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Average ratings in Renton (4.9 stars)

Honda Accord 2012
Derek was a great renter! Pick-up and drop-off were really smooth and he returned the car in good condition. Highly recommend him!
Suresh D. - November 28, 2018
Audi S6 2013
This was the easiest car rental I have ever done! James was very easy to work with and gave me the car in immaculate condition! Very flexible with return time when I needed a couple extra hours. Will definitely rent again.
Vilgelm T. - April 30, 2018
Tesla Model 3 2018
I had a blast renting Krisian’s Model 3. I took myself and three friends up and over Steven’s Pass to Leavenworth just because why not. There’s a brand new sixteen stall Tesla Supercharger in Leavenworth. Using the onboard navigation we stopped in Monroe at the Supercharger to verify there was plenty of electrons in the battery to make the trip to Leavenworth and back again. We ended up not needing the Supercharger in Leavenworth after all. I rented the Model 3 to experience the self-driving Autopilot features. The best feature is the Model 3 steers itself so I was able to pay attention to the surrounding traffic and concentrate on the road ahead for any objects that may suddenly appear.
Mark V. - November 5, 2018
Tesla Model 3 2018
Kristian was incredibly helpful, and we loved the opportunity to drive his Model 3! His car was in fantastic condition, and had all the things we could possibly need for our trip. I would highly recommend renting his Tesla!
David H. - October 2, 2018
Audi S6 2013
Renting James's S6 was nothing short of seamless and pleasant. The car itself is an absolute joy to drive, the miles just disappear behind you while you cruise in luxury. Would 100% recommend renting from James
Jeffrey M. - October 3, 2018
Infiniti G Sedan 2012
He was absolutely amazing! Super excited to rent from him more. Car was clean and so nice to drive. He was super flexible with me too when I needed it. I would definitely recommend renting from him.
Jordan D. - September 29, 2018
Hyundai Elantra 2017
John’s car was great! He was flexible enough to meet me at a convenient location to pick up and was flexible enough for me to return it sooner than normal scheduled time. I added extended my trip and John made it convenient for me to continue to add it on Turo.
Mel C. - October 15, 2018
Infiniti G Sedan 2012
Car was clean and well maintained. Good trip!
Tobin M. - November 6, 2018
BMW 3 Series 2013
Garnik was incredibly friendly, checked in on us, and had great suggestions on how to best utilize the features of the car. He paired our phone, provided chargers, and helped us navigate our way around the area. 12/10 would rent again.
Sam D. - July 9, 2018
BMW 3 Series 2013
Excellent car and an even better host. Garnik was extremely flexible, quick to respond to all my messages and great to talk to. Car was clean and well maintained and very very comfortable to drive, not to mention quick and responsive due to the tune it’s running. It was perfect for my vacation to San Juan Islands and I would definitely rent it again.
Darko M. - July 4, 2018
Tesla Model 3 2018
Kristian made this rental incredibly easy and enjoyable and his model 3 is everything it’s cracked up to be. If your looking to drive one before making a decision to buy, or just looking for the perfect car to rent, this is it.
Chris K. - July 8, 2018
Tesla Model S 2013
Fantastic car. Zale was flexible with our trip and communicative throughout the process. Would definitely rent the car again!
Edgar B. - July 13, 2018
BMW 3 Series 2013
Garnik was really easy to communicate with, he worked with us and above and beyond to make our check in easy. The car is so much fun to drive and made our trip extra special. I’d highly recommend renting from this car from him!
Stewart A. - July 15, 2018
Nissan Altima 2012
Nice, clean car. Fast to respond! Worked perfectly for my aunt being in town for a couple of days. Would recommend!
Tonya H. - October 20, 2018
Tak Hon
Mercedes-Benz C-Class 2016
Clean and awesome car, highly recommended
Tak Hon C. - September 23, 2018
Infiniti G Sedan 2012
Great car, exactly what we needed! Runs very well and amazing communication from host.
Kristina G. - October 15, 2018
Infiniti G Sedan 2012
Great car and great experience. Thank you!
Justin J. - October 23, 2018
Infiniti G Sedan 2012
The car ran perfectly and worked out for all situations. It's an AWD drive vehicle which will be perfect for the cold if needed. There was even a cable in there to charge and play music from your iPhone along with Bluetooth. Has the perfect get up an go when you need it.
Matt R. - November 9, 2018
Nissan Altima 2011
Everything about this trip was amazing. Jag was so helpful, I will definitely recommend anyone who is going to be around that area to rent his car. Thanks so much jag you will see me again..!!!!
