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Jaguar XJ2013
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$ 166
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Jaguar XJ
3 trips
A true classic British luxury car, this XJ 'L' is the extended 'Limosine' model that is absolutely ideal for getting chauffeured around if you need to impres clients or roll up to an event looking like cash money- alternatively this car also acts as a true Bristish Turbo-Charged 'Bond-Like' performance car...a land-yacht that flies when you put it to the test. I have driven every executive flagship sedan and many supercars, and I can honestly say for a huge 4 door this car handles and is just as fun as an Aston or 911. Climb into the lap of luxury, have the onboard smart computer sync everything and adapt to your mood, push the ignition button that is gently flashing as its hungry for a race, let the Jaguar supercharged V-8 hummmmmm like a Jaguar in heat, lock in SPORT MODE, pop up RACE MODE, throw the transmission to your paddle shifters, and let this wildcat roam free on the streets of NYC!

The director of Jaguar New York himself was there for the delivery of this particular car, as this was one of only a handful of fully factory-customized special order XJL's that took eight months to build and ship from straight from over the pond in sunny old London-Town. Is his own words and I quote...'Mr. Donnelly it is a pleasure putting a name with a face, as I wanted to meet the gentleman who ordered by far the most beautiful XJ I have seen drive off the ship and onto US soil.' Now this could have been an incredible display of brown-nosing, but I have never heard of a situation like that- nonetheless he is a salesman at heart so you never know.

Regardless, this Jag is a head-turner. Especially when a younger guy is behind the wheel, as this car is predominantly a cliche old physicians roadster of choice. Beautiful titanium paint-job, enhanced with a stunning cinnamon-toned 'London Tan' interior, and the 'R-Edition' racing 21" rims make this a showstopper. MAJOR CAUTION which is my only prerequisite for renting this car- the rims are gorgeous but completely I'll-prepared for NYC potholes...mainly in winter when Manhattan's roads are like driving through Swiss-cheese. But regardless of time of year, you must be careful of some roads, especially if you are driving with multiple passengers.

The daily rate is very reasonable considering this is a $98,000 luxury flagship. I will do excellent rates for weekly and if someone is looking for long-term (i.e. 4 weeks plus) please contact me as I will do a phenomenal rate. I have a pickup truck as well and I want to get a convertible- this car has 10-11 months left on the lease.

Car is technically located in Hoboken, however I live between NJ and Long Island so I am very flexible with delivery and drop off. If you are renting for north of 5 days it is free delivery- and usually if it is over 2-3 days I will throw in free delivery as well. Also in the Hamptons frequently so if you are looking for a weekend warrior mobile I can have it ready for you to drive out from the city and can pick it up out there if you are too hungover to venture back.

For chauffeur service I do have an actual chauffeur available if you are coming from out-of-town. Rates vary for that as you pay them direct (but I believe an entire day of driving would be around $300). If you are planning to be driven around there is really no better option. I have mobile wi-fi set up in the car, the front seat moves forward fully and you basically have a first class aircraft seat with privacy blinds, drink console, mobile communication hub with his & her (or his & his) iPads that have every luxury business/travel/dining/lifestyle App to navigate your journey, food service setup, and stocked beverage and snack melange for your enjoyment!

Contact me with any further questions, if you haven't heard or felt the purr and subsequent growl of a true to from British Jaguar this is your opportunity of a lifetime- and for a wonderful price. Whether local and looking to impress at your 10 Year Reunion or traveling through for business and wanting a sophisticated executive car with more amenities, class and style than the standard Mercedes S-Class (which in NYC are comparable to a Lincoln Towncar)....this is your vehicle of choice. Happy Driving!!
  • Automatic transmission
  • GPS
  • Audio input
  • All-wheel drive
  • Long-term car
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Weehawken, NJ 07086