Kia Soul Rental in Somerville, MA | Turo
Kia Soul2012
174 trips
$ 45
per day
The car
Kia Soul
174 trips
5 seats
5 doors
Gas (Regular)
28 MPG
My Soul is a fun, funky car that's great for city driving and trips alike!

Please note the USB input is currently not functioning, but will be fixed soon!
  • Automatic transmission
  • Audio input
  • Long-term car
  • Bluetooth
  • Toll pass
All renters MUST take and upload before and after photos at check-in and check-out.

- Please return the car clean: do not leave trash, napkins, bottles, or spare change.
- Document the starting and ending mileage and fuel level using Trip Photos. Please fill the gas tank to the level it was at when you picked the car up. There will be an additional $10 surcharge on top of the cost of missing gas.
- Please upload a photo of your driver's license to Trip Photos prior to the start of your rental.
- Please do not leave cash for tolls; I will request the exact amount using Turo's Reimbursement Tool.
- No smoking.
How many doors does it have?
Five, including the hatch.
How many people does it sit?
The Soul has seating for 5 adults.
Will your Soul be clean when I pick it up? What do you expect when I return it?
Yes, absolutely. Expect the windshield to have a nice Rain X treatment (no one likes streaky wipers!) and the interior to be free of any personal items. If you do happen to find something left inside the car, please let me know ASAP so I can return it to the renter who forgot it! I ask that you return the car in the same condition as when you rented it, within reason.
What's the deal with tolls?
The car comes equipped with an E-ZPass, so you don't have to be one of those people stuck sitting in line at the toll booth. Don't even worry about keeping track of reimbursements... I will request reimbursement through Turo once I review my statement.
Is the mileage limit flexible?
My Soul's full-time job is Turo, so it gets driven a lot. To offset that, I ask that you please keep the mileage limit in mind. It's absolutely okay if you go over the limit, but I will request reimbursement through Turo. As long as that's fine with you, it's fine with me!
Does it come with navigation?
No, but it does have a smartphone vent mount so you can bring your own!
That sounds great! But how reliable is the car?
I love cars, and my Soul is no exception. But I don't know a lot about how to diagnose or repair mechanical problems, so I've equipped the car with an OBD II device to monitor its health. This device, made by Automatic, is designed to read engine status messages and diagnose almost any issue, no matter how small. I use this to catch anything before it becomes a problem, and it lets me ensure that my Soul is always in tip top shape for its renters.
Okay, I'm sold. Where do I pick it up, and how do I get the keys?
I keep my Vibe parked outside my condo in Somerville. If the car is available, you can book it, instantly, for any pick-up or drop-off time. I'll unlock it remotely a few minutes before your rental begins so you can just hop in and be on your merry way. The key will be located in the center console.
Awesome! But how do I return it?
This part is even easier. Just bring it back to the same street. You can leave the key in the center console, where you found it. Please just lock it before you leave.
What are the music options?
Bluetooth phone and audio, USB input, and auxiliary input. And, of course, AM/FM radio.
Can I smoke in the car?
In short, no... but message me before-hand to discuss, and maybe I'll say yes. :)
Car location
Somerville, MA 02144