Toyota Corolla Rental in Wayne, PA | Turo
Toyota Corolla2010
12 trips
$ 45
per day
The car
Toyota Corolla
12 trips
5 seats
4 doors
30 MPG
Great budget performer. Great gas mileage! Currently we are testing out a new ezpass transponder. Instead of paying cash tolls, they get billed to you plus a one-time $10 convenience fee per trip.

Why rent from me? Because I offer:
1. Instant Book: Why wait hours for a response from my competition and hope that they want to rent their car out to you? When you book with me, you can be assured that you will get the car and that the trip won't mysteriously get cancelled like with some of my peers.
2. Flexibility: Even when it is snowing or a last minute rental my clients have grown to appreciate my flexibility and ability to deliver a great car rental service even when my competitors are not returning messages or cancelling trips. Also, I gladly accepted pickup requests 5-10 miles outside of my official delivery radius.
3. Great value: While I may not always have the lowest priced cars, my rental prices are very competitively priced. You will find my level of service, convenience, professionalism, and experience cannot be matched by my competition.
4. Clean Car pledge: What sets me apart from other owners is that I clean the car before almost every single rental. Do you really expect the average full-time professional to have the discipline to spend 3 hours detailing a car when it is 15 degrees out like I do? To clean even the inside of the door trim and vacuum under the rug/rubber mat? That is what I do for most longer trips (about 5 days or more). For shorter trips it does not make sense for me to allocate that much of my time to detailing so what I usually do is a much quicker detail. There are exceptions like when I have to complete several deliveries in a day or when it is raining/snowing where I cannot do that thorough of a cleaning. All that I ask from renters is please be clean with my cars and don't smoke because this makes it harder for me to give future renters a clean, odorless environment.
5. Multiple Cars: Because I rent out more than one car, that provides me with greater flexibility to provide a client with a car in case they need to extend the rental and the current car is not available or if there is an accident. This flexibility can save you time, stress, and money.
6. Customer Service: I provide excellent customer service and have experience getting clients back on the road in case of an emergency such as a busted tire or a car accident. In many instances I can answer your question in far less time than Turo Customer service.
7. Experience: I have been doing this for over two years a year now and take this business very seriously. I have over 200 trips under my belt and a five-star rating. With my unmatched value, customer service and experience, my cars are the only ones that should be on your radar!
8. Highly Competitive Monthly Rates: You are welcome to check out the competition, however when it comes to monthly rentals, this is the best value out there. Whether you are in between cars, temporarily in the area, or just don't want to deal with the credit checks and hassles of buying a car this is the solution for you (If renting for over two months then you are required to bring the car in to a shop that I have an account with every 8 weeks or when the maintenance light comes on, which ever is sooner. For rental periods under 2 months then you are required to bring the car in to a shop that I have an account with when the maintenance light goes on).
9. Unlimited Miles for trips over a week: This is a great convenience for many renters who don't want to have to worry about counting miles or expensive overages! For those who are renting from me for a few days, talk to me if you think that you may go over the daily mileage limit. I am reasonable and will usually work something out so that you can avoid paying the full $.75/mile overage charge. This policy is designed to discourage people who want to rent a car for only a day and put 1000 miles on it, not to inconvenience vacationers and business travelers who want one less thing to worry about.
10. Delivery: For delivery locations if the rental period is long enough then delivery is free! Due to the cost of Lyft, deliveries above 10 miles require you to give me a ride back; BE SURE TO BUDGET TIME FOR THIS.
11. Professionally maintained fleet of cars. Don't let the age of these cars fool you, they are all meticulously cared for by licensed mechanics; in fact I can say confidently that these cars are even better maintained and have newer parts than what a car dealer would try to sell to unsuspecting car owners. When I buy used cars, I always need to put work into it. Sometimes thousands of dollars to make sure that the cars are comfortable and pass inspection. Because of the volume of work and my knowledge of what needs to get maintained and repaired I get volume savings that I pass along to my clients. Can you really depend on a casual car owner who rents out a car occassionaly to keep their cars well maintained down to even the Strut mounts, to fix leaks or worn out parts that could leave you stranded in the middle of the night if ignored, or to replace the brake parts responsible for stopping your car safely when they are worn past its useful life (Given the number of used cars I have repaired I can give you an emphatic NO!)?
  • Automatic transmission
  • Audio input
Car location
Wayne, PA 19087
Philadelphia International Airport
Up to 25 miles
Free delivery for trips of 2 weeks or longer