Helen A. - July 19, 2017
Ford Fusion 2014
Great car to rent! Had no issues with my trip, good on gas, awesome car features, and plenty of room for passengers.
Alonso D. - July 19, 2017
Ford Focus 2015
Indika's Focus was the perfect car for our trip to Bellingham. He went out of his way to pick us up from arrivals and made returning the car a breeze. Would definitely rent from him again.
Mitch D. - August 29, 2017
BMW M3 2009
James was a pleasure to deal with and the car was incredible for a weekend out in the Pacific Northwest. I couldn't ask for a better experience renting a car. Also, there is probably no better car to drive up mount Rainer in than a drop top M3. The price was also quite fair. Car was clean and ran flawlessly. Would rent from again!
Talha C. - September 18, 2017
Honda Fit 2012
First time Turo user and Jim was great person to rent from. Communication went well and was flexible in my rental. I really enjoyed driving the Honda Fit on my day trip out to Leavenworth. Economic friendly and fun to drive. Smooth shifts and no complains at all. I would definitely rent from Jim again.
Alex R. - September 23, 2017
BMW M3 2009
We had a wonderful drive today in James' BMW M3 convertible. The car is immaculate and great to drive and all of my interactions with James were very pleasant and professional. I am already trying to figure out when I could rent one of his cars again! ;-)
Steven M. - September 24, 2017
Chevrolet Cruze 2012
Excellent, friendly and communicative towards needs for a first timer like me.
Randy G. - October 10, 2018
Subaru Impreza 2011
Great person to borrow a car from, felt like i was borrowing from an extended family member. You're in good hands with James. Rent either of his cars with no worries.
Greg T. - March 23, 2018
BMW 3 Series 2013
Garnik is great! I would recommend him and his car to anyone. Made my trip easy and fashionable. I will defiantly be hitting him up again when I’m in town!
Nathan C. - August 7, 2018
Hyundai Sonata 2016
Quyen was quick to respond to my messages, very friendly and took impeccable care of her car. I highly recommend renting from her!
Suja O. - August 16, 2018
BMW 3 Series 2013
A very exciting car that is a real pleasure to drive. Vehicle is well maintained and clean. Garnik was excellent with communications and is a flexible owner that will accommodate customer's needs. Will definitely be renting again.
Alexander E. - June 28, 2018
Lexus CT 200h 2013
It’s a great car and smooth. Shawn left it easy to pick up and clean for us to drive on our vacation. Highly recommended!
Alex L. - June 27, 2018
Chevrolet Corvette 2015
It was perfect and met my expectations which are fairly higher then most. Car was clean and exactly what was shown in the photos. Ed was professional and very understanding. I would totally rent from him again. Made my party of 2 very happy and really enjoyed this surprise.
Jennifer L. - July 17, 2018
Tesla Model 3 2018
Chris is the best. Car is superb. The best in Seattle. Highly recommended!
Ismir M. - July 31, 2018
Chevrolet Cruze 2012
Shad was very friendly and the car was very clean. Overall perfect experience. 10/10 would rent again.
Lucas R. - July 28, 2018
Tesla Model S 2013
This is the only way to go. I had an issue with my flight, and was still accommodated by Zale. That in my book is hands down the best customer service you could possibly ask for. Tesla at 89 dollars a day vs entry level car with no space at 3 times the cost. Do yourself a favor and look Zale up. You will not be disappointed.
Thomas J. - July 2, 2017
Ford Fusion 2014
The car was very reliable. Pick up and drop off was easy we got an uber to Tri's house and the keys were in the vehicle, then we dropped it off and took an uber to the airport. Advice if you rent from Tri is to schedule a pick up ahead of time so you don't have to pay for an uber!
Kaitlin H. - July 2, 2017
Nissan Altima 2011
Same great rental the second time around as the first. Keep it up!
Kennan B. - July 25, 2017
Honda Accord 2014
Could not have asked for a better experience. Went out of her way to be flexible, responsive, and all around pleasant. Added an extra personal touch to my trip, Plus, the car itself was very clean, fuel efficient, and perfect for a miniature PNW road trip!
Justin M. - August 28, 2017
Nissan Altima 2011
Aesthetically appealing it is not! This car has seen better days, but what it lacks in outward/inward appearance Jag makes up for with unlimited miles, furnished equipment & schedule flexibility. While I wouldn't rent this particular car again, I would rent from Jag in the future.
Patricia C. - October 1, 2017
Subaru Impreza 2011
The car was better than advertised and James was awesome. He was flexible with my schedule, gave me a good introduction to the car, and pointed me to some fun roads to drive on. The car was incredibly fast, handled well, and in perfect condition. If I come back I will definitely try to rent this car again.
