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Average ratings in Pittsburgh (4.8 stars)

Toyota Yaris 2007
Great way to rent a car at Pittsburgh airport. All went extremely well. Would do it again.
Jim C. - October 30, 2018
Toyota Camry 2011
Yasser is professional, prompt, and honest. The car was in great condition and I had no issues at all and would quickly rent a car from him again. Thanks!
Jan-Tosh G. - August 20, 2018
Toyota Yaris iA 2018
Great experience will rent from Turo again. Nice car with great gas mileage.
Bonnie H. - October 9, 2018
Toyota Yaris 2012
Jarrod was wonderful! A few days before my trip he contacted me lettting me know another renter got in am accident, and the car was no longer available. Jarrod told me he had another car of the same model I could use if I wanted. He did what he could to make sure the price was the same and was extremely good with communication. Car was very easy to pick up and drop off from the airport and just a short bus ride or uber away. Would recommend to anyone!
Aaron D. - October 16, 2018
Toyota Yaris 2007
Everything went great with this rental! Jarrod was very flexible and easy to work with. Would rent from him in the future:)
Nicole L. - September 23, 2018
Toyota Yaris iA 2018
Great car! Amazing service! Incredible mpg. Loved that the mileage was 2000 miles so I was able to to my business trip without having to worry about going over on mileage.
Cheryl S. - October 24, 2018
Toyota Yaris 2012
Very very professional guy. Willing to accommodate for you as well
Sofone E. - October 8, 2018
Quest Realty
Toyota Yaris 2007
I just had an awesome rental experience with Jarrod using his Toyota Yaris. I am fairly new to using Turo, he took the time to walk me through how to complete my reservation of the vehicle and was very patient and understanding of my ignorance with the app. He also provided an awesome product. The 2007 Yaris was in excellent condition for a car off it's age and was AWESOME regarding gas millage. And the kicker was I got all of this awesomeness for a really competitive(cheap) rate. I most likely will be a repeat customer.
Quest Realty H. - May 15, 2018
Toyota Prius 2014
Brian and Emily were amazing as was the car. This was a LONG rental at just o we a month but smooth sailing the whole way! Thanks!
Cassidy H. - August 4, 2018
Toyota Prius 2014
This was a very easy couple to work with especially with uncontrollable travel delays. I highly recommend using Brian to rent your next vehicle in Pittsburgh.
Charles C. - June 21, 2018
Toyota Prius 2014
Great experience again, definitely a great guy to rent from. This time I tried out the Prius, better gas mileage than the Ford Fusion I rented last time (though that's also a nice car), If you're conscientious about driving efficiently you can easily average 60-70 mpg in a trip (car tells you your average every time you turn it off)! If you just drive normally though it still gets 40+, at least that was my experience. Factor in how much you'll save in gas and this is a nice bargain to rent! Definitely recommend it.
Brian D. - July 3, 2018
Rodney Antonio
Toyota Corolla 2014
Steve was the best. Very nice gentleman and he really works with you. Had a very good experience I will definitely rent from him again in the near future. And the car runs great
Rodney Antonio M. - July 21, 2018
Toyota Yaris 2007
Jarrod was polite, punctual and flexible. Everything was as stated no awkward surprises.
Ken B. - October 26, 2018
Toyota Corolla 2015
Another Winner Eveyone! Smooth transition from start to finish!
Robinelle S. - September 23, 2018
Toyota Yaris 2007
Jarrod was very accommodating, friendly and responsive to my messages all the time!
Beth B. - October 14, 2018
Toyota Prius 2012
Brian is a sweetheart, great communication, the car was wonderful, gas mileage is outstanding, would definitely rent from him again!
Rebecca M. - August 25, 2017
Toyota Corolla 2009
Everything was great car was clean smooth & was very flexible I will definitely rent from you again thank you
Seantae M. - November 9, 2017
Toyota Corolla 2009
Great experience. Car was just what we needed. First time using Turo, it was super convenient and much better than the hassle of renting a car.
