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Saturn ION 2005
Great guy to rent a car from. He very reliable n convient. He answers bak quickley
Tyree C. - September 19, 2018
Saturn Sky 2007
It was my first time using Turo but had a very smooth and easygoing experience with Nick and Aric. Had a great time in their fun little convertible Saturn. Would definitely rent a car from them again!
Marissa O. - April 19, 2018
Saturn ION 2006
Easiest transaction for a car rental ever! Carla was super helpful + prompt to answer any questions I had. And the car was perfect. I love little island cars like the one I rented :)
Amy B. - December 21, 2018
Saturn ION 2006
Since this was the FIRST time I’ve used Turo, George’s promptness on correspondence and communication helped ease my concerns using Turo. It definitely was a much better way to go than spending lots of time waiting in line at a mass Car Rental agency.
Brenda F. - March 4, 2019
Saturn Aura 2007
If you rent this car, just keep in mind to read the description. It is a manual lock on all doors and the trunk doesn't really work properly. I wrote a review on this car with tips on the most effective way to get the most out of your rental. It is a really good deal and its affordable. PROS: CLEAN, SPACIOUS, COLD A/C, AUX, AND PHONE HOLDER. **To open doors for passengers, get in driver side open windows and allow passengers to unlock doors **To work the trunk if you press the button on the driver door and it sounds like it's revving you'll have to put the back seat down by pulling on the fabric handle. Pull on the truck release from the inside and then press the button again. When closing the trunk guide it down manually (don't let it go and slam it) about an inch away from the latch and then let it go. Tug to be sure it's closed. You should be able to use the button on the door the next time around and don't have to climb through the backseat. Noticed if you slam it shut the button won't open the trunk properly. THANKS SO MUCH - AS ALWAYS the best value and service !!! Repeat customer 😁
Annette I. - May 20, 2019
Saturn Astra 2008
Easiest car rental I’ve ever had. The car was conveniently located at the airport and instructions were easy to follow. Nick was excellent at communicating and suggesting places to park downtown. He also was very flexible with the timing! Thanks nick! Highly recommend anyone to use that want an easy ride to tour Denver.
Amarah K. - January 12, 2019
Saturn Aura 2009
Andry was amazing from start to finish. This was my first time using the app and he made it simple and easy. I needed a extension and he honored it with no problems. Very nice and respectful! Would highly recommend him and also go back to him if i ever needed another car rental. 5 of5 starts fasho!!
Drew P. - January 7, 2019
Saturn ION 2006
This was my first time using Turo and I doubt I will ever use traditional car rental companies again. The whole experience was wonderful! Tony was friendly, polite and professional. He has several cars to choose from, I really liked having something budget friendly which I happened to need this time around. I will definitely be renting from him again and check out some of his other vehicles. Thanks again Tony, talk with you soon. Chris
Christopher P. - January 21, 2019
Saturn ION 2006
First time using Turo. The ease of pick up and drop off at the airport was so worth it over renting with a big company. George was great and flexible with the schedule. The Saturn Ion was an older car but it drove like the island car we had when we lived here so it felt appropriate! It gets great gas mileage and no troubles driving at faster speeds on the highway. Would definitely rent with George again when we are back on island.
Chloe E. - March 25, 2019
Saturn ION 2006
George went above and beyond to accommodate my needs. I mistakenly booked for the wrong dates and arrived in Honolulu a day earlier than planned. George was able to meet me and drop off the car in under an hour. Even with zero advance notice! It was easy and convenient to pickup and drop off. I really appreciated the no charge for delivery. George was always prompt with responding to any communications and offered heaps of local area knowledge and tips. I would 10/10 recommend George to my family and friends. Know you're in good hands when renting with him!
JoAnn M. - March 15, 2019
Saturn ION 2007
David was great, car was great. Overall excellent experience in Redmond area! Would rent again.
