smart fortwo Rental in Lowell, MA | Turo
smart fortwo2008
28 trips
$ 30
per day
The car
smart fortwo
28 trips
2 seats
2 doors
Gas (Premium)
37 MPG
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Parallel parking? No sweat!

This car is still in excellent condition at 28K miles (drives like new). It’s an automatic car that feels like a manual. It's small enough to park in those rare spots. The A/C and heated seats work perfectly. Treat this car like your own: eat in it, drink (soda) in it, or even sleep in it if you like. Have fun!

1) Cellphone car mount for GPS. (Or use the integrated GPS)
2) 4-Port Car charger (bring your own charging cable)
3) Aux Cable; to play your own music

33 city / 41 highway. Takes Premium fuel (91 or better). Approximately $20 in gas for a range of 330 miles!
**Going over the mile limit will only cost 25 cents per additional miles.
**Please notify me of any traffic violation and
parking ticket within 24 hours.
*** Need the car delivered or picked up? Please ask! We charge $2.50 per mile traveled one way. ($100 for Logan Airport oneway)

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  • Automatic transmission
  • GPS
  • Audio input
  • Bluetooth
  • Heated seats
  • Sunroof
Parking details
Receiving & Returning the Car
Car should be parked between Dartmouth St. & Princeton Blvd. behind the stop sign.
*Otherwise If street is full, park at 256 Princeton Blvd.
-This car takes Premium 91 or better.
-Leave gas receipts in glove compartment.

On Arrival
1. Write down your name and car mileage.
(Clipboard is in the glove compartment).
2. Take pictures of the car (for your own protection)

Drop Off
1. Make sure car is clean as given.
2. Fill gas in car at least 7/8 bars.
3. Drop off is at 258 Princeton Blvd.
4. Write down car mileage.
5. Take pictures of the car and upload them

*If you do not have time to clean the car, there will be a $15 cleaning fee.
*If you forget to pay for your parking tickets, you will be charged for the parking ticket(s) along with a $5 processing fee.

Enjoy your ride! :)
I need to know if is there any documentation I need to carry to drive the car. How can I proof the car is rented?
Registration is in the glove compartment inside a ziplock bag. For the updated proof of insurance from Turo visit this website: For poof if that you are renting the car, you'll use the receipt from the Turo app.
If the police stops me and see that the car does not belong to me, could they think I stole it?
If the police stops you: 1) You will give them your license and registration (registration is located in the glove compartment). 2) Message us on Turo or to inform us that you have received a traffic violation. In Massachusetts its perfectly legal to drive someone else's car. As long as you have auto insurance, and consent. In this case you do have insurance with Turo, and consent to drive our cars. The police will run the plate number to see if it's reported stolen or not. The car won't be reported stolen by us, so there is no need to worry! TLDR; The police will NOT think you stole the car.
Car location
Lowell, MA 01851