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Tesla Model 3 2018

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4 doors
5 seats

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Benjamin All-Star Host
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Typically responds in 9 minutes
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Do you have a reservation on a car that you have only seen online or in the Tesla showrooms? Are you wondering why over 400,000 people put down a reservation to order a car, sight unseen? Or are you just interested in the more affordable electric vehicle created by the luxury and performance Tesla brand? Whatever your reason, here's your opportunity to experience the new Model 3. FEATURES: Extended range battery giving you over 300 miles of range per charge. Free supercharging. This is not standard with the Model 3 but I'll absorb the cost. Aero wheels for reduced wind drag and improved efficiency. Heated premium vegan seats (all 5 of them). No vegans were harmed in the making of the seats. Dual zone air conditioning with airflow controlled through the center console (not the traditional vents). 12-way power adjustable front seats. Adjustable (up, down, & telescoping) steering wheel. Amazing glass panoramic roof. Tinted with ultraviolet and infrared protection. 15" touchscreen gives you access to control just about every aspect of the car. Car is pet friendly (no pets have been in the car, yet). If there are any incidents, then please return the car as clean as possible and provide cleaning funds if additional cleaning is required. We also have a pet hammock (or crate) that we can place in the car. Took delivery in March 2018 and the car still has under 4,000 miles on it. I emphasize that this car is in perfect condition so please ensure that you have the appropriate insurance to be properly protected in the event of any damages while the vehicle is checked out to you (even if the valet did it). I will provide you with an orientation to ensure you are comfortable with the car and get to experience all of the features. Look below in the FAQs and you can get an amateur video orientation and save some time when you arrive to pick up the car. I'm happy to answer any questions so don't hesitate to contact me. Driving the Tesla is amazing and I'll do everything I can to make sure you have a great experience. Get $25 off your first Turo rental: It applies to your first rental (doesn't have to be my car and doesn't need to be booked today), so go ahead and sign up so you don't forget. See my other Tesla vehicles for rent from my driver profile. To see the other vehicles, click the arrows on the side of the photo to scroll to the others.


Automatic transmission
Audio input
Pet friendly
USB input
Toll pass
Heated seats
Glass panoramic roof
Enhanced Autopilot
Streaming radio
Digital HD radio

Parking details

Parking available in my driveway (in a gated community).


No smoking.


  • Does this car have enhanced autopilot?
    Yes, this car is equipped with advanced autopilot. Please be aware that you must supervise the car at all times. The car requires you to place your hands on the steering wheel and you are ultimately responsible for driving the vehicle. It is a spectacular feature to play with but the features are still being improved and doing stupid things can get you killed. It keeps pace with traffic (slows and speeds up to the max speed you've set) and it does its best to stay within the lanes when the lane markings are present. Auto parking recognizes parking spots and the car offers to park itself. Here is a video demonstrating how to engage and disengage the enhance autopilot along with some warnings & limitations.
  • How do I charge the car?
    This video demonstrates how to open the charge port and plug in the car at an urban supercharger. Be advised that the car should be removed from a supercharger 5 minutes after charging is complete or a supercharger idle fee may apply (if over half of the stalls become occupied). The fee Tesla charges is $24/hour (charged by the minute). If you move the car when supercharging is complete, there are no fees.
  • There's no key?!
    There is a credit card sized key that locks and unlocks the door and starts the car. This video demonstrates where to place the card and how to tell that the doors are locked or unlocked... and that the car is ready to drive.
  • Why are there only two levers on the steering wheel (versus 4 on the Model S) and what do they do?
    Left: Turn signal (which I think I forgot to mention in the video), windshield washer, high beams (and auto high beam). Right: Drive, Reverse, Neutral and pushing the silver button to park. While driving, one tap down for cruise control and double tap down to engage enhanced autopilot. Video:
  • How does Turo insurance work?
    Hosts and guests have different insurance policies and I can't see which one renters have selected. Some guests check with their insurance and rental cars, including Turo rentals, are covered. But you really need to make sure they will cover the car before you consider declining Turo insurance. Turo insurance is always secondary to your personal insurance. Policies often change so probably best for me to direct you here to understand the difference between the renter's insurance options (deductibles & costs).
  • Where are the USB ports? Is there a 12V adapter? Where can I store/hide stuff?
    There are 4 USB ports. The front ones are wired into the phone docking area and I show how to disconnect them (and where the two back-seat USB ports are in case you want to use them, instead). Video:
  • What can I do on the screen?
    This is a video of the screen and describes navigation, how to find charging locations, music options, and many of the car's settings.


10 ratings

Thank you so much! Incredible customer service and I absolutely loved the car and its features. Also, your live walkthrough and tutorial videos were so clear and helpful in my first experience with a Tesla.

Sandra A.-Sep 3, 2018

This was my first Turo experience and Benjamin far exceeded my expectations with this service. He replies within minutes of any concerns and questions, is punctual with meeting up, and is thorough with explaining the features of his cars. I highly recommend working with Benjamin!

Grace L.-Aug 23, 2018

Benjamin is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about EVs. He is willing to give alot of background info on how to operate the vehicle (we had already done a test drive, so didnt need as much), and also gives many helpful pointers during the rental. If you are interested in the model 3, I highly recommend renting from Benjamin to get a more in-depth experience with the car.

Mike P.-Aug 20, 2018

First time renting on Turo. Benjamin is beyond 5 stars. Very informative and helpful. I wouldn’t even think twice before renting again from him. He made the renting experience the best till date. And for the car, you got to drive the Model 3 to feel it. Let’s just say it’s the best 150 miles I have driven while renting.

Ashwin S.-Aug 4, 2018

I rented Benjamin’s Tesla model 3 to surprise my husband for a fun little road trip. We had so much fun. Car was amazing and Benjamin and Ana were so great to work with!!

Carey L.-Jul 30, 2018

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