Tessa-Rae H. - May 2, 2019
Saturn Sky 2008
Highly recommend Matt and his Saturn. Super easy pickup/drop off and he was always quick to respond to my messages. Will certainly come back to this car next time I’m in Denver.
Francesco M. - May 6, 2019
Saturn Astra 2008
Never used, never even heard of before using this service. I’m glad I did mainly because of Kevin. 1. The car is a typical 10 year privately owned used car. 2. The car is very clean and well-maintained. 3. No major concerns on functionality or options. 4. Gas mileage is decent and typical of a small compact. 5. Rental rates were fair. 6. takes a bit of effort to navigate. Maybe downloading the app is easier. 7. Kevin is good. Articulate, good listener and answers questions clearly. Geek, knows HTML.
Michael O. - May 11, 2019
Saturn ION 2007
Excellent experience - the car has great mileage & drove very well, pickup/dropoff area was just a few minutes walk from the 545 bus to/from Seattle, and David was very responsive. Booked this as a favorite, will definitely rent again. If I had the cash, I'd buy the car 😎
Daniel S. - May 17, 2019
Saturn Sky 2007
Amazing experience with Ernest and with this car. Will definitely be renting from him again soon!
Parbeen B. - May 9, 2019
Saturn Aura 2008
chris is super nice, i highly recommend ppl to rent his car,it is in very good condition
Aaron L. - May 20, 2019
Saturn Astra 2008
We rented the Saturn Astra for a week and it was perfect for us. The car ran well as we traveled the whole island and Kevin was great. We needed to extend the rental, which he confirmed immediately. He also took us to the airport at the exact time we needed. Quick responses, super friendly, all around 5 star experience.
Brianna W. - December 9, 2018
Saturn ION 2004
So glad I rented this Saturn on my recent trip home ... easy pickup, no problems all week, and Sam was flexible when my return plans changed. Then I glitched up the return (locked the keys in the car, if you must know) and really appreciated his understanding. Mahalo Very Much !!
Rachel N. - April 24, 2018
Saturn Sky 2007
Ernest is amazing !!! A++++ . I’m new with car rentals. He made is so easy! The Saturn is super cute , great on gas , and the convertible is so fly! :) will definitely be renting with Ernest again!
Victoria V. - January 29, 2018
Saturn Astra 2008
Nick made our rental experience so easy! We were able to just pick the car up and go, and he was incredibly flexible with our drop off time. The car is in good condition, the audio system works perfectly, and the gas mileage is fantastic (especially for people on a budget, like me!). I would fully recommend Nick and his Saturn to anyone interested in visiting Denver and the surrounding area.
Peter D. - March 17, 2018
Saturn ION 2006
I've rented from Tony before and the experience was excellent so i decided to go to him without hesitation and I received the same great service. The SATURN ion I rented was basically a new car because of it low mileage and pristine interior. The AC was Alaska cold and the car gave me no problems at all. Whenever I needed to speak to Tony he would respond promptly which made me feel like I was an important customer. Everything always goes smooth with him so i will definitely repeat.
Hussen A. - September 11, 2018
Saturn Sky 2009
Ilya is a great Turo host. He makes renting his car a breeze. He communicates with you, smooth pick up in return, and delivers a clean car and give you all the wires you'll need to charge your phone and even plug it into the audio system if you want to listen to stuff off of that. Now on to the car, the Saturn Sky Redline 260 horsepower of Turbo fun delivering all you could ask for in a two-seater little convertible Roadster. It takes turns like a beast moves in and out of traffic like a knife cutting butter handling is a blast and with all that horsepower you'll be able to handle traffic like a boss but since this is a two-seater little Roadster it's also great for winding roads and scenic routes along the ocean. My only complaint is it's a small car and you can't move the seats it is what it is you will be comfortable I never wasn't comfortable in the car but I was kind of jammed in there at 6'1 I would say use caution and if you're bigger than that well then... other than that if you can drive manual I highly recommend renting this card to have the time of your life I'm still on a high from driving this yesterday down to San Diego.
