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Scion xB2005
$ 29
per day
The car
Scion xB
This puppy gets good gas mileage, has puh-lenty of passenger space, and most importantly will NOT steal your leftovers from the fridge. I promise.* Stubby has been a good and loyal car for the better part of a decade now, and I've always enjoyed getting to share his spacious interior and go-kart like handling with my friends and neighbors and strangers.

The interior is a little rough, with a tear in the fabric here and some scuffs on the dashboard there, so you may not want to rent him if you're picking up the Malaysian Prime Minister. But for pretty much everything else, he's perfectly functional. The back seats fold down, which is great for loading small pieces of furniture, lawnmowers, film dollies, inflatable decorations, or just sleeping. And when it comes to rear passenger leg room, well, let's just say you'll want to fly Air Stubby next time you visit your cousin in Toledo. (I'm saying there's a lot of room. Like, more room than an airplane has.)

Bonus for music lovers(!): If you have an iPod or an iPhone, you can connect it directly into the car's stereo with a nifty little doodad I had installed a couple of years ago. You can even control things like track and volume with the buttons on the dashboard. Pretty nifty, huh? I think it's nifty.

In short, every trip in Stubs (I call him Stubs sometimes) is an adventure. You'll feel right at home in the driver's seat. (Please do no make your home in my car, however.) Just one drive, and I know Stubby and you will become fast friends.

Rent him for an hour, rent him for a day, but you'll love him for a lifetime. (Actually you can rent him longer if you want, but I was going for wit over clarity.)
  • Automatic transmission
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Lawrence, KS 66044