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BMW 3 Series 2011

7 trips
32 MPG
4 doors
5 seats

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This fairly rare 2011 335d Sport is an eco-beast! 2011 was the last year this car was made after a brief three year run in the U.S. It comes with all of the comforts expected in a BMW, but with an exceptionally rare combination of fuel economy and sheer performance. In stock form, this car offers 236 horsepower and 387 lb-ft of torque at the wheels. This car has been tuned by one of the leading BMW diesel tuners in the world and now puts out a whopping 359whp/560lbft. For car enthusiasts, you know how impressive these numbers are. For those who need a comparison, a V8 M3 made in the same year puts out 350whp/259lbft. That means the car you're looking at has equivalent horsepower and MORE THAN DOUBLE the torque of BMW's most popular sports car. On top of being a rocket, the BMW advanced diesel engine averages 38+mpg on the highway. Enjoy sports car-level output while cruising in absolute comfort with this car. Features include an upgraded M3 Nappa leather steering wheel, power and heated front seats, streaming music from your iPhone via USB, window tint on all side and rear windows to protect you and the car from Texas heat, plus Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free calling. The Sport Package also offers dual power Sport seats with adjustable side bolsters, a slight lower and stiffer suspension. This car as also been up-fit with 18" alloy M-Sport wheels. If you're looking for an easy-to-drive car with a ton of power for your time in Dallas, look no further. Of note: 1. The car comes with a TollTag, so you can drive effortlessly throughout Dallas-Fort Worth (and all of Texas!) 2. There is absolutely NO SMOKING, per the Turo smoking policy. 3. Tires for this car are expensive. Spirited driving is very different from sitting in a parking lot doing burnouts. The car should be driven and appreciated, but not abused. 4. It should ONLY be filled with DIESEL fuel. -If you don't have time, or don't want to stop by a fuel station, I'll gladly do it for you and not charge a cent over what it costs to fill out of the goodness of my heart. 5. I would ask that no pets ride in the car. 6. Please be mindful of inclement weather, if applicable, during your trip, and try to find shelter for the car should hail or high winds be on the forecast. I'll try to make anyone aware of potential weather scenarios as such upon pick-up. 7. Above all else, please enjoy the car!


Automatic transmission
Audio input
USB input
Toll pass
Heated seats