Remington F. - September 4, 2018
Saturn Aura 2007
Easy check in check out! Car ran well and was clean! Definitely a good car to rent for your trip!
Juliet C. - March 27, 2019
Saturn Aura 2007
Picking up and dropping off the car was super easy. Aric responded to all our questions very quickly. Would rent from Aric again!
Lauren W. - March 13, 2019
Saturn Sky 2007
My mom and I had a great time with the Saturn Sky! Nick was very responsive and flexible which made the trip even easier. Picking up the car is super easy and having a parking spot for the night was very convenient. There’s a bike sharing platform super close to the parking lot that you can take to be in the middle of restaurants in literally no time! The car itself is really cool, just make sure to travel light as the trunk space is limited with the roof down. Overall we absolutely loved it!
Simona I. - April 11, 2019
Saturn Sky 2007
This was my first time using Turo and it was a very smooth and easy process. Nick’s car was great and I felt like a low budget Magnum P.I. as I drove to Robin Masters estate. It was completely self check in and out and having a free parking spot by my hotel while not driving was a huge save. I would definitely recommend using Nick’s Saturn Sky if you and a friend or lover want to explore the island with the top down and wind in your hair.
Biffs W. - April 7, 2019
Saturn Aura 2009
Easy car to drive. Good gas mileage. You have to manually turn the blinker off after a turn or lane change, fyi. There are aux chords available inside the middle console. A/C works great. Fitrya was clear in communication via text. She was also very flexible with my trip extension for another day. I would rent this car again. Thanks!
Amy C. - April 15, 2019
Saturn Sky 2008
The car was great! Enjoyed my time in it and plan to rent from Matthew again in the future
Isaiah S. - April 17, 2019
Saturn Sky 2008
Awesome car, so clean, super fast and got so many comments and looks when I drove it. Highly recommend post trip cleaning, worth every cent not to worry! Easy drop off and pick up, curb side service. Best Turo host in Hawaii, hence why I always rent from Adam.
Kirsti L. - March 18, 2019
Saturn ION 2007
One of the nicest chaps I have met and a pleasure to drive the Saturn. Great car and would use again! Top service
Adam G. - March 23, 2019
Saturn Sky 2007
Ernest is great! He was very helpful and accommodating during our recent trip. We actually had a problem with the Saturn Sky that we rented from Ernest (out of date tags, he had forgotten to put the new stickers on the tag), but he was quick to call me after I messaged him about it. Instead of making us wait over an hour for him to come put the stickers on the tag, he upgraded our car for free! And all we had to do is go back to the valet and switch out. So, what could have been a big problem, was fixed and made even better. We were very impressed with Ernest and the way he handled his business.
Will B. - October 15, 2018
Saturn Sky 2008
Great host! Great car!! Will rent again !
Nathaniel S. - April 21, 2019
Saturn Aura 2007
Very nice and helpful. Never used the app before and needed a car for work while mine was in the shop. Ran well and super clean. I would use Norberto again if I need too!!!
Jennifer B. - April 27, 2019
Saturn Aura 2008
Chris was very easy to deal with, car was clean and comfortable. I liked that he helped us not stand in unnecessary lines during pick up time!
Cheri S. - April 27, 2019
Saturn Sky 2007
Great experience renting from Juliues. The car was clean and drove amazing. No issues at all. Looking forward to renting again when I return to the Atlanta area.
Jason L. - April 21, 2019
Saturn Sky 2008
Tyler’s Saturn was great fun to drive.
Benjamin W. - May 7, 2019
Saturn Sky 2007
Me and my girlfriend wanted to say thank you for allowing us to use your car
Obrian B. - May 10, 2019
Saturn Sky 2008
Loved touring Oahu in this zippy car! My husband and I felt way cooler than we actually are just by looking at it! Adam was easy to work with and the car was in great condition!
