Honda Insight Rental in Cambridge, MA | Turo
Honda Insight2000
125 trips
$ 58
per day
The car
Honda Insight
125 trips
2 seats
2 doors
Gas (Regular)
58 MPG
- half the seats (only 2 seats!)
- half the engine
- half the weight
- half the fuel consumption
- twice the value

This is the most fuel-efficient car ever sold in America. It's rated at 70 mpg on the highway, but is getting 55 - 60 this summer (2017) when I drive it. Renters have ranged from 46 mpg to 74 mpg. The car redefines the term "high performance". A Porsche Carrera GT is loud, rough, and requires retraining of how to use a clutch, but it's still a great car. Be aware that the Insight also sacrifices driver comforts to achieve high performance. When I drive more than a few hours at a time, I wear Westone WR20's to turn the car into a Lexus. ;) Buy a pair, they're like sunglasses for your ears.

I rebuilt the transmission in this car to fix the synchros so renters no longer have to double clutch. That said, please don't downshift to first gear while moving and be gentle with the shifter, particularly for second gear. I will take you for a test ride to make sure you actually are an expert at driving with a manual transmission.

I installed nice speakers and an HD radio / CD player with USB/iPhone and aux inputs. I think the stereo sounds as good as my two Lexuses. All my cars come with EZ-Pass for your convenience, and you can request to borrow my Valentine 1 radar detector or an aux cable.

The Insight is my vehicle of choice for long-distance trips. I've had renters take it to New Orleans and back. It's relatively old, but I maintain it like an airplane. The suspension is aligned, wheels are balanced, it has good wiper blades, new windshield, great brakes. It doesn't drive like a neglected old car at all. At the moment, the only issue is a rattling heat shield, but I'll rip it off at the next oil change.
  • Manual transmission
  • EV / Hybrid
  • Audio input
  • Toll pass
No downshifting to 1st gear while moving. Shifts to 2nd must be gentle to avoid chipping the double-cone synchro. No smoking. Return the car clean on the inside, but don't bother washing the exterior.
Car location
Cambridge, MA 02139
Boston Logan International Airport
Hanscom Field
Up to 5 miles