BMW i3 Rental in Toronto, ON | Turo
BMW i32015
CA$ 128
per day
The car
BMW i3
4 seats
4 doors
Experience the future. The ONLY BMW i3 available in Toronto.
The BMW i3 ,fully electric car, with with range extender, meaning you can put around $8 gas in it if you run out of power.
accelerates from 0 to 60 km/h in under 4 seconds, and to 100 km/h in only 7.2 seconds
The nearly silent driving experience.
4 doors, 4 seater , very spacious inside, innovative design
environmentally friendly,
fun car to drive around city

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  • Automatic transmission
  • EV / Hybrid
  • GPS
  • Audio input
  • Bluetooth
  • USB input
  • Heated seats
-You will be responsible for your own parking ticket, and tolls (407ETR), please communicate with me before handing back the keys
-you will be handed a car with full gas, and it is expected to be returned with full PREMIUM gas. You are required to show me the gas receipt to proof you put PREMIUM gas in the car. Otherwise, you will be charged $50 fine for me to clear the regular gas and pump in the PREMIUM gas again.
- You will be responsible for any scratches and damages of the car, so please check the car upon picking up the key
- Absolutely NO smoking or vaping, food or colored liquids. Water is OK. At least $500 fine if there is any smoke smell.
- Pets are allowed only if its in a bag, any scratches or damages on the leather, you will be responsible for. No bag, no pet.
-Car will be washed and vacuumed prior to each rental; cleaning fee of $250 will be charged if vehicle is particularly dirty.
- If you want to add a secondary driver, please contact TURO. or else YOU will be the only driver allowed.
Basic Rules:
- Please don't be late unless you make prior arrangements. Turo late fee of $50 per hour (up-to 3X daily fee) plus $30 admin fee will be charged.
How many miles can I realistically drive per charge?
120-130 km if you drive gingerly, 95-105 km if you drive sporty. if you drive on local, you get more km and it recharges itself. you get less if you drive highway.
What happens when I run out of electricity?
The car will automatically switch to the gas generator and run for another 80-100 km on the small 1.6 gallon tank. Once the tank is depleted, the car will stop unless you fill up another 1.6 gallons or charge the battery.
Where can I charge the i3?
Please download the plugshare and Chargepoint apps to study chargers in your area. Toronto has plenty but you need to plan a bit! Estimated charging time: Level 1 (120 volt): 8-12 hours Level 2 (240 volt): 3-5 hours Level 3 (480 volt, NRG DC Fast Charger): 20 min to 80%; 2 hours to 100%
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Car location
Toronto, ON M3A 2A7