Samantha H. - May 16, 2019
Saturn Aura 2009
Steve is amazing to work with. He responds quickly to messages and extension. The car is very clean. I would definitely use this car again.
Heather B. - May 16, 2019
Christian A
Saturn Sky 2007
Nicks car is a super awesome ride to navigate around town. Highly recommend!
Christian A M. - May 8, 2019
Saturn Sky 2007
It was our first time using Turo. Nick was very responsive. We enjoyed the car. Thanks for being a great host.
Bridgett T. - May 18, 2019
Saturn Sky 2007
Awesome car, nice ride, great service, great communication! Everyone at valet was super helpful!
Sean M. - May 21, 2019
Saturn Aura 2008
Great guy, very understand and available when needed. The car however needs some work, it shakes when in gear and needs a oil change. The AC is A1!!!! Also the tire pressure is low so that needs to be checked. Didn’t have any major problems with the car. Great rental all around...would come back to get a car from him again. Plus he sales the cars he rents so that could be a deal in the future
Katesha P. - September 8, 2018
Saturn Astra 2008
Good deal, key sticks a little, it’s like any old car, you have to turn it at the perfect angle or put the key in the other way, it might be upside down. I feel like the cleaning rules and fee are bit strict, when you have it only for 24 hours it’s no fun spending two of it and another 10-20 bucks cleaning it. I think a reasonable amount of dirt or sand is expected and someone should expect to have to vacuum the car after every renter, I was so paranoid about it I put garbage bags down on the floor. But I get it the sand is an issue and any regular car rental would charge you for an excessive amount of sand, but I rented it on a rainy day you gotta expect some dirt? Not that we had any issue mind you, and perhaps the written rules and consequences sound very strict and stern, but Kevin seems to be a reasonable guy so I wouldn’t worry too much about it. I actually wanted to return the car early and he was very accommodating.
Heidi H. - December 27, 2017
Saturn Astra 2008
Vinicius is an outstanding host. Always responded immediately. Had the car warmed up when we arrived. The car is in good shape and gives a smooth ride. An hour before checkout I lost control of the vehicle due to rainy. We ran onto a curb at low speed. That turned into an all day odyssey, but Vinicius was totally understanding and accommodating, and helped keep the process painless. Would highly recommend. And we hope to rent from him in the future.
Rafael C. - December 16, 2018
Saturn Sky 2007
Rob was an awesome guy. The car gave the trip a whole new level of incredible 5 stars would rent again!
Dalton B. - December 23, 2018
Saturn Astra 2008
He was great and awesome the car was great answer my calls so quick give me no problems great guy to talk to me and my wife enjoy is car for vacation will rent again recommend to anyone need something to get them around for a good price
Mike K. - November 28, 2018
Saturn ION 2006
Great clean car on a budget, drive it around Honolulu for 8 days and only spent 20$ on gas. Carla was easy to contact and flexible with my schedule, I would gladly rent again. Mahalo Carla
Bear S. - December 6, 2018
Saturn ION 2007
Car was exactly what I needed for my trip. David made pick up and drop off easy. Will definitely look to rent from him again.
Glory P. - December 7, 2018
Saturn ION 2006
Carla's car was great for our use. It wasn't too much nor too little for a family of three. Also it was great on gas. Can't beat a full fill up at $25. I would definitely rent from her again.
EISEN JOHN S. - February 1, 2019
Saturn Aura 2009
Santiago is the BEST!!!! I love renting his cars!!! I will be back again!!!
Jo'Wan B. - December 29, 2018
Saturn Aura 2007
This was my second time using the Turo app. It was an easy transaction as the owner gave clear instructions. I would definitely rent one of his cars again. This car’s oil light was on and it could definitely use a wash, but the most important thing to me was that the the air conditioner was icey cold.
Christine C. - January 18, 2019
Saturn ION 2007
David is the man! Picked us up on time at the airport and made the drop off super easy. His car brought us from Seattle to Vancouver, and back with plenty of miles to spare.
