Volkswagen Jetta Rental in Kansas City, MO | Turo
Volkswagen Jetta2001
5 trips
$ 26
per day
The car
Volkswagen Jetta
5 trips
Stick Shifts & Safety Belts - sadly, both are included with your rental. Don't catch the reference? Check out this Cake song:

The good:
--Blue Jetta TDI, diesel engine (great fuel mileage: ~40mpg)
--Manual transmission (stick shift): you must be competent with a stick shift to rent this car! Please don't ruin my clutch. :)
--Black pleather interior
--I've got a cable that will allow you to plug in your iPhone (or iPod or iPad) as long as it has the big plug-in slot, not the new tiny plug-in slot, and hear it over the car stereo.
--If you need to transport your bicycle, I have a 2-bike rack that can attach to the trunk.
--This car has LATCH for your child carseats, and you can use the key to enable child safety locks.
--There's an emergency kit in the trunk, with a couple tools, a fix-a-flat can, emergency flares, etc.

The bad:
--The airbag light is always on.
--No CD player. (Actually, there IS one but it's disabled for the audio input.)
--You have to slam the passenger door quite hard, or else the car alarm might go off later!
--The antenna is broken. The radio still seems to work fine though.
--This is not a car with all the new-fangled bells & whistles. You have to manually roll down your window. You have to twist a knob to lean back your seat. But you aren't too spoiled for that, are you?

Note: when you refill the fuel, make sure you do so with DIESEL fuel. That's important! I can point you to a station near me that has diesel.
  • Manual transmission
  • Audio input
  • Bike rack
  • Long-term car
Car location
Kansas City, MO 64110
Kansas City International Airport
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