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Tesla Model S 2017
My wife and I rented Joe's Model S to take on a road trip to Michigan over the Thanksgiving holiday. I had been wanting to do a Tesla road trip for a while so I was very excited to see that Joe's Model S was available nearby in Takoma Park. The car is INCREDIBLE. It is so well designed and engineered, it feels like you traveled 25 years into the future. Joe keeps it very clean, inside and out. It's a fantastic car to road trip in. The car is very comfortable and the Nav/Entertainment system is tremendous. The Traffic Aware Cruise Control and AutoPilot 2.0/AutoSteer were super impressive and well-engineered. We really enjoyed having the navigation system show us where Tesla Supercharging stations are located along our route and exploring a few of those between DC and Northern Michigan. The Superchargers are incredibly fast! After returning Joe's Tesla, the next car I drove was a 2017 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, which is a pretty high tech car by today's standards, but it felt like a Model T in comparison to the Tesla! Joe was great managing the handoff and return. He was overseas at the time but had an assistant do the handover for him and he did a terrific job introducing us to the car and meeting us when we returned from our trip. Thank you Joe and Ross!
Rory F. - December 5, 2017
Ford F-150 2006
The entire experience renting Milford’s truck was positive. The pickup and drop off were quick and convenient and the truck was no frills but comfortable and a joy to drive. Would certainly rent again.
Eric M. - November 26, 2017
Tesla Model X 2017
Had a wonderful time renting the Tesla Model X from Joe. He explained how the car works before the rental, making it very easy. Will definitely be renting again in the future.
Pamela F. - February 6, 2018
Hyundai Elantra 2011
Very smooth transaction, great communication. Ben was flexible with pickup-and dropoff. Car runs nice, no problem whatsoever. Great first Turo experience!
Ioan L. - November 27, 2017
Tesla Model S 2015
I want to thank Joe for allowing me to rent his amazing Tesla! I reached out to Joe because I was looking for a nice vehicle to drive my son to his Senior Prom. Joe responded back within minutes and told me that he was going to be out of town around the time I needed to rent the vehicle. I was a little down about it but it was nothing I could do. Then he sent me another message saying he might can work something out and that he did! Joe still went on his trip out of town, so unfortunately I didn't get a chance to meet him but I did get to meet his amazing neighbor Tim! Tim was great, his instructions along with the instruction Joe his in the vehicle was easy to follow! I had a question over the weekend and reached out to both Tim and Joe and both of them responded. Thanks Joe for responding even though you were on vacation. Thanks for trusting me with your vehicle while you were out of town :-) I will definitely be renting again soon!
Carlos L. - May 30, 2017
Tesla Model S 2015
Joe made my rental experience a dream. From the day I sent my first message asking to rent, he was so helpful and communicative in tips and familiarity with this awesome Tesla that I was speechless. The vehicle was a dream to drive and the autopilot feature was the best especially when I was in traffic and wanted to use my phone. Please don't do this when not in autopilot folks. Please rent with confidence. Thanks again Joe and I just hope all my future rentals experiences goes as excellent as this one.
Dara K. - December 15, 2016
Tesla Model S 2017
2nd time renting from Joe. Rented his Model X a couple months ago. Absolutely amazing! Joe is also such an awesome person. I'm sure I'll be back to rent his Roadster at some point.
Jin K. - November 7, 2017
Tesla Roadster 2010
Joe was an amazing guide, and the car was everything I expected and more. I drove it about 225 miles, and my friends who sat with me observed that I never stopped smiling. If you're a car enthusiast, you should rent this. It's an amazing experience. Also, Joe is SO helpful about charging information and apps. I LOVED this experience.
Nitin S. - September 30, 2017
Tesla Model S 2015
This rental was a gift for my husband's birthday weekend and it could not have been better. Joe's communication throughout the process was top-notch and made the entire booking stress-free. My husband absolutely loved driving his car. When we picked it up it was incredibly clean inside and out. We received wonderful tips and a tutorial from Joe to make sure our experience was something to remember. We would definitely recommend anyone pick Joe to rent from and we are already talking about our next rental from him in the near future. Thanks again!