Christopher N. - January 23, 2019
Saturn Sky 2007
Earnest’s cars are the 🔥shiznizzle!🔥 This is my 2nd car to rent of him thru Turo and both have been head turners! Made my trip amazing! 🤗
Lori H. - January 27, 2019
Saturn Aura 2009
Very recommended to rent Andry's car
Enrique R. - December 18, 2018
Saturn Aura 2008
Bill was a great host. He had great pickup and drop off instructions and was very communicative throughout. I had left personal belongings in the car and he was quick to let me know and made the retrieval easy. I would highly recommend Bill and his Saturn Aura!
Bryan S. - December 12, 2018
Saturn ION 2007
Thanks to the David’s Saturn, my boyfriend and I had a beautiful Christmas vacation. Sabrina the Saturn (our name, not David’s lol) carried us up into the mountains all the way to Leavenworth. It was snowy and icy and the car kept us safe for three days :) Also, David was so great, very kind and made sure I was well informed. If I ride with Turo again, I’ll check to see if one of David’s cars is available :)
Corey S. - December 27, 2018
Saturn Aura 2008
Bill was super nice and easy to talk to. The car was a super smooth ride and took the mountains like a pro. Would totally rent from him again!
Julia L. - December 28, 2018
Saturn Aura 2008
Car was clean and ran good. They were very responsive to all questions. Got into a accident they handled it very well and prompt, switched me out cars and everything went good. Will definitely rent again.
Shauntay S. - January 9, 2019
Saturn ION 2005
Amazing to work with. Great communication. The car was basic but I didn’t need the bells and whistles. Will consider renting from again. Thanks!
Corynne C. - January 1, 2019
Saturn ION 2006
On time, great car would definitely rent again when I'm in Miami again.
Christian P. - January 22, 2019
Saturn Sky 2007
Easy to deal with. Cool car. No hassle. No negative points at all. First time I have used Turo or user rented car....will probably never use a hire company again. I dont think he understood a single word of my UK accent, but that's ok it didn't matter. Nice 1.
Daniel R. - February 14, 2019
Saturn Astra 2008
Joseph makes things smooth and easy to rent his car. Great communication as well. It was perfect for a 5 days trip upstate NY. My son loved to see manual gears so it brought some extra entertainment within the car. I will rent this car again. Thanks Joseph!
Gregory Z. - February 21, 2019
Saturn ION 2007
It was very easy to work with the owner. Car is great quality. I'd rent again asap!
Michael R. - December 14, 2017
Saturn Aura 2009
If you're considering getting this car, you're aiming for something that gets the job done without breaking the bank. This does the job perfectly. There were some little issues with the car, like the automatic lock didn't work and we had to do that manually, and Santiago communicated that to us before handing us the keys. The drive was perfect and I'd definitely rent this again. 5 stars because I have nothing to complain about that wasn't communicated upfront.
Tayyab A. - December 15, 2017
Saturn ION 2007
Kevin is professional and super easy to communicate with. The car was in good condition. Highly reccomend to rent from him!
Frida P. - December 17, 2017
Saturn Aura 2007
Chris was communicative, friendly and flexible. The car was immaculate and spacious. I would definitely recommend renting from Chris!
Cynthia V. - January 2, 2018
Saturn ION 2004
Friendly, efficient interaction - fun and clean car to drive, would rent again from Patrick, thanks!
Jasmine Y. - December 30, 2017
Saturn Aura 2007
Everything as described. Convenient pick up and return. Unusual car cleaning conditions but all made clear ahead of time with no issues. Would rent again. Thanks!
Phil S. - January 4, 2018
Saturn Astra 2008
Nick made pick up and drop off super easy. His car met our every need, whether it was driving through the city or up to the Rocky Mountains. Would for sure rent his car again!