Matthew K. - October 7, 2017
Toyota Prius 2005
Jag was awesome to work with. He text to check on how my trip was going and never let me feel rushed on the way back to return the vehicle. Will rent from him again in the future!
Cecelia H. - October 18, 2017
Tesla Model S 2013
Very nice car, and Zale was very accommodating. I will rent this vehicle again.
Demitre B. - October 21, 2017
Subaru Impreza 2011
James is an amazing person to rent from. And the car itself is simply to much fun!
Nicholas H. - October 29, 2017
Chevrolet Bolt EV 2017
Nice guy, fun car! Zale owns several types of electric cars and is quite knowledgeable about them. Chevy Volt is zippy, comfortable and fun!
Deborah S. - December 9, 2017
Chevrolet Bolt EV 2017
Had a great time using the Bolt. Served us well for a quick 24hr 250mi road trip. Car was clean, charged up and fun to drive.
Jeremy V. - January 15, 2018
BMW M3 2009
James is friendly, communicative, and flexible. And his car is phenomenal. Won't hesitate to rent from him again.
Colin C. - March 5, 2018
Nissan Altima 2016
I had a great rental experience! i missed my flight and Maria was very flexible and helpful. I'd totally rent again!
Meron G. - May 1, 2018
Lexus CT 200h 2013
2nd time I’ve rented from Shawn. Great guy. He’s flexible, professional and friendly. I’ll always choose one of his rentals as a first choice.
Daniel T. - May 8, 2018
BMW 5 Series 2011
Great renting from Tri! No problems with the car, everything as expected&better!
Paul L. - May 20, 2018
Toyota Corolla 2009
Great car, great gas mileage, friendly and kind owner. Good communication! Thank you.
Alana C. - August 5, 2018
Toyota Camry Hybrid 2017
The car is a brand new only few miles on bord very clean, runs very softly and Christine whas amazing. Highly Recommended!!
Ionut I. - August 8, 2018
Chevrolet Cruze 2012
Great experience with Shads Cruze. Easy car to zip around in, and gets great gas mileage!
Kevin S. - August 6, 2018
Toyota Camry Hybrid 2017
What an amazing vehicle and the 600mi includes was big for us. We really loved the ease of getting the car and ease of return. We would hire Christine’s vehicle again. 10/10
Johnny H. - August 10, 2018
Mercedes-Benz C-Class 2016
Quyen was friendly and was prompt with our communication. Car was great. Clean and priced Very fair. Would def use her again.
Tonya F. - August 12, 2018
Hyundai Sonata 2016
We had an awesome trip! The vehicle was extremely well kept and we enjoyed it thoroughly. Thank you so much Quyen.
Dana D. - August 19, 2018
Hyundai Sonata 2016
Great car and Quyen was very helpful through the process since it was first time. I would recommend Quyen’s car when you are visiting Seattle!
Kunal T. - August 23, 2018
Nissan Altima 2012
Good, reliable car. Jinsha was very nice and easy to communicate with.
Blake L. - August 19, 2018
Mercedes-Benz C-Class 2016
Awesome car, drives great, super comfortable, stylish and gets exceptional gas mileage. The stereo system could be better, but overall it’s a great car. Quyen was very flexible with picking up and dropping off the car, would definitely recommend!
Alex O. - September 12, 2018
BMW M5 2014
The car is an incredible experience and they were very good to deal with; excellent communication and flexible when required. Thank you very much.
Riley L. - June 4, 2018
Tesla Model S 2013
Zale and Celeste are easy and very flexible to work with. Close and convenient to the airport. Would rent again.
Stephen S. - September 1, 2018
Nissan Sentra 2013
Jinshas ride was very smooth being as old as it is. Saves a lot on gas. You can switch car from eco to sport anytime which was really good for the adventure we went on.
Noli C. - September 1, 2018
Toyota Camry 2008
The car was beautiful, with great gas mileage. Jinsha was an excellent host, allowing us to extend the trip and even gave me a ride back to the hotel. 10/10 customer service
Richard M. - June 15, 2018
Toyota Prius Plug-in 2015
Awesome car, Zake was prompt and professional. Definitely would love to rent his Prius again,
Jacob P. - June 7, 2018
Audi S6 2013
James is a pro at communication with Turo customers. I needed to move my pickup time one hour due to a last minute engagement and he was very accommodating. The S6 is truly an amazing machine that any car enthusiast should experience. The car was picked up clean and in top working order. The only bad part of this ride was having to turn the keys back in. Highly recommended.