Joey R. - November 17, 2017
Toyota Yaris 2007
Super responsive and flexible definitely a fun little car and well kept! Will definitely rent again!
Shalaman J. - January 8, 2018
Toyota Prius 2012
Great car It made my time in Pittsburgh worth while
Presious S. - April 8, 2018
Toyota Camry 2011
Yasser was professional and communicated very quickly through the site. I was able to rent a vehicle at half the going rate of a rental agency. I'd definitely rent from him in the future.
Patrick P. - August 6, 2018
Toyota Prius 2014
Brian made the transaction super easy and smooth, and was extremely helpful to this first time Turo renter. Zero complaints, great experience.
Shauna S. - August 7, 2018
Toyota Yaris 2007
Great car, got the job done for our trip. Would use again
Lizen P. - August 12, 2018
Toyota Camry 2011
Yasser was an absolute professional. He has made a trying weekend finish with promise for me. I would recommend any honest person who is looking for a rental in the area to consider his. Thanks and MANY Blessings!
Frederic H. - August 13, 2018
Toyota Yaris 2007
Good experience for sure- super easy to pick up and return with lots of flexibility! Bring exact change for 28x bus ($2.75). Car runs great.
Isabelle C. - August 16, 2018
Toyota Prius 2014
This was my first time using Turo and Brian made it an excellent experience. He was extremely accommodating, friendly, and helpful. The car drove great and gas mileage was awesome. Highly recommend!
Stephanie C. - August 20, 2018
Toyota Prius 2014
My first Turo experience was awesome with Brian. He was quick with communicating rental details & punctual on time of pickup and drop off. Thank you, Brian!
Antionette G. - September 2, 2018
Toyota Camry 2011
Car was perfect for getting around! The pickup and drop off was very easy!
James P. - September 2, 2018
Toyota Yaris 2008
The best person I’ve taken a car from!
Abhinav S. - July 11, 2018
Toyota Yaris 2008
I had issues with the site & app (through no fault of the site itself just issues with the update on my phone) and Yasser was extremely patient and cooperative. Communication and responses were prompt. The car was clean & in great condition.
Mandy D. - July 21, 2018
Toyota Prius 2012
Fantastic rental with a really supportive and understanding lender! Would recommend to anyone!
Aaron M. - July 14, 2017
Toyota Prius 2012
Easy airport pick up and drop off. Brian's Prius will be my first choice for trips to Pittsburgh.
Asma M. - October 18, 2017
Toyota Camry 2007
Yasser is an awesome guy and very thoughtful! He even offered to pick me up from the stop near the pickup location because it was cold outside, and then actually drove me to the stop after return :) Excellent communication and nice to do business with :) Will definitely be renting from Yasser again in the future!
Samantha M. - November 23, 2017
Toyota Yaris 2007
A pleasure to work with- Easy communication Car as described 👍 Would use again for sure!
Ben W. - November 18, 2017
Toyota Camry 2006
Yasser is a great and easy to work with guy. Would definitely recommend renting from him!
Abhinav S. - November 26, 2017
Toyota Camry 2007
Thank you so much everything was great I'll rent again
Seantae M. - December 4, 2017
Toyota Yaris 2007
Easy to pick up from the airport, great car to get around the city, would use again!
Zachary D. - December 8, 2017
Toyota Corolla 2009
Very nice person and very good car
Aws A. - November 30, 2017
Toyota Corolla 2009
An amazing guy I would rent from again!
Abhinav S. - December 20, 2017
Toyota Corolla 2009
Very professional and communication is on point. Will definitely rent from him again.
Shalaman J. - February 21, 2018
Toyota Prius 2012
As always, Brian is reliable, dependable, and an excellent communicator. He worked with me and my schedule and was amenable throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend renting from him!