Brandon H. - January 4, 2018
Saturn Sky 2007
Great car. You’re gonna Love It.. recommend to everyone. And the owners they are the best. I always rent from them.
Alan C. - January 5, 2018
Saturn Aura 2009
Car was perfect to get all around LA. Had no issues with the vehicle besides the sunroof not working so no big deal. Car is as advertised and I recommend for anybody who needs a car to rent. The transmission does slip sometimes but did not affect my driving experience. Great car for a great price.
Josh J. - January 7, 2018
Saturn ION 2007
Car runs smooth and still has its touch. My local errands were met and everything worked out great! No issues what so ever; look forward to future renting.
Jesse S. - April 4, 2018
Saturn Sky 2007
Yet again a perfect experience with Nick and Aric. They have such an impressive selection of cars and they are all great quality. The convertible Saturn was pretty nifty and lots of fun to drive around the island. These guys have it all and always provide excellent service! Thanks again :)
Amanda S. - April 11, 2018
Saturn Astra 2008
The car was nice to drive. I would rent it again
Lisa F. - May 8, 2018
Saturn ION 2007
Rad dude easy pezzy to work with. Car runs smooth id rent again
Andrew H. - May 19, 2018
Saturn Aura 2007
Minerva has excellent communication skills, she was able to accept my request and msgs promptly. The car is clean and in excellent conditions Excellent sound system Gas saver Easy pick up and drop off instructions I look forward to rent again with minerva
Paola C. - January 9, 2018
Saturn Sky 2007
Great car to rent, very fun to drive! Andrey was reliable and everything was as good as expected :-)
Martha G. - January 14, 2018
Saturn Astra 2008
Nick was great with communication and very polite. He helped coordinate pick-up and drop-off and everything went smoothly. The car drove well and functioned without issues. If I were to take a trip to the same area again in the future, I definitely would rent through nick again.
Alexander N. - January 16, 2018
Saturn ION 2007
Hi Nate, thanks for renting your car to me. It was perfect for my business trip. I tidy up the car, filled the gas tank and left the key in the lockbox. As you described, the check engine light came on but it didn't hinder driving. Thanks again so much! Eric Letada
Eric L. - February 1, 2018
Saturn ION 2007
Nate was very good to rent from. He was very responsive to questions and excellent and thorough in communicating. Car itself was fine.
Daniel J. - February 21, 2018
Saturn Sky 2007
Loved the car and great customer service! Looking forward to renting that car on my favorite color again!
Tristan H. - February 24, 2018
Saturn Astra 2008
Great rental and owner! Very clear about what to expect and helpful with instructions. Had no problem with the car and easy pickup and return.
Danyale R. - March 1, 2018
Saturn Astra 2008
Matt was on time both picking me up and picking up the car. I was a first time renter and he was very helpful about how things work for my future use.
Chris W. - March 8, 2018
Saturn Aura 2007
LOVED the car! Super helpful and understanding when I needed to extend it for a day! Definitely would rent from her again!
Janet A. - March 1, 2018
Saturn Astra 2008
Great Car, great host, definitely would use Nicks Saturn again.
Robert G. - March 14, 2018
Saturn Aura 2009
I had awful things happen and unfortunately got I an accident while renting. Timothy was so great about the entire experience. I was so stressed and he put me at ease on top of a great rental experience. I'm so glad I rented from Timothy because he was a truly genuinely caring and nice guy.
Adam C. - March 16, 2018
Saturn Sky 2007
Absolutely an amazing trip! Thank you so much for everything! Such a great car, so fun to drive. Ernest was a nice dude to rent from. Thanks again!
Jasmine T. - March 17, 2018
Saturn Sky 2007
The Saturn Sky is a beautiful car! Rob was really nice and helpful.
Whitney L. - March 19, 2018
Saturn ION 2007
Kevin is a super nice caring guy. He maintains his cars and is trustworthy, I recommend renting from him and I know I'll be renting again.
Lindon L. - March 17, 2018