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Chevrolet Volt2013
6 trips
$ 41
per day
The car
Chevrolet Volt
6 trips
4 seats
5 doors
Hybrid (Premium)
40 MPG
Cyber gray metallic, 36-50 miles on a full 11kWh charge (depends heavily on how you accelerate, brake, and spend time at highway speeds). Has an internal combustion engine to extend it's range to 380 miles on a full tank of premium gas. Fully electric drivetrain means no shift shock like a traditional transmission and no issues with a complicated CVT like many other hybrid cars. A truly unique driving experience. Comfortable cloth seats. Front and rear 12V "cigarette lighter style" plug-ins for phone chargers and USB plug-in for your music device. The gas engine averages around 45 mpg at city speeds (<45mph) and about 37mpg at highway speeds (>65mph). 120V standard 3-prong plug-in charger hides under cargo area so you can charge anywhere you can find an outlet (charges at around 3mph or 14 hours for a full charge). Use the Plugshare app to find free charging stations in the Indy area! I do ask that all renters who elect to refuel the vehicle themselves get a receipt from each gas station used that shows premium fuel (91 octane or higher) was used to keep the engine from knocking later on.
An active OnStar Security subscription means you always have a team member ready to respond to any and all accidents you may experience, even if you're unable to push the blue button yourself.
  • Automatic transmission
  • Hybrid
  • Audio input
  • Bluetooth
  • Child seat
  • USB input
Why does the mileage from the gas engine vary between 36 and 43 mpg?
The efficiency of this car whether on electric charge or gasoline is highly dependent upon your driving style. Jackrabbit starts, as fun as they are in this car, will decrease your range faster than controlled, steady acceleration. Likewise, hard, last-second braking will recoup less energy than coasting to stop signs/lights and light, controlled braking.
I've heard electric cars get worse mileage in the winter. What does the mileage look like for your Volt from November-March?
The mileage from the gas engine takes a small, almost unnoticeable dip (about 1 mpg less). The range from the battery is noticeably less (about 36 with my driving style in the winter vs. 50 in the summertime). Depending on how far you are driving between full charges, you can employ an energy-saving strategy that I have developed over the past two winters. One of the driving modes this car has is "Hold" which will force the car to use the internal combustion engine (ICE) and "bank" the current amount of electric miles for later use. Toggling between normal and hold modes to run the engine for 5-10 minutes at a time will allow the climate control system to be run on the most efficient "fan only" setting while still producing heat from the warmed engine block. This keeps the car from relying on the much less efficient electric heating element.
How do I charge this electric car?
The Volt comes equipped with a portable 110V (standard wall outlet) charger. The charger is tucked away under the floor of the cargo area. Unwind the cord and be sure to plug the charger into the wall before placing the plug into the car's charging port. The charging port is a locking door on the driver's side that releases by pressing the corresponding button on the key fob or by pressing the release on the driver's side door (about knee height). Once you have plugged in to the car you will see an orange light illuminate in the front of the dash while it prepares to charge. Seconds later the light will turn to green and the horn will beep once to confirm successful charging has begun. The light will remain solid green while charging and will change to flashing green when fully charged. Expect the car to charge at a rate of about 3 miles per hour (12-14 hours for a 0-full charge). If you can find a public charging station (hopefully a free one), these typically charge at the 220V rate which is roughly 4 times faster than the standard "at home" 110V charging. Expect the car to charge at a rate of about 12 miles per hour (4 hours for a 0-full charge).
Car location
Avon, IN 46123
Indianapolis International Airport
Up to 25 miles
Free delivery for trips of 2 weeks or longer