Lincoln MKZ Rental in Palatine, IL | Turo
Paul Clayton’s
Lincoln MKZ2014
10 trips
$ 62
per day
The car
Paul Clayton’s
Lincoln MKZ
10 trips
Drive in style and comfort on a budget! This 2014 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid it gives you spacious, high-end luxury with unbelievable fuel economy. Mileage has consistently been over 40 MPG. It has oodles of space, from leg room in the back to luggage space in the ample trunk. This car is nearly new, with less than 30,000 miles on it, and it still has that new car smell. The handling is fantastic. Complimentary Lincoln roadside assistance is available for emergencies.

• Metallic Charcoal exterior
• Black leather interior
• Push button start
• Back up camera
• Heated front seats
• Touchless key fob
• Remote start
• Dual climate control
• Large touch screen for audio and climate controls
• HD digital stereo AM / FM
• Stereo boasts CD + USB + Bluetooth + analog auxiliary inputs
• Voice control phone, text-to-voice for SMS messages via Bluetooth
• Factory subwoofer with nice bass
• Full-range front & rear electric windows
• Large power moon roof
• Multiple power outlets, including an AC outlet on the back of the armwrest
• Rear outlet prefitted with iPhone and Android cords
• Windshield-mounted smartphone holder (for up to Galaxy Note or iPhone 6S)

An Illinois Tollway iPass is included for your convenience. Tolls will be automatically itemized and billed to you within 24 hours after you complete your trip. You will receive the car with a full tank of gas; please return it the same way to avoid paying for fuel afterwards. Regular unleaded is acceptable, but you will get more power and better mileage with 93 octane fuel.

Relax, look classy, and enjoy the drive!

Things you may want to know:
• This car is a hybrid, and it conserves fuel by cutting the engine at red lights. This is normal.
• You don't insert the key fob anywhere; just keep it in your pocket. You can leave the car running and get out with the key fob; the car will alert you with the horn, and it will not be drivable until the key fob is inside the vehicle again.
• Shifting is done by buttons on the dashboard.
• Your foot must be on the brake to start the car and to shift into drive.
• The gas tank is on the driver's side.
• There is no interior release for the trunk or gas tank. The trunk opens from the key fob, or a button just above the right side of the license plate. The gas tank door opens by pushing on it; it's a capless gas tank.
• If you have the key fob within 3 feet of the car, the doors will automatically unlock when you touch the inside of the door handle, and automatically lock if you touch the top of it.
  • Automatic transmission
  • Hybrid
  • Audio input
  • Long-term car
  • Bluetooth
  • USB input
  • Toll pass
  • Heated seats
  • Sunroof
Car location
Palatine, IL 60074
Up to 10 miles
Free delivery for trips of 2 weeks or longer