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Saturn S-Series
30 trips
I've read some other renter description and realize that my profile lacks much information.

Lolita is a standard transmission. Do not rent this car if you are not comfortable driving stick or parallel parking a manual transmission vehicle. Low gas mileage. I have gotten over 38 miles per gallon highway miles out of her. Really? Yeah, I was surprised too. Fold down seats and reasonably sized trunk allows for moving of boxes, most furniture, and one bike( two if you know what you're doing). She is an older car and is very reliable. I take care of the little lady. Whenever I hear any sniffles I investigate and get her back to health.

This car will not impress your friends. She's a well worn family sedan complete with scratches and missing pieces. These features no longer available are as follows: car lock remote, a window hook, plastic covers for the baby seat hooks, etc. The passenger door doesn't remain open on its own unless the road tilts to the right a little. Fun stuff like that. The audio system is a cd player and radio. There is no axillary input :( I have plenty of terrible cds with music only up to the year 2007 when they were made in the case that you don't have any cds of your own. Perhaps you were born after cds were already out or upgraded a decade ago. Good for you. I for one am stuck in the past until a replacement is required.

I know this is more informative than my last description, which was blank, but any suggestions are appreciated. Thank you and drive carefully.
  • Manual transmission
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Dorchester, MA 02121