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Tesla Model 3 2018

4 doors
4 seats

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*THIS MODEL 3 IS A FIRST PRODUCTION MODEL W/UPGRADED FEATURES AND THE LARGER 310 MILE RANGE BATTERY. PLEASE READ ALL GUIDELINES BEFORE BOOKING* Car is delivered with at least 250 miles of range. I expect it to be returned with 200 miles if possible. There is a minimal $ charge if Tesla supercharging network is used during your trip. I will ask for a reimbursement at the end of your trip for use of the network or if returned with less than 250 miles of range. The average $ charge is between $5-$10 for 200 miles worth of electric Supercharging. The TESLA Model 3 is the most anticipated car releases in history. Be one of the first in the Chicagoland area to experience this exceptional vehicle. In anticipation of rental demand for this car, make your rental request as soon as possible. If you would like to test drive the Model 3 before putting down a $1000 reservation for one, this is the perfect opportunity for you to experience this remarkable vehicle. You won't find the Model 3 at your typical rental company. EXPLORE THE FUTURE OF PERSONAL TRANSPORTATION NOW! The Model 3 is equipped with: Enhanced Autopilot Long Range Battery- 310 miles per charge (depending on driving habits and weather) Streaming music, Tunein radio, Standard FM HD Voice activated commands Full Glass Roof Upgraded Interior 0 to 60 mph / 5.1 sec Sport Wheel Upgrade For more information visit


Automatic transmission
USB input
Toll pass
Heated seats
Voice Command
Enhanced Autopilot
TuneIn Radio
Streaming Music (Slacker)
Back-up camera


While checking in and out I encourage you to take photos to document the condition of the Model 3 this includes: Rims, all sides of the car and interior. Any damage occurring during your trip will be your responsibility. Most damage to rims occurs while parallel parking in tight, crowded Chicago streets. Please use public parking and DO NOT valet the vehicle. You will be charged $175 per rim if damage occurs during your trip. The Car is delivered with 80-90% charge or 248-280 miles. Any re-charging has a minimal $ per mile charge if you use the TESLA Supercharging network. Please return the car with at least 100 miles range. If that is not possible I will fill it up and ask for a reimbursement after the end of your trip. While on your trip and charging at Tesla Superchargers or other charging locations, please do not set charge limit to exceed the recommended daily settings for local driving. Please let me know if you will be driving outside the Chicagoland area. My home base parking lot(s) are located in Aurora, Il and Oakbrook, IL. A short Uber or Lyft drive from O'hare airport. Please return the interior of the car clean as when it was delivered or picked up. , ABSOLUTELY NO SMOKING, NO DRINKING OR EATING in this car. I do my own exterior/interior washes. PLEASE DO NOT USE ANY HANGING AIR FRESHENERS OR SPRAYS. ALL MY CARS ARE CLEANED AND SANITIZED AFTER EVERY TRIP. Travelers and their passengers are not permitted to smoke in any vehicle in the Turo marketplace. I take reports of smoking very seriously. If a smoke smell is reported by the owner within 24 hours of a trip end, the traveler is subject to fine and potential removal from the community. Smoke smell removal fee is $250 and will be charged if you decide to smoke in the vehicle. Please respect the NO SMOKING policy. While I understand food and drink is consumed in vehicles, any food or drink stains will incur an additional interior cleaning fee of $75 and reimbursement will be requested at the end of your trip. Please place all luggage in the rear trunk. The front trunk is reserved for charging cables and adapters only. NO luggage on any interior seats. Any damage to seating will incur an additional fee and a reimbursement will be requested at the end of your trip. If your travel plans change and you would like to extend your trip, please modify your trip at least 1 hour before the end of your original drop-off time, if the car is available. When booking and deciding on your drop off time, allow for Chicago traffic congestion and unforeseen delays. If you need extra time passed your drop off time during your trip, you must extend and modify your trip to be covered by my insurance. Late fees will apply for late returns.


  • How long does it take to charge the Model 3?
    At Tesla Superchargers a typical charge of 80% charge will take 30 min.
  • Do I pay for tolls?
    Yes, The car is equipped with a transponder and at the end of your trip, I will have a list of tolls used for your trip which will include a one-time $5 administration fee. The car's license plate is registered with the Ipass toll system within the tri-state area, so no need to pay tolls with cash. Do not bring your own transponder you will be charged twice.
  • How do find charging stations for the Model 3?
    The navigation system will direct you to the nearest TESLA SUPERCHARGE or other 3rd party charging stations. There are also many destination Tesla chargers at Hotels and other convenient places in and around Chicago.
  • How do I pay for charging at Tesla superchargers?
    