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Nissan Sentra2013
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The car
Nissan Sentra
1 trip
Impeccably clean & Nissan dealership maintained 2013 Nissan Sentra SV, 4 door compact sedan in Brilliant Silver.
I will supply 1 key with remote door unlock, lock, trunk release, and panic options.
Front wheel (two wheel) drive train. Automatic transmission.
Gasoline tank is located on the rear passenger side & has a locking door.
After-market hitch installed with optional 2-bike mount or cargo shelf (must request if you would like them for your booking).
Entire car has rubberized all-weather mats, except the center back seat spot. Trunk also has a rubberized mat.
I have a membership for unlimited car washes at Mister CarWash that offers free untimed vacuums, see photo of lower driver-side windshield for pass.
State maximum tinted windows, all around (including top-tinted windshield).
Auto-off/always-on headlights, with option of fog lights.
Folding side mirrors, power adjusting capabilities.

BlueConnect phone calling system, with interior front reading-light controls. Auto dimming rear view mirror with compass.

Power locks with auto-locking function at 15 mph. Optional child locks on rear doors. Power windows, with driver lock option. Auto up and auto down driver window. Driver door has hand wipes & other small personal items I use (iPod, scissors, hairbrush, etc.). You may use the hand wipes as desired --- I usually use them after refilling my gas).

4-way manually adjustable driver cloth bucket seat (front, back, up, down). 2-way manually adjustable passenger cloth bucket seat (front, back). Front seats have height-adjustable head rests that tilt forward slightly.
I keep my seat back straight up, seat pulled as far up as possible (petite/short upper body), and seat pushed as far back away from the petals as possible (long legs). I actually drive without the head rest, since I keep my seat all the way straight up & prefer not to drive with my head angled down.

Both front visors include un-lit vanity mirrors with flip covers & visor extensions. Driver side visor also includes a small "clip" that can hold a parking pass/parking ticket. Passenger side visor has an after-market sunglasses clip & an after-market cd storage system with some cds. Additional cds are in the trunk in large cases (warning: they're OLD & mostly from the early to mid 2000's!)

Dash light control, power window control, and trunk release on the top row of the left-side driver panel. Eco boost and Sport boost driving option on second row, with traction toggle. Gas door release and engine hood release on bottom row.

Adjustable steering wheel includes (left, top to bottom, then right side, top to bottom): Display options on Dash panel computerized display, source toggle for radio, preset scanning option for radio/cd player, volume control for radio... Cruise control cancel button, accelerate/resume & coast/set toggle, On/Off button. On left of steering column is the headlight & fog light stick (and turn signal/indicator switch). I keep the headlights on all the time since they automatically turn off after 2 minutes of the car being off. Push the switch towards the engine compartment to turn on the brights, pull the switch towards you to quickly flash the brights). On the right of the steering column is the control system for the intermittent wipers --- push up to run wipers just a few times, pull towards you for washer fluid, push down for regular wiper use. On first setting as you push down, you can rotate the control to speed/slow the intermittent/timed setting.

Dash board includes Tachometer, temperature gauge, gas gauge, and speedometer. Center bottom of dash panel has a computerized display with several display options. I keep it on an option that averages my MPG & shows me a bar-gauge to indicate my current MPG as I drive up/down hills, sit in traffic, etc. It also will display total mileage and 2 trip mileage (A & B) options for tracking total miles. Also indicates approximate outdoor temperature (it's generally with 5*F of outdoor temperature).

Center control panel has (top to bottom, left to right): after-market magnetic cell phone anchor (for Scosche magnetic accessories/plates), hazards toggle, passenger airbag off-indicating light, radio with dual fm, am, cd, and aux-in port, aux cable, air control, power outlet with dual USB port charging, center automatic shift console, 2 cup holders, top-padded center control storage area with a second power outlet, trash can with spare bags sitting in center of car (opens towards rear seats).
Directly above the trash can is a center-car interior light. To turn on, switch the toggle all the way to the rear of the car. Pull the toggle all the way forward in order to turn off the light/toggle to the setting where it's only on when the doors open.

Far right of dash includes a passenger air bag & neatly organized glove compartment. Inside glove compartment is a power adapter to accommodate 3-prong USA power cords (for laptops, etc).

Passenger front door has 4 reusable shopping bags & a space for a bottle of water/soda.

2 spare umbrellas stored/kept in car: 1 is sitting along floor board between front passenger seat & door, 1 (larger of the 2) is sitting in rear window of back sound-deck/window-deck.

Rear cloth bench seat easily fits 3 children, can fit 3 adults if you're comfortable touching legs/shoulders. You are only able to fit 2 car seats/booster seats in rear bench. All 3 seats have shoulder belts. Rear seat folds down fully with a split (passenger rear seat is separate from driver rear & center rear). Center rear seat also can fold down as an arm rest with 2 cup holders. Rear sound-deck/window-deck has 3 attachments for car seat anchors. Rear doors have a space for bottled beverages.

Large trunk will easily fit 4 carry-on suitcases (possibly 5). Inside trunk is an extension bar for clothing to hang across the rear "oh-shit" handles along the roof line, after-market "JustInCase" emergency kit, car cleaning supplies, and a small tool set.
If you would like these removed for maximum trunk storage, please let me know. I will happily remove.

All after-market/interior accessories were purchased at Target, in case you need/want to know more about the products before you use them.

This car DOES NOT offer:
Bluetooth radio (bluetooth BlueConnect is available for phone calls only after you sync your phone to the system)
Navigation system
Rear-view/back-up camera
Blind spot warnings
Sirius or other internet-based radio options
Small clothing hooks (you must use the bar that is stored in the trunk)
Leather seats
Heated seats
  • Automatic transmission
  • Audio input
  • Bike rack
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Charlotte, NC 28208