Chevrolet Volt Rental in Arlington, VA | Turo
Chevrolet Volt2013
2 trips
$ 35
per day
The car
Chevrolet Volt
2 trips
4 seats
4 doors
Hybrid (Regular)
45 MPG
Crimson colored. The right rear tire has a very slow leak. I keep a tire pump in the back seat to pump it up from time to time. None of the other tires need any attention.
  • Automatic transmission
  • Hybrid
  • Audio input
  • Bluetooth
  • USB input
  • Heated seats
  • Leather seats and steering wheel
Parking details
Parking in specified space, PS-212. It is located in the River Place Apartment complex. While there are several exits to the parking lot, there is only one entrance for now, the main entrance off of N. Lynn St. I have lost my parking access card, so the only way in is the Visitor's entrance ramp. There is no need to show ID or anything, the guard in the shack will let you through. There is a parking tag that does hang from the mirror. Please don't remove that. Right now the complex doesn't have any more parking access cards, so I am waiting for one to be turned in. Then it can be given to me.
I prefer no eating in the car. I am a sucker for pets, but dogs can have sharp toenails and both cats and dogs can shed. Please return car vacuumed if you admit your pet, and I will be very sore and give a poor rating if your pet tears up the interior and I am not compensated both money and time-wise for repairs. Please no smoking.
Car location
Arlington, VA 22209