Melissa P. - September 5, 2017
Ford F-150 2006
Milford was a great person to meet and due business with, I will definitely rent again
TAVON W. - August 24, 2017
Ford F-150 2006
Excellent service quick and easy will definitely rent again
Lester C. - August 12, 2017
Ford F-150 2006
Awesome Truck! Will rent again.
Emmanuel S. - July 6, 2017
Tesla Model S 2015
Joe is a true Tesla guy. Car looks and drives brand new. Fantastic piece of technology and a great way to experience the future. Definitely will rent again.
Michael F. - March 13, 2017
Tesla Model S 2015
An amazing car offered up by an amazing guy! How many people are willing to rent out their $100,000 baby? Joseph's Tesla was ready on-time, spotlessly clean and fully charged! The car itself was a once in a lifetime experience. It is loaded with more technology than most people can imagine. Everybody was amazed by the Autopilot and the "Summon" feature (look it up). I could not have asked for a better experience. Allow some time for Joseph's in-depth explanation of how all the features work so you can get the full experience from this car. I'll be renting his 2017 Model X as soon as he takes delivery. Enjoy!
John H. - February 21, 2017
Ford F-150 2006
Really appreciated Milford picking me up from the Metro - truck was fantastic and I'd rent from him again when it's time to move more furniture. Stick shift transmission was a lot of fun, too!
Patrick M. - December 19, 2016
Ford F-150 2006
Everything was great rented the truck for one day but Milford had no problem with me renting it out another night. Milford also always comes with an immediate response. Will rent again.
Robert B. - November 17, 2016
Acura TL 2010
Daniel was very punctual and accommodating. I had no problems renting the car. The car is very well maintained and comfortable. Good Mileage. Will definitely rent again.
Nishan J. - October 28, 2016
Ford F-150 2006
The services was beyond expectation. I would rent from him again. Thankyou turo for the wonderful services
Samuel G. - October 16, 2016
Ford F-150 2006
Great clean truck, just as described. I reached out at almost midnight wanting to rent the tuck the following day, and received a response in 10 minutes. The truck was clean and in good condition and even had rope n ties to help me secure the chaise lounge I was moving. Highly recommended, will use again.
Arina O. - October 2, 2016
Hyundai Elantra 2011
Ben is a great guy and Blue is a great car!
Philip H. - November 5, 2017
Ford F-150 2006
Milford is easy to work with and the truck is great, a reliable rental at a good rate.
Matthias M. - November 5, 2017
Ford F-150 2006
Milford is friendly and flexible. Truck drives smoothly and has a big bed. Rate is good and address is easily accessible.
Matthias M. - October 26, 2017
Ford F-150 2006
Great trip. Truck was good and the rental process was easy. Milford was great.
Thomas S. - October 1, 2017
Tesla Model S 2015
Exceptional Experience! My friends said it's a ghost-driven car. Elon Musk described it as a personal roller coaster. Joe told me it's a computer on wheels. When I tried it, it was all of the above & more. And Joe! Oh Joe! He's one of the coolest people you'll ever meet. A couple words of caution though! 1) This thing is so addictive. 2) It will be painful to drive back "ordinary" cars after you get used to this machine. Unmatched enjoyment, head turning piece of technology that I highly encourage everyone with a desire for adventure to try.
Ameer J. - September 18, 2017
Tesla Model S 2015
What an incredible vehicle. Everything and more that I expected a model S to be. Joseph is super cool and the consummate professional. I will definitely be a repeat customer.
Darien A. - August 29, 2017
Tesla Model S 2015
Great cars and easy flexible pickup and drop off. Highly recommend renting a Tesla from Joe to experience how cool it is.
Bill R. - August 17, 2017
Tesla Model X 2017
All the way five-star! Love the SUV-the best high tech and a first class six-seat vehicle in the world. Love Joseph/Sam-professional, flexibility and friendly! Will be back for our next trip. Thank you.
Evan C. - August 17, 2017
Tesla Model S 2015
Thank you Joe! My wife and I had such a great time with your Tesla Model S. You were so accommodating and knowledgeable, which made the transition from fuel to battery power travel much smoother. We yurn for the entire Tesla experience now, and one day will own our dream car! Many thanks Joe! -Blair
Blair A. - August 13, 2017
Tesla Model X 2017
This was my second time renting this Model X from Joe. Another great rental and I highly recommend this renter.
Matthew J. - July 28, 2017
Tesla Model S 2015
This was my second Tesla rental using Joe and Turo. Once again, it was a great experience. I took the car on a quick trip to philly. Joe graciously accommodated a 530AM pickup and 10PM drop off (he even took me for a ride in his roadster when I dropped the car off). The Model S was perfect. Plenty of charge to make it to Philly and was able to charge there for free at a charge point connection. Although there are a couple of super chargers along the way just in case. Highly recommend Joe and his Tesla's to anyone even thinking about renting a Tesla.
Guner S. - July 27, 2017
Honda Accord 2014
Hamze was reliable, easy to get in touch with and so kind! He went out of his way to make the rental an easy and enjoyable experience. I will definitely be renting from him again!
Kaira L. - July 25, 2017
Ford F-150 2006
Everything went very good! The car is exactly what you need in order to move or something. It has everything you need to do so, even ropes. Positive experience! Would recommend and would take it again!
Iurii M. - July 2, 2017
Ford F-150 2006
Milford is super responsive and flexible. The truck is great, it has some ropes that helped us secure the cargo. Highly recommend.
Yegor K. - June 30, 2017
Ford F-150 2006
I have use Milford's truck multiple times during a renovation project, it's been a lifesaver. Super work with.
Carlisle D. - June 30, 2017
Meng Seng
Toyota Camry Solara 2005
everything is as described or shown on the pictures, the car is powerful and smooth, plus the convertible feature works very well. Very flexible and he met me at the metro & dropped me off at the metro station. High recommended & I will choose this car again next time.
Meng Seng L. - June 28, 2017
Ford F-150 2006
This was a wonderful experience. The communication and flexibility was impeccable. Great vehicle at a very reasonable price. The owner was very pleasant as well.
Shadwick J. - June 19, 2017
Tesla Model S 2015
Once again 5 stars!!! Joe was flexible with my last minute accommodations and this Tesla is speechless! Thanks again Joe!
Lathan K. - June 8, 2017
Ford F-150 2006
Milford makes renting a pickup truck very easy. His truck is very reliable and has low milage. If you need a truck rental I recommend Milford.
Jason J. - June 6, 2017
Tesla Model X 2017
WOW 😯! If I had to choose one word to describe my experience with this Tesla Model X, it would be Amazing! I rented this vehicle to Chauffeur my son & his girlfriend to Prom! Seeing them off in this ride just made the evening that much more magical! People thought my son & his girl were celebrities as they were getting in the vehicle to leave the MGM Grand! Joseph's Tesla Model X helped me give my son an unforgettable evening to treasure forever! I must admit, it was quite hard to go back to driving my BMW X5, after driving this Tesla! It was great to be spoiled for a short while though! Awesome Vehicle, Smooth Ride, Great Service! Thanks Joseph!
Stacye W. - June 6, 2017
Tesla Model S 2015
Joe did a fantastic job explaining this awesome Tesla. He had already customized some setting for me and spent the time showing me how to operate the car. I highly recommend both Joe and this Tesla.
Jerry R. - June 5, 2017
Tesla Model S 2015
My 2nd time in this beautiful machine and was even better the 2nd time around! Joe as always was on point, communicates extremely well and makes sure everything is tip top. Can't recommend enough!! Check out his other cars too!!!
Matthew F. - May 21, 2017
Ford F-150 2006
Milford was very flexible and even let me know I had left something in his truck!
Jeff S. - May 4, 2017
Tesla Model X 2017
Amazing car from an amazing renter. Joseph was such a kind renter and took the time to explain the details of driving a Tesla. I will definitely be renting again from him!
Jin K. - April 17, 2017
Tesla Model S 2015
Amazing car! Thanks to Joseph everyone can enjoy a thrilling ride with this miracle. I think one time is not enough.. Joseph made me love this car even more!
Gi S. - April 11, 2017
Ford F-150 2006
Milford is friendly and helpful His truck is great and in perfect condition. Highest marks all around!
William D. - March 20, 2017
Ford F-150 2006
As always, Milford was a pleasure to deal with. Everything exactly as described.
Carlisle D. - March 19, 2017
Ford F-150 2006
Every time I return the rental I find another reason to go back again. Cool Renter, great Utility Truck. I am almost tempted to buy a truck like his, but why buy when you can Turo with Milford.
Oladipo O. - March 10, 2017
Ford F-150 2006
Always great renting the truck very easy pick up dont even have to get dropped off or drive there. I just take a bus, even though there is parking out front. Right behind Montgomery County college. Will renting again
Robert B. - March 4, 2017
Ford F-150 2006
Milford made the entire experience smooth and easy
Oladipo O. - February 26, 2017
Ford F-150 2006
The truck drove like brand new.
Christopher G. - February 10, 2017
Tesla Model S 2015
Everything went perfect. The attention to details and the affability of Joseph is all you can ask when you get in this type of transaction. We definitely will be back to him. The car is spectacular, super enjoyable, super clean. It was a blast for us, specially for my little daughter, who obviously got all the whistles faster and better than me.
Oscar C. - January 24, 2017
Tesla Model S 2015
To start this is my third time renting from Joe! With that being said, this Turo experience just keeps getting better! From start to finish, I must say this has to be #1 in my book when it comes to impeccable service provided, along with a truly fascinating vehicle! Thanks again Joe for the flawless Turo experience!!!!
Lathan K. - January 18, 2017
Ford F-150 2006
Great truck - includes a handy, adjustable rack that I used to carry a bunch of building materials.
Carlisle D. - January 17, 2017
Lexus RC F 2015
Awesome car. Awesome renter. This was my second trip!
Luke T. - January 2, 2017
Ford F-150 2006
Great truck that's an easy ride.
Nicholas H. - December 24, 2016
Ford F-150 2006
The truck is absolutely incredible and Milford is more than flexible and punctual. Wonderful experience again!
Andi Z. - December 5, 2016
Tesla Model S 2015
This car is a dream to drive. The car was clean and ready to go. All of the needs one would have for different charging sessions were met and an extension cord was included for plugging in at grand ma's house. If you are curious about the Tesla experience try this one.
Jennifer D. - November 27, 2016
Ford F-150 2006
Milford made the truck rental really easy it was my first time using this app and I couldn't be more satisfied. I have rented the truck twice
Robert B. - November 9, 2016
Acura TL 2010
Daniel was quick to respond to all messages making pick-up & drop off easy. The car itself runs smooth and is highly gas efficient. Would recommend!
Eloy C. - October 30, 2016
Ford F-150 2006
Just my second Turo rental. Easy pick-up and drop-off.
Philip R. - October 24, 2016
Acura TL 2010
My Greatest Experience Using Turo! Scheduling, Arrival, and Drop Off Was A Success! The Car Was Wonderful And Will Certainly Use Again And Recommend! You Helped With The Birthday Party So Much And I Thank You Again So Much!! We Are All So Grateful!
Meng H. - October 24, 2016
Ford F-150 2006
Fantastic communication and turn-around time by Milford. The f150 rides beautifully and is capable for most jobs.
Adrian P. - October 18, 2016
Ford F-150 2006
Great truck, excellent fuel efficiency and Milford was very flexible with pick up and drop off
Josephn N. - October 7, 2016

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