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BMW Z31999
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18 trips
Wait... what? Yup, it's a clown shoe. Or at least that's what enthusiasts of Bayerische Motoren Werke AG have affectionately dubbed the 1999-2002 BMW Z3 Coupé. Only 2,071 Coupés were ever produced for North America, so chances are good you won't find another one up for rent. There were exactly 13 produced in this color combination.

Seriously, this is an enthusiast car. You probably don't want to rent it for a trip to Target. But if you want to test your mettle against the road without all the latest technologies that mediate and moderate the experience, this might be your ride. If you're even thinking about this, I'll assume you already know how to work a stick shift (though I may make you prove it!). If it's not winter, slide down the windows and you can really hear the tuned straight-6 purr.

So on to the pragmatics. I'm listing this here on an experimental basis. I'm a big fan of Bavarian sports cars, and will assume that you are too. Maybe you're visiting from out of town and want to rent something more interesting than a Malibu. I can pick you up at Logan or the T Station or whatever I deem within reason. You can help me figure out what works and makes sense.

What I ask in return is that you respect the shoe. Please be a decent human being and don't make a mess, don't be reckless, and don't stick me with your parking tickets. When you fill the tank, please use "premium" gas with an octane rating of 91or higher. Older German cars tend to be fussy about that.

Special thanks to Turo renters Nate and Trip for their awesome photos of the Clownshoe!
  • Manual transmission
  • Long-term car
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Cambridge, MA 02142
Boston Logan International Airport
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