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FIAT 5002012
81 trips
$ 35
per day
The car
FIAT 500
81 trips
4 seats
2 doors
34 MPG
10 Reasons Why I Love the Fiat 500

1. Crazy surprising storage. You really wouldn’t believe the amount of stuff that fits in this tiny car.

2. Amazing on gas. A trip to and from the Twin Cities left me with 1/4 of a tank. That’s over 400 miles, people!

3. Totally adorable. Gets compliments everywhere we go. So many it’s hard to keep track. Sometimes, gets hit on.

4. It’s made by Italians, and Italians are sexy.

5. Fun gadgets, like super-simple USB iPod hook up (doubles as an iPhone charger, booyah!).

6. Easy-to-read orangey-glow dashboard with everything you need to know (while driving)…

7. Drives well in the snow!

8. Cools down quickly in hot weather.

9. Incredibly fun on road trip (great on gas + super adorable = pleasant road trippin’).

10. Ultimate scorer of killer parking spots. The tinier, the better / more impressive.

Important Tips

* Drive with care. The best way to fix a problem is to prevent it, so avoid major wear by driving smoothly and carefully.

* Keep it clean. Many owners overlook the carwash as a strictly cosmetic concern, but dirt and salt buildup can lead to rust problems and improve resale price. Clean the interior to prevent corrosion and fading as well.

* Monitor tire inflation. You should check your tire’s PSI every month to prevent wear and improve fuel economy. Automated reminders only notify the driver when pressure drops 25 percent.
  • Automatic transmission
  • Audio input
  • Long-term car
Car location
Palisades Park, NJ 07650
Newark International Airport
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