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Tesla Model S 2013

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Emil All-Star Host
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Patel Electric Auto Rental - PEAR has beautiful Blue Tesla Model S P85! Includes 110V charger with extension cord and with tire repair kit for non disruptive driving experience. We are in Energy corridor located 10 min. from the West Houston Airport and 20 min. from the Sugar land Airport. For private pilots arriving at these airports, we can bring car over to you! Visit us at to book your next Tesla Rental! *******Check out long awaited Model 3 available now to rent******** 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 5/5 star and business class rated car, something we are proud of! This Tesla is available for longer road trips and by utilizing the 100% FREE supercharger network, you will have no additional costs when renting this Tesla. No fuel! Drive the safest and most advanced vehicle available today. 100 % FREE Supercharging nationwide. Drive anywhere in the nation and back without paying a dime in electricity. If you or a friend is interested in purchasing a Tesla I have a referral code that will give you $1,000 credit towards your purchase price here: The Tech Package adds a host of features to an already advanced car. Onboard maps and navigation for North America Daytime LED running lights LED cornering lights Automatic keyless entry Lighted door handles Electrochromatic heated side and rearview mirrors Power liftgate GPS enabled Homelink Memory seats, mirrors, and driver profile Free Super Charging


Automatic transmission


Add optional Extras to your trip at checkout.
Prepaid EV recharge
Save time and make dropoff a breeze by adding this Extra, which allows you to return my car without fully recharging. Please return with at least 30 miles of range.
Unlimited mileage
Worry free option of unlimited mileage on every PEAR vehicles. Drive anywhere anytime for small additional cost.
Unlimited mileage
Prepaid refuel
Save time and make dropoff a breeze by adding this Extra, which allows you to return my car at any fuel level. Price includes up to a full tank of gas.
Post-trip cleaning
Return the car hassle free, without worrying about cleaning up after your trip. Does not cover upholstery cleaning, spills, stains, pet hair, or smoke removal.


No smoking No pets No open food or drinks. No drag racing or hard accelerations/decelerations. Limit excess lotions (Sunscreen, suntan, moisturizers, etc) Be mindful when parallel parking -- the wheels easily scrape. Our Teslas can only be driven in the USA. Please do NOT wash the Tesla or spray anything inside. The Tesla is always professionally detailed with care. Please do NOT bring sand, dirt, sharp objects inside the Tesla to avoid damage to seats and interior trim. Please do NOT transport anything that can leak and cause damage.


  • Can I try Autopilot, Summon and self-parking?
    The 2013 Tesla Model S does not have Autopilot, Summon and self-parking features.
  • Are the Tesla Superchargers really fast & FREE?
    Yes. I took delivery of my 2013 Tesla Model S in May 2014 which locked me into Tesla's 100% FREE Supercharger network. This means you can travel anywhere in the USA with no extra out of pocket expense for fuel/electricity at any of the thousands of superchargers nationwide.
  • How and where do I charge?
    When you receive the Model S, it will be charged above 80% (unless requested to be charged more). It's recommended for daily driving to charge to 90% for battery conservation. If traveling longer distances it's ok to charge 100%. If you are traveling: You can charge basically anywhere there is a wall outlet. However, our Tesla Model S comes with FREE Supercharging at any of the Supercharger stations nationwide. Check out all the spots here: There are 1000's more available charging spots you can find here: Many hotels and Airbnb's offer free plug ups for guests. Plus, we include a 110V charger cable if needed. Charging is as easy as pumping gas. Just plug up and the car does the rest. It will show the status on the 17" touchscreen. ** In the pretty rare case the Tesla being returned (or rented) very close to your start/end trip time I request the returning traveler (or you) to have it a least 70% charged for the next traveler. This doesn't happen often but due to the nature of EV's please understand. I will let both travelers know if this case comes up. **
  • Do I need to return the Tesla Charged or washed?
    Returning charge level; In most cases, no! Your "tank" is a bonus included in the price of the rental. However, If another traveler is soon after your return, we will let you know ahead of time to have it at least 70% charged to accommodate. Just be sure not to return it with less than 10% battery. If less than 10%, a $10 convenience fee will apply for the time it takes to recharge after your return. Of course, we welcome a close to full charge upon return anytime. Due to the Tesla being very new we like to wash it ourselves. We hope this incentives’ you to rent our Teslas and alleviates the extra out of pocket costs vs a standard gas rental.
  • Can I take advantage of Tesla Referral Program?
    Absolutely. If you or a friend is interested in purchasing a Tesla I have a referral code that will give you $1,000 credit towards your purchase price here:
  • Do you have other Tesla models?
    Yes. I have a new 2016 Tesla Model X 90D (0-60 mph in 4.8 seconds. It also comes with 100% FREE supercharging. Great for 100% FREE travel, more cabin space, & cool Falcon Wing doors. By Mar. '18 we'll have the highly anticipated 2018 White Tesla Model 3 (upgraded and high miles).
  • Do you have Tesla's equipped with toll tags?
    All of our cars are equipped with toll tags. We want to make your driving experience on toll road seamless. However, we will send you a reimbursement for the toll service charges after the car is checked back in. It is a service and we pass through the toll cost.
  • When we run out of charge or get stranded for whatever reason.
    We hope you never run into unfortunate situations such as running of charge or car breaks down. The thing to remember is to pay attention to the available miles on the console. Less you accelerate and run AC setting between 68-72, you will be able to conserve energy. We recommend every renter to keep charged up with min miles of 125 all the time. At nighttime we recommend renter to plug the car into 115 outlet with the included home charge in the trunk. We will also provide Tesla Supercharger options via text message or email. These are much faster chargers and normally fully charge the car in couple of hours. But, if you get stranded on the road, please call AAA roadside services at 800-222-4357. You will be requesting Tow truck with dollies to lift the car. Please DO NOT let anyone drag the car onto the tow truck, if the care is completely dead. If you have min 5 miles, and you are able to put the car into neutral, it is ok to pull the car onto the tow truck. Please make sure to activate tow mode from the main console screen under the services. The renter will be responsible for towing charges and if we assist you with the towing, we will request towing charges at the end of rent via Turo reimbursement.


52 ratings

Great Experience ! Drive safely !

Mario S.-May 2, 2019

Emil was very professional and gave me all the information I needed to have a great trip. Very flexible and cool as well. Beautiful car! Will be renting from him again.

Ikenna N.-Mar 12, 2019

Car was amazing, fastest car I’ve ever drove! One of the speakers was a little distorted but it didn’t ruin the experience. Definitely recommended.

George P.-Jan 8, 2019

It was a nice car and a good experience. However this car is not meant for trips or long drives. You have to charge the car at stops every 150 miles. Charging the car can take 30 mins to an hour. Would not recommend vehicle if you are traveling.

Taylor S.-Dec 4, 2018

Perfect all the way - communication , car, whole experience!

Rendy Y.-Nov 18, 2018

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Houston, TX 77041

William P. Hobby Airport-Houston
George Bush Intercontinental Airport