BMW i3 Rental in Wayne, NJ | Turo
BMW i32014
w/Range Extender
9 trips
$ 70
per day
The car
BMW i3
w/Range Extender
9 trips
4 seats
4 doors
Hybrid (Premium)
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BMW i3 REX (Range extender/Gas Tank)

-EZ-PASS (charge after trip ends)
-Please plan accordingly, car gets 55-90 miles EV range. Depends how you drive and heater or A/C is used to max potencial.
-This car is equipped with fast DC capability. Charge in 20 min with 50kwh or 45 min with 24kwh.
Basic Rules:

1) Absolutely **NO SMOKING**, food or colored liquids. Water is OK. Will charge $350+ decontamination fee for smoking.
2) Must come back with at least a 10% charge.
3) Car will be washed and vacuumed prior to each rental; cleaning fee of $250 will be charged if vehicle is dirty.
4) Please don't be late. Late fee of $50 per hour (up-to 4X/hr) plus Turo $25 admin fee will be charged.


Q; How many miles can I realistically drive per charge?
A: 65-95 miles if you drive Eco pro+, 55-65 miles if you drive comfort. (Temp effects range)

Q: What happens when I run out of electricity?
A: Range extender kicks on (2.4 gallons of gas= 40-80 miles extra)

B: Call BMW assist by pressing the "SOS" button by the dome light. Car will be towed to nearest charger. Try to plan ahead of time. Check GPS for available charger near your destination.

Q: Where can I charge the i3?
A: Please download the Plugshare and Chargepoint apps to study chargers in your area.
Estimated charging time:
Level 1 (120 volt): 8-12 hours
Level 2 (240 volt): 3-5 hours
Level 3 (480 volt, NRG DC Fast Charger): 25 min to 80%; 2 hours to 100%

Q: Can I use gasoline?
A: Yes, just be sure to plan ahead speed may be reduced if traveling below 6% and driving with gas extender (You can activate/deactivated gas (range extender) anytime under 75% by pressing Radio preset #1 — next to Band button)

B: Gas fill up only when tank is at least 1/2 tank if not it would not open the door. Only 2.4gl which should be around $5 fill up.
  • Automatic transmission
  • EV / Hybrid
  • GPS
  • Audio input
  • Long-term car
  • Bluetooth
  • USB input
  • Heated seats
  • DC fast Charger port
  • Range Extender (2.4 gallons)
Car location
Wayne, NJ 07470