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Honda Civic2007
33 trips
$ 27
per day
The car
Honda Civic
33 trips
This is gopher. Gopher loves his new life in the big city. He loves the tall buildings, the loud (sometimes scary) noises, and all the other cars. His favorite thing is to go on adventures to places he's never been. But Gopher doesn't get to go out and play as much as he wants. Most days he sits in his parking spot wishing he could just be driven. Will you go on an adventure with Gopher? He sure would love it.

Gopher is ridiculously close to the St. Mary's Green T Line. His owners are almost always close by too; whether they are off the Boston University Central Green T stop or St. Mary's, they will always be near by to hand off keys and pick Gopher or his keys up.

Gophers A/C has gone on the fritz. Sometimes it wants to work sometimes it doesn't. This is an FYI for summer renters. The heat doesn't seem to have any problems, and he stays pretty cool with the windows down.

Gopher is available just about anytime you want to go on an adventure. His owners only really need him Sunday mornings to go to the grocery store (and he's getting pretty tired of that trip). They might need him other times though, so be sure to ask if Gopher is available to play when you need him.

Gopher also has a CD player, an audio input thing (for music players), and a dual usb charger thing.

One last thing: be nice to Gopher. He's a good little fella that just wants to go on adventures; he deserves to be treated well! Don't smoke in him or other things! He'd prefer not to have animal hair all over himself too! But we can talk about that if you need to!
  • Automatic transmission
  • Audio input
Car location
Boston, MA 02215