Abhinav S. - March 5, 2018
Toyota Prius 2012
Always a pleasure renting from Brian. He's understanding and willing to work with you.
Nicole J. - March 11, 2018
Toyota Camry 2007
Like always had a great experience definitely rent again
Fjori B. - December 29, 2017
Toyota Yaris 2007
This was a last minute holiday rental and was a most wonderful experience. Affordable, quick, convenient, clean, and safe. When I needed to extend it, Jarrod made it very easy. He had excellent communication from the start of the rental to the end. Definitely would rent from again. Thanks Jarrod!
Shayla R. - December 29, 2017
Toyota Yaris 2007
Great car to drive around the city! Clean, neat and gets the job done.
Siddhi S. - May 23, 2018
Toyota Prius 2014
Brian was easy to work with. Will definitely use him again! The Prius was a awesome car!
Paul G. - April 23, 2018
Toyota Yaris 2007
He made the Rental very smooth
Nichole H. - April 18, 2018
Toyota Yaris 2007
Excellent car and customer service. Thanks
Cesar P. - May 11, 2018
Toyota Yaris 2007
Great car, affordable and very clean. The whole process run very smoothly and will definitely keep it mind for upcoming trips!
Nicolas B. - May 18, 2018
Toyota Prius 2012
Awesome guy..prompt response very reasonable pricing. Great vehicle and also great on gas! Thanks brian! Safe travels!
Delvon S. - September 15, 2018
Toyota Prius 2014
Brian was great and the Prius was in fine shape. I had a great trip and Brian was very flexible and communicative throughout. Thanks very much!
Christopher M. - September 15, 2018
Toyota Camry 2011
Yasser was great to work with. Very professional and responded quickly to any message. I would highly recommend any of his vehicles
Nathan E. - August 31, 2018
Toyota Yaris 2007
Highly recommended quick and easy pick up and return process.
Doug M. - September 7, 2018
Toyota Yaris 2007
Very nice guy and took care of me as I was a first timer. Car was excellent on gas mileage and was just what I needed to get to work for the week. I only filled up at the end of the trip. Overall fantastic experience. Would definitely do it again.
Payton R. - June 16, 2018
Toyota Yaris 2007
First time using Turo, Jarrod made it easy. Thanks!
Robert F. - June 22, 2018
Toyota Camry 2011
Great guy ! Dropped me off at the airport I left my keys the key ring in the ignition immediately called Yasser and he turned around almost 30 min later and gave me my keys.
Rodney J. - July 16, 2018
Toyota Yaris 2007
Car is great on gas. Jarred was very helpful through out the whole process
Erkan C. - June 5, 2018
Toyota Prius 2012
Brian made my first trip on Turo a breeze, and I really enjoyed his Prius! I'd definitely recommend his vehicle to others.
Michele-le M. - October 9, 2017
Toyota Yaris 2007
First time using Turo and I’m so fortunate to have Jarrod as our 1st Turo experience!!! Thanks for everything!!
Evan P. - November 21, 2017
Toyota Prius 2014
Great in gas... easy transaction
Aj M. - February 12, 2018
Toyota Prius 2014
1st time using Turo. Brian made it an easy experience
Jeremy C. - March 3, 2018
Toyota Yaris 2007
Easy to work with and very straight forward.
Elijah L. - March 5, 2018
Toyota Yaris 2007
This helped so much when I was in a pinch over the holidays! Very easy and made holiday travel flawless!
Kimberly D. - December 27, 2017
Toyota Prius 2014
Awesome guy, made it a very easy first experience with Turo.
Bert H. - April 14, 2018
Toyota Prius 2014
Brian always goes above and beyond. He's understanding and helpful.
Nicole J. - April 26, 2018
Toyota Yaris 2007
Very nice guy and really helpful
Ryan J. - May 22, 2018
Toyota Yaris 2007
No frills but awesome gas mileage. Simple and efficient.
Amanda K. - June 3, 2018

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