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Chevrolet Corvette 2016
We rented the car for prom pictures. The car was awesome, and looked great. It was a blast to drive.
Tom R. - April 15, 2019
Chevrolet Corvette 2016
To see if I wanted to buy a Corvette. And I did ... This is the 2nd time I’ve rented from Sean. He makes the experience seamless. He is a great owner and I highly recommend Sean and his amazing Corvette!
Jeff C. - April 6, 2019
Chevrolet Corvette 2015
Rented the car for a wedding and Sean was great and easy to work with!
Joshua T. - March 10, 2019
Chevrolet Corvette 2015
The car was amazing and as was Sean very nice and understanding would recommend to anyone
Jonathan A. - February 18, 2019
Jaguar F-TYPE 2015
Great car! Made heads turn! Definitely gonna be back!
Jacqueline J. - March 19, 2019
Chevrolet Corvette 2015
Rent it without hesitation. The owner of the car is very flexible, easy going, professional, respectful, and very welcoming. The car: I think it was one of the best experiences I ever had. Very comfortable on the road. I liked it a lot. !! Take care of the car and the care will take care of you.
Mahdi M. - July 28, 2018
Chevrolet Corvette 2015
Sean was an amazing, and wonderfully nice guy. Was very quick to respond to my questions, and gave me a crash course and everything the could do. The car itself is an amazing piece of machinery, the moment you put the gas pedal down you get a fantastic boost of speed. It’s super clean, and draws attention everywhere you. If you get the chance I would highly recommend renting this beautiful car from this kind and helpful gentleman.
James H. - September 1, 2018
Chevrolet Corvette 2015
Great experience! Great car! Great owner!
Jeff C. - October 29, 2018
Chevrolet Corvette 2015
Rent it without any hesitation!!
Mahdi M. - October 26, 2018
Chevrolet Corvette 2015
Sean is an amazing individual with an amazing Corvette. Definitely the ultimate driving experience. Unfortunately, I had the misfortune of cracking the windshield of Seans beautiful Corvette. I notified Sean immediately, he was very polite and calm and suggested my wife and I continue our evening and we would address the crack when I returned the car. I returned the car today. Sean had the paperwork completed and the new windshield was installed today. I was more than happy to cover the cost of the windshield replacement, and greatly admire Sean for being so understanding. I am looking forward to using his car again in the near future. However, this time I will not be cracking any windshield’s.
William P. - October 7, 2018
Maserati Ghibli 2014
Car was awesome. Sports car with back seat for the kids to enjoy my experience too.
Ryan G. - March 13, 2018
Maserati Ghibli 2014
The owner was very easy to work with and polite and very informative of his car. He in touch with me and answered any question I had. His car is amazing! I will definitely book with him again and looking forward to it!
Teri O. - April 8, 2018
Chevrolet Corvette 2015
Sean helped me turn a last minute situation into a great experience! Great guy and amazing car!
Michael B. - July 29, 2018
Chevrolet Corvette 2015
Great experience. Would definitely do again.
B J. - November 6, 2018
Chevrolet Corvette 2015
I ran over an object on the highway, and Sean was more than helpful and understanding with the process.
Mahdi M. - December 17, 2018
Chevrolet Corvette 2015
Awesome guy and easy to work with!
Aaron O. - August 6, 2018

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