William B. - June 28, 2018
BMW 3 Series 2013
Beautiful vehicle and the owner is really very cool and easy to deal with. Thank you.
Jon H. - June 23, 2018
Toyota Corolla 2009
Liz was fantastic to work with; responsive and accommodating. The car was everything I needed it to be, especially the great mileage.
Jon H. - July 10, 2018
Dodge Avenger 2012
Chucks car is great on gas. Very comfortable! Would recommend.
Christina L. - July 17, 2018
Nissan Altima 2011
Jag was friendly and easy to work with. The car is a little old but everything worked well and was reasonable for the price.
Eric G. - July 19, 2018
Ford Focus 2015
Great car share experience, super accommodation, clean car, great on gas
Jordy B. - July 20, 2018
Dodge Avenger 2012
Chuck was on time, car ran great and was all ready to go. He was also flexible incase we had to change the drop off time.
Kaylee S. - July 24, 2018
Honda Insight 2010
Pathiel was amazing! He made my trip to Seattle to visit family so great and was very willing to work with my flexibility.
Monique C. - July 24, 2018
Honda Insight 2010
He is very friendly and amazing. Great person to rent from!
Monique C. - July 22, 2018
Mercedes-Benz C-Class 2013
Terry was very punctual and easy communication ,and his extra clean Mercedes was perfect for a nice road trip!
John B. - July 28, 2018
BMW 3 Series 2013
Garnik is an outstanding host. I would rent from again in a heartbeat. We absolutely loved the BMW. Fast, extremely well kept, and fun. Thank you!
David W. - July 29, 2018
Kia Soul 2016
Great first experience with this car. This is a perfect ride for a quick weekend getaway to Portland and surrounded cities. Along with quick and responsive communication, the car handles great and is well taken care of. Also great mileage! Will definitely use this car again!
Antonio C. - July 30, 2018
Nissan Altima 2016
Very helpful considering it was our first trip
Jessica S. - September 19, 2018
Tesla Model S 2013
Zale is great host. Very patient at explaining how to use the car. Love the experience at driving his very fabulous car
Nelson T. - July 1, 2017
Lexus CT 200h 2013
Excellent car. Shawn thank you for everything.
Jose G. - July 4, 2017
Tesla Model S 2013
Great car if you have never driven one. Zale is easy to work with. The car is super fast/quick and good for the earth :)
Eric D. - July 10, 2017
Chevrolet Bolt EV 2017
Totally awesome car with instant acceleration and life saving car features. Plus no gas needed! Your wallet will love you : )
Jerry C. - July 16, 2017
Ford Fusion 2014
Tri is one of the best things to happen to Turo!
Fahmi G. - July 22, 2017
Dodge Avenger 2012
Chuck was very accommodating with our schedule and the pick up and return were flawless. The car was great and got amazing gas mileage. The only thing to note was that there was a smell of cigarette smoke in the car, so beware if that bothers you. With the windows down it wasn't an issue. Highly recommended!
Christopher K. - August 9, 2017
Toyota Prius 2005
We had a wonderful experience with Jag. He was very accommodating of our schedule, which kept changing at the last minute. Easy pick/up and return, the car drives well and is very safe, and Jag is great! He even offered us bananas and water for our journey. Definitely recommend.
Talia G. - August 14, 2017
Tesla Model S 2013
Good car, quick communication and no hassels
Daniel P. - August 25, 2017
Chevrolet Bolt EV 2017
Thanks Zale for the last minute request and being so accommodating! Much appreciated. Would rent again!
Juan P. - September 29, 2017
Lexus CT 200h 2013
Wonderful car. Excellent has millage. Excellent communication from Shawn
Pamela K. - October 3, 2017
Tesla Model S 2013
Zale was more than helpful. I hope to rent from him again.
Brent W. - September 16, 2017
Acura TSX 2013
Great guy, great car, great service
Arturo G. - September 13, 2017
Tesla Model S 2014
Took Ajs Tesla for a day and the experience was amazing. Communication was easy and the car was great and clean
Ilie M. - October 17, 2017
MINI Cooper 2008
Car was really fun. Quite peppy and fit my two big suitcases with seats down. They let me drop off early when my schedule changed. No problems. Good experience.
Dan C. - October 21, 2017
Subaru Impreza 2011
The subaru was an amazing drive! I cannot say how much fun the car was. Having that much power on tap was effortless. Not only was the car amazing the owner was as well. Very accommodating and responsive. Thank you!
Michael K. - October 22, 2017

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