 11, 2019
Nissan Sentra 2016
I would rent from Dwayne again. He is very easy going. He responded quickly to my texts. His car was comfortable on my long trip. This was my first time using Turo. I will be back.
Kerry L. - January 2, 2019
Toyota Prius c 2016
This car was extremely nice for the long trip due to it's mileage (45-50MPG). The owner is a great person and very helpful. I would definitely choose it again in future.
Jayesh C. - January 3, 2019
Suzuki Reno 2008
Just wasn’t the car for a long road trip
Richard C. - April 18, 2018
Honda CR-V 2012
Stephanie is great! We rented her CR-V for our skip trip to Tahoe and the car worked great. Turo allows us to rent this specific SUV with AWD and snow chains included. You just cannot find the same on any of the conventional car rental companies.
Benson C. - March 2, 2019
Toyota Corolla 2012
If every Turu experience is like my first two with Joshua, I will never rent from the rental car places again! Every thing about the service was first rate. The car was clean, mechanically sound, easy to pick up and return, and very reasonably priced. Thanks Josh... I am a long term client
David T. - March 8, 2019

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