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Hyundai Sonata2015
14 trips
$ 35
per day
The car
Hyundai Sonata
14 trips
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2015 Hyundai Sonata
MPG: Up to 23 city / 34 highway

- Engine: 4-cylinder
This Hyundai Sonata is a very reliable vehicle to use during your trip. Let me add on that this vehicle is a 4 cylinder. This provides a cost efficient option that can save you several dollars! Ride in style while still having the cost stay low.

You have the 3 options to drive in.

Normal- ( This drive will allow you to maintain the standard options )

Eco- ( If you are looking to save every dollar this Hyundai Sonata allows you to SAVE SAVE SAVE ) Again, this vehicle is a 4 cylinder.

Sports Mode- ( It enhances the car to pick up at faster speeds ).

Special Features-

( Keyless Entry ) Open the door without inserting a key.

( Bluetooth Connection ) Play your favorite music while cruising on the road!

Hello! Thank you for visting my profile. Please take the time to get to know me. My name is Llovani Rojas. I am an entrepreneur that will provide only the best quality service to customers. I want to be able to provide quality vehicles at a discounted price. I believe everyone should be able to get great services at a discounted rate. There is no reason to spend your hard working money with high cost companies that have high overhead costs. Why not buy better for less? Yes it is possible. I am here to save everyone, including yourself, a substantial amount of money.

I will list savings tips below👇
These tips are just to avoid delivery cost.

For ALL Customers:
Tip- The car location is NOT a home. It is a well respected Regus business building. ( The building from bottom to top is primarily glass). The building is over 12 floors and is very nice. The building has a car deck (4 levels) and the vehicle will be stored there. Elevator is located at car deck that reaches all levels. The entire building to car deck is lit up at night time with lighting. Cameras and on duty security are there at all times of the day. Information for pickup and drop off will be arranged once trip is created. The area of the building is high end for the Charlotte area. Very very very safe area at all times of the day.

$$$- To save on cost you could use a transportation service ( Uber, Lyft, Taxi) to arrive at the car Location.

Depending on your location you could save a substantial amount of money. For those looking to rent outside of my delivery perimeter this could be a valuable option for you as well. Many companies allow you to do pool options that cut costs as well.

For Airport Customers:
To save on cost you could use a transportation service ( Uber, Lyft, Taxi) to arrive at the car Location. This is not an exact amount. Cost will vary. Time will vary. On average it is a 23 Minute commute to car location. The fair cost is on average ($12.00-$25.00). Again, the price will vary and the time will vary depending the time of the day you travel.

Aside from these tips my prices will always beat the market. ALWAYS. I am here to help everyone have a better experience and enjoy the vehicle. All my vehicles are maintainced by Certified Professional Technicians. The dealership keeps up to date with the maintaince associated with keeping the vehicle in excellent condition. I do not do any maintaince work myself. However, before every trip I go through a list of criteria to make sure the vehicle is clean. I ask there is NO SMOKING in any vehicle. A charge will be associated if done. For people worried about general scent.. I do install and maintain New Car scent fragrances to provide an enhanced experience.

Thank you for your time,

My prices are NOT firm. They do fluctuate due to demand. I am looking to do business with great customers. Please reach out with questions about pricing or delivering. Everything can be arranged to where we both can come to agreement. I understand that complications do arise and I am here to help. Thank you.

Please take the time to read CUSTOMER REVIEWS as well. You will not be disappointed!

Not what you are looking for? Please go to my profile for other great vehicles that maybe available!
  • Automatic transmission
  • Audio input
  • Long-term car
Car location
Charlotte, NC 28210