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Isuzu trooper 1988
This Trooper is a beast! My buddy and I came out to Maui for four days and we were living the high life in this vintage gem. This is the perfect car to cruise the island’s main roads or go off road to camp and hike. It may be a 1988, but the engine purrs like a lion; needless to say we never had any issues with the Trooper. Rather than renting that drop top mustang get this real deal Trooper to mob the island in true Maui style.
Harvey N. - October 12, 2017
Alyssa Janene
Isuzu trooper 1988
Patrick was so awesome and chill. He was easy going with making arrangements for pickup and drop off and his 1988 Isuzu Trooper “Agatha” was a really great ride for zipping around the island. Agatha was the island cruiser we were looking for and we’ll be sure to rent her again when we come back. Oh, and Patrick threw in some snorkel gear for us to use so it’s definitely a win-win! Mahalo 🤙🏼🌞
Alyssa Janene C. - October 25, 2017
Isuzu trooper 1988
Agatha is a sweet beast. We had a blast driving her around Maui for 3 days. Perfect for road to Hana. Take good care of her and she'll be good to you. If you prefer the regular boring rental, then this isn't for you
Dan S. - January 14, 2018
Isuzu trooper 1988
My first time using Turo and I couldn’t be happier with my new friend Patrick and Isuzu Trooper aka “Agatha”. This is the vehicle you want to be seen in around the island and I can’t tell you how many smiles, thumbs up and compliments I got in 6 days that I had it. It’s a wonderful and reliable machine, good on gas, has no problems with steep inclines and took me to every remote place of the island! Of course, it doesn’t have bunch of fancy gadgets that your modern vehicle has, but if you want that - then rent from a rental company and all the locals will know that you’re just another tourist. But if you truly want to capture the spirit of Hawaii and possibly even get a “local” discount from merchants, this is by far the best ride for any amount of money that will make your stay on the island that much more memorable
LEON P. - July 11, 2018
Isuzu trooper 1988
Super fun truck to use for driving through the mountains and sightseeing. Patrick was a great host and was nice enough to drive me back to my hotel. I highly recommend using this truck and working with Patrick. ITB, Mike
Michael R. - November 30, 2017
Isuzu trooper 1988
Sweet ride to cruise the island. Better than other rentals because it has the local factor, which goes a long way on Maui. Would definitely rent again!
Rhys A. - May 25, 2018
Isuzu trooper 1988
Awesome fun car, definitely recommen for crusing the island.
Andrew H. - July 20, 2018
Isuzu trooper 1988
Patrick’s Trooper (Agatha) is probably one of the coolest and most utilitarian vehicles on the island. Hard to count how many shakas we received from locals while driving it around the island. We drove it the full circumference of the island with no issues. It has its quirks and rust spots for being an older vehicle but reliability is a 5 stars even in the middle of nowhere. Patrick even threw in some camping, snorkel, and surfing gear too which made for some awesome adventures. Highly recommend!
Elliott P. - October 4, 2017
Isuzu trooper 1988
The trooper was a good choice for our drive to Hana. We cruised slowly with windows down and took in the fragment smells of the fields of white ginger in bloom. Pick up was unique, as we went to Patrick’s work at a golf course to sign papers, but he was great and it was only 2 miles from airport. All and all a good experience.
Carolyn B. - October 26, 2017
Isuzu trooper 1988
Patrick was awesome and would definitely recommend him and his Trooper!
Alejandro H. - November 19, 2017
Isuzu trooper 1988
Cool vehicle. If u want a shiney new vehicle, this is not the one for you, but if don’t want to stand out as a tourist. I would highly recommend
Doris G. - February 1, 2018
Isuzu trooper 1988
outstanding service. love the trooper and Patrick is a sweetheart.
Sheila H. - February 24, 2018
Isuzu trooper 1988
Patrick is such a good guy, loved cruisin with agatha-
Anna G. - February 11, 2018
Isuzu trooper 1988
Great ride and experience. Patrick was outstanding - very prompt replies, had water and some snorkel gear in the vehicle, and even gave us a ride back to our hotel afterward. A+, thanks again!
Anant T. - February 17, 2018
Isuzu trooper 1988
Good ride to bomb around the island in! Awesome dude!
Angelo A. - March 5, 2018
Isuzu trooper 1988
Great vehicle and Patrick was very accommodating. Cool island feel and handled everything Maui has to offer.
Kent J. - March 5, 2018