Volkswagen e-Golf Rental in Medway, MA | Turo
Volkswagen e-Golf2015
SEL Premium
1 trip
$ 37
per day
The car
Volkswagen e-Golf
SEL Premium
1 trip
5 seats
4 doors
This is a 2015 Volkswagen e-Golf. It is completely electric, so no worries about gassing up! The range, however, is limited to about 100 miles depending on your driving style and use of climate control. The keys have a fob for charging at public Chargepoint locations (many are still free in the Boston area) and a full charge can be reached in about three hours from empty. There are two free chargers within five miles of my location. Included in the car is a charger for use with standard 110v wall plugs, but charging takes about twelve hours with this adapter.

Don't let the electric motor fool you. This car is a blast to drive, as it has just shy of 200lb-ft of torque immediately. It has a low center of gravity that results in exceptional handling. It was, of course, named by Motor Trend as the car of the year for a reason.

The rear seats fold flat to create a large storage area. I've also safely fit three Diono carseats side by side in the back seat.

The exterior is silver with blue highlights. The interior is all black leather with blue highlights.

Miscellaneous features:

Audio: Aux input, CD Player, Bluetooth, SD Card reader, iPod connector

Navigation with traffic reports is included on the touch screen entertainment system.

Rear view camera
  • Automatic transmission
  • GPS
  • Audio input
  • Bluetooth
  • USB input
  • Heated seats
  • Sirius XM radio included.
  • Heated seats
  • Leather seats
Parking details
You are welcome to park your vehicle in our driveway, weather permitting.
Delivery details
I will deliver for rentals of one week or longer, so long as you are within range of the EV.
-Absolutely no smoking.
-Absolutely no racing, even if you are tempted.
-NEVER use an extension cord when charging as it will start a fire.
-Avoid highway driving unless you want to use the battery charge very quickly.
-Please no pets of any kind.
-Please return with at least 50% charge.
-Please remember to un-sync your bluetooth devices.
-Please avoid dirt roads.
Where can I charge the car near your house?
I've put together a small collection of chargers that I use often. They can be accessed via this Google Map: Also, I suggest using the website and/or app to find locations while traveling. The website and app are also useful, but it lists many locations that are incompatible with my car.
How far can I go on a full charge?
That depends on a number of factors. Below are a couple scenarios. Please keep in mind that these are just estimates and that I can make no guarantee that you will achieve the range that I see since driving styles are quite different: 1- Perfect weather (i.e. no climate control on) driving on backroads under 50mph. Range = 105 miles 2- HOT weather (i.e. AC cranked) driving on backroads under 50mph. Range = 85 miles 3- COLD weather (i.e. Heat on, heated seats on) driving on backroads under 50mph. Range = 80 miles 4- Any weather driving at highway speeds of 65mph and up. Range = 60 miles MAX. I HIGHLY DISCOURAGE DRIVING ON HIGHWAYS WITH THIS CAR FOR MORE THAN A FEW MILES UNLESS YOU KNOW THAT YOU WILL FIND A CHARGING STATION ON THE WAY.
How do I disconnect the charger from the port?
For best results: 1- Open any door 2- Press unlock button on a key fob 3- Wait for charging light to go from green to black 4- Press the button on top of charging plug 5- Pull charger loose
Car location
Medway, MA 02053