Hyundai Sonata2008
12 trips
$ 25
per day
Hyundai Sonata
12 trips
-Clean and spacious silver colored Hyundai Sonata, the car can seat 5 people comfortably.
-The car has less than 50K miles, has new tires, an ice cold AC, an efficient heater, Sirius XM Radio (trial subscription) and a USB charger.
-Your Turo rental comes to you with limited mileage. Please refer to your rental details to find out the exact mileage available to you. Any miles over the limit will be charged to you at $0.75/mile. The charge will be sent using the reimbursement tool on Turo.
-An I-Pass device (with sufficient funds) has been installed in the car for your convenience. Please use the I-Pass lane while driving through Toll plazas. A reimbursement request through Turo will be sent to you for any tolls that were charged to the I-Pass during the rental period.
-Renter is responsible for replacing any gas used during the rental. In case you are not able to refuel before returning the car, I will refuel on your behalf and send a reimbursement request through Turo.
-Please be considerate and return the car on time. If there is any chance the return might be late, please request an extension through Turo. If an extension can't be booked you must return the car at the originally scheduled end time. Please note that the Turo insurance is not valid after the rental period has ended.
-Please be considerate and return the car in the same condition it was received. If you return the car in a noticeably dirtier condition, you may incur a cleaning fee. This is a non-smoking car, smoking is strictly prohibited. A cleaning/detailing fee will be charged to you if any evidence of smoking is found.
-You must pay all tickets (other than photo tickets) for events occurring during the trip. You are also responsible for all parking tickets/fines received up to 24 hours after the end of the trip, if the parking ticket was due to the renter’s improper parking. If there is a ticket, I will notify Turo of the ticket received during the rental period (or during the period 24 hours thereafter). Turo will promptly charge the renter for the full cost of the ticket plus any related fees. Please notify me if you received a ticket during your trip, and, so long as it is not a photo ticket, you should pay the full cost immediately.
-A copy of the registration, my personal insurance and Turo insurance has been kept in the glove box. Please refer to the instructions on the Turo insurance card in case of any insurance matters.

Please upload a picture of your driver's license to "Trip Photos" on Turo as soon as the rental is confirmed.

Please call me on +1 (312) 340-9147 in case your rental request is not approved within 30 mins.

Thank you for renting my car through Turo! Please leave your comments and feedback using the messaging tool on Turo. Any feedback and reviews are highly appreciated!
  • Automatic transmission
  • Long-term trips
Car location
Evanston, IL 60201