Acura NSX Rental in Houston, TX | Turo
City Center Exotics’s
Acura NSX2017
$ 999
per day
The car
City Center Exotics’s
Acura NSX
2 seats
2 doors
Hybrid (Premium)
22 MPG

Rent the only Next Gen NSX on Turo!

From those who fell for the first-generation supercar in 1991, to those who got their first glimpse in a Super Bowl ad, NSX has always provoked an intense reaction. And when it’s driven, the response is unparalleled. This is a car created with and for emotion, engineered to become an extension of its driver with such fidelity, it’s hard to find the line between man and machine.
  • Automatic transmission
  • Hybrid
  • GPS
  • Bluetooth
  • Toll pass
  • Heated seats
  • Carbon Fiber Roof
  • Carbon Fiber Spoiler
  • Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel
Delivery details
You may choose to pick up / return your vehicle to our office or have it delivered directly to your home, office, hotel, airport, or other location. We provide storage of your vehicle at our locations at no charge. Door-to-door delivery is available for a small additional fee depending on the distance traveled.

Please note: All pick-up & delivery arrangements must be confirmed at least 24 hours in advance in order to guarantee on-time service. Any changes to pick-up or delivery times/locations with less than 24 hours notice may incur an additional transportation fee. (In other words: we will do our absolute best to get you the vehicle when and where you want it, however, if you change your mind after we've scheduled our guys, we may charge you for it).

This vehicle is an exotic vehicle, and is subject to different terms and policies than a standard Turo rental. By requesting this vehicle you are agreeing to these different terms.

This rental is NOT covered by ANY Turo vehicle protection.

You are required to demonstrate that you have applicable personal insurance that will cover this rental.

A separate rental agreement must be signed prior to or at time of pick up.

A security deposit may be required prior to or at time of pick up.

You must be at least 21 years old to book this vehicle. Renters under 25 may be subject to young driver fee.

Additional Miles are $4.00 a mile.

To get you fully set up we just need a few things:
- Copy of valid insurance to cover vehicle
- Copy of valid drivers license
- Credit or Debit Card for deposit of $2000 run the day of the rental

You can send all your information to:
Do you offer hourly rentals?
Alas, we do not. We've run the numbers and the prep / delivery / pick-up overhead is too high to be worthwhile for either of us.
Ok, then I only want it for one-day on the weekend. Can I do that?
Sorry to have to say 'no' again. Because of the huge demand we get for weekend rentals, we aren't able to offer a guaranteed one-day rental on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday in advance. Similar to the above, if we guarantee it to you for just a day, we're giving up the chance to rent it for 2-days, which is what most folks want on the weekends and what we need to do to make business sense. If you really, really need that car for your wedding/anniversary/surprise gift, and it's gotta be on the weekend, the only way to guarantee it 100% is to book for a full weekend (Friday-Sunday, 48 hours). There are exceptions though: We do offer “non-guaranteed” (i.e. stand-by) one-day rentals on weekends. So if you give us a call we can make a “non-guaranteed 1-day weekend reservation” for you. Then if the car is still available 24-hours before your schedule pickup time then we will contact you and make your reservation guaranteed. Alternatively, you can call us on a Friday or Saturday morning and if the car you want is still available, we'll gladly rent it to you same-day for just that day.
Does my own insurance cover the rental of a Ferrari? I only drive a Ford Fusion!
Believe it or not, the answer is yes with most insurance companies. Generally speaking, if you carry full-coverage insurance (that means Liability, Comp, and Collision) your insurance will automatically carry over and cover you when you rent a car from us – regardless of what you drive or what you rent. And it's for the same reason that if you're driving down the highway in your Camry and you happen to knock a Ferrari off the road, your insurance will cover the damage. We’ll confirm with your insurance company before your rental.
Can I get the car delivered at 8am or 10pm?
Possibly. Our normal delivery hours are between 10am and 5pm. Any deliveries outside of those hours will incur a surcharge of $100 and up. Give us a shout - we'll do our best to work around your schedule.
But I have insurance. Why would you bill me for damage?
We come across a lot of minor scuffs and scrapes on our cars when they go out on rentals - sometimes customers scrape a wheel, scratch a front bumper or bubble a tire (to name but three). These repairs are quick and relatively inexpensive to make and are billed from the security deposit in order to minimize the amount of time the car is off the road. Once your invoice has been settled, you can of course make a claim to your insurance company to be reimbursed for any charges.
What should I do if there is an accident or mechanical issue?
If there is an accident, please call us regardless of the time. If necessary, please ensure a police report is filed for insurance purposes and your protection. Our cars are perfectly maintained and in like-new condition. However, even new cars can breakdown or have a warning light on occasion. In the unfortunate event of a breakdown or warning light on the dash, please contact a City Center Exotics representative immediately and we will work out a solution. Please, absolutely do not attempt to make any repairs yourself or to add any fluids to the vehicle other than fuel.
How many miles do I get with my rental?
All our rentals include 50 miles per rental day. After that, mileage rates differ depending on the vehicle - check out the car information pages for specifics. If you more than triple your included mileage on a rental, there is an additional $3/mile surcharge on top of the standard mileage rate for every excess mile beyond triple. For example: You rent the Lamborghini Gallardo for one day. The first 50 miles you drive are included in the price of the rental. 50-150 miles costs you $2/mile. Anything over 150 miles costs you $5/mile. All mileage charges are billed out of your security deposit.
Why do I have to leave a security deposit?
Due to the extremely high cost of the vehicles we offer, it is our policy to take a refundable security deposit for all our rentals and Driving Tour participants. The deposits range from $2,500 - $15,000 depending on the vehicle and level of insurance you carry. Rest assured, this is refunded in full once the vehicle has been returned to us and thoroughly inspected. This usually takes 3-5 business days after the end of your rental. If there are any additional mileage charges or minor damages, they are billed from your deposit and the balance is refunded back onto your credit card.
Is smoking permitted?
No, a $1000 smoking removal fee will be charged for smoke removal, plus any damage that may have been caused. And please don’t think that you’ll be able to just cover the smell with unbearable amounts of cologne or with Febreze – because no matter what odor miracles you see on the TV commercials, the smoke smell will last longer and we will be able to tell. There are no exceptions to this rule – please just smoke outside the vehicle and not in it!
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Car location
Houston, TX 77024
Up to 10 miles
Free delivery for trips of 1 week or longer