Kia Rio2005
35 trips
$ 21
per day
Kia Rio
35 trips
This Kia Rio is solid ride and gets great gas mileage (28+) with the manual shift. It is very clean inside with a light tan interior.

It's super clean and very reliable, but WITHOUT POWER STEERING or AC. It's ideal for highway trips, but I drove it around downtown Seattle during the summer for Uber. If you've never driven without power steering, it takes some extra arm strength, especially if you need to parallel park a lot. Please don't get upset with me if you don't end up liking it. Most people have liked the car, a few have hated the steering. It is the cheapest car on Turo in Seattle, best suitable for those who just need a basic car.

Helpful car details:
* To switch to AUX from radio, press the volume knob inward.
* If the key doesn't turn in the passenger door lock, just flip it over and it will work fine.
* Very occasionally the check engine light has come on, but will usually go off. It's for a knock sensor that has been replaced. As long as the light isn't flashing it's fine and I can confirm the code that gets sent to me.

*** You can send me an email at austinm237 on gmail. You can see what I have available by using the Turo rental search with your dates, and then sort by lowest price. You can also click on my profile photo to find my other cars.
*** Turo has shortened the request automatic expiration to 8 hours, but it's easy to make a new one.
*** Send me some info about yourself and your trip, so I can make sure the car is a good fit. Please make requests between 8am-10pm, so I can keep the response times accurate. Also, *PLEASE* include your phone number to chat for a moment.

* The Turo smartphone app is really handy for photos, messaging and location sharing. Cancellation info can be found here: If you need to adjust times, you can call Turo at 1-866-735-2901 (RELAY01) from 7am-6pm PST, otherwise the Turo support team is usually quick to reply by email.
* Pickup takes about 10 minutes and includes: check ID, do a walk around so we've looked at the exterior, explain car specific details, and answer any questions. I've uploaded photos of dings to save some time during pickup. If something happens, just let me know and we can work something out.
* If you get the car super dirty, let me know so I can have it ready for the next person. I don't plan on collecting mileage fees (unless you add a ton of miles). And no smoking please.
* I live in Ballard which is about a 1/2 hr from the airport driving. The Link Light rail takes about 1.5 hrs total, so if I can ride or drive with you back to Seattle I would appreciate it. The delivery includes both directions. An Uber is approx $30.
* There is a Good2Go pass for discounted tolls on Hwy 520 & 167 (about $3) and a 405 flex-pass for carpool upon request.
  • Manual transmission
  • Audio input
  • Bike rack
  • Long-term trips
Car location
Seattle, WA 98107
Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
Up to 20 miles
Free delivery for trips of 2 weeks or longer