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Volkswagen Jetta2002
159 trips
$ 59
per day
The car
Volkswagen Jetta
159 trips
This is an excellent vehicle for long distance travel. Let heated seats and cruise control take you on an adventure into the mountains, out to the Olympic Peninsula or even up to Canada! Rent it for a week and drive down to California (sorry, no visits to Mexico per Turo's rules).

This is an unmodified TDI which will run on ordinary diesel but I'd prefer to fuel it with biodiesel. There are fueling facilities around Seattle for the latter if you'd like suggestions. Otherwise, I'm happy to handle the refueling at my cost which is currently: $4.75 from Dr Dan's in Ballard. Supporting locally sourced fuel keeps money in the regional economy! (1/5 of every petro-dollar leaves the state)

I will keep it with a full tank ready for 500 miles of range and with the daily mileage limit at 400 you can visit Portland or Vancouver as a day trip. Also, it's less than 360 miles to drive all the way around the Olympic peninsula from Seattle!

More details: there's an Apple Dock Connector and a stereo AUX input so you can easily use your own tunes in the car. The first 4 CD selections are the first four playlists on a connected Apple device while the 5th is whatever the device is playing and the 6th is the AUX cable. There's also sun & moon roof and heated seats.

EPA efficiency rating: 28 city / 40 highway (33 combined) MPG
I regularly see better than 40 miles per gallon but YMMV

Please note that the automatic transmission of this vehicle will adjust its shifting pattern based on your driving style. Particularly of note: if you quickly depress the accelerator and hold it down, the car will enable "sport mode" shifting which will delay the transfer to the next gear until you reach a higher RPM. If you have any questions about driving a turbo-diesel, please ask me for tips or consult the instruction manual found in the glove compartment.

If you're interested in saving fuel, see my electric vehicle listing on Turo should you not need to go as far or as fast:
  • Automatic transmission
  • Audio input
  • Bike rack
  • Long-term car
Parking details
Please park the car anywhere in Zone 28, preferably as close as possible to the Beacon Hill LINK light rail station. There's usually parking available on 16th Ave S by the Seattle Public Library, but be sure to park the car on a street marked "Zone 28" and not along a segment which only says "2 hour parking"
Delivery details
I'll deliver within Seattle city limits for $10. Delivery is free for rentals longer than 5 days.
Car location
Seattle, WA 98144
Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
Boeing Field/King County International Airport
Up to 10 miles
Free delivery for trips of 5 days or longer