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Mitsubishi i-MiEV2012
20 trips
$ 36
per day
The car
Mitsubishi i-MiEV
20 trips
This vehicle doesn't need gasoline: it's purely electric. Quiet and efficient, it's a joy to drive. Three passengers and 13 cubic feet of cargo (1 duffelbag or 4 grocery bags) are accommodated by it's easily parked subcompact frame, or one passenger and up to 50 cubic feet can also be carried (two barrels or three COSTCO shopping carts with the seats folded).

As this is a battery powered vehicle, you don't have to fill it up on return but you must keep an eye on your remaining range to avoid running out of electricity. Recharging on an ordinary wall outlet with the included adapter is cheap but slow, taking up to 16 hours for a full charge from the minimum voltage to 100% at the expense of about $2 in electrical service fees. If you want to use a quick charger, the best option is free charging and (validated) parking at Whole Foods on Denny & Westlake. If that's not available or for further travel, Blink quick chargers are $5 per use and can be found at the nearby South Lake Union Discovery Center parking lot, Harvard Market QFC on Capitol Hill, Lake City Way Fred Meyer and also at Bellevue College on the Eastside; A quick charge can reach 80% within 30 minutes.

A card for electric charging on Blink chargers is included and all expenses for it's use will be added to your rental fee. It's $1/hour for standard charging and $5/session for quick charging (<30 minutes to 80% capacity which gives ~40 miles range). Also included is a fob for charging on AeroVironment chargers along I-5, US-2 and I-90. Confused? Send a message an ask me about what all of this means!

Driving to IKEA from Capitol Hill and back on the freeway is possible if you charge while you're there (see the first picture). The 50 cubic feet of storage can fit quite a bit of flat pack furniture.

I regularly drive from Capitol Hill to Lake Tradition, just past Issaquah along I-90. This is the approximate range of the vehicle without charging. Your Voltage May Vary depending on heater or air-conditioner use and driving style. There's a free charger at Issaquah City Hall by the Whole Foods shopping center which makes this drive a bit more comfortable. Going to Snoqualimie Falls is possible if you're careful to charge at the stations by the Salish Lodge while taking in the spectacular views and delightful hiking trail.

Please watch your speed, especially if coming down from Snoqualmie on I-90; The i-MiEV has an electronic limit of 81 mph / 130 kph but can travel faster downhill. Freeway speed limits around Seattle range from 60-70 mph / 96-112 kph

If you want to go further and faster than this little EV will carry you, consider renting my BioDiesel Jetta:
  • Automatic transmission
  • Hybrid
  • Audio input
  • Bike rack
Car location
seattle, WA 98144
Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
Boeing Field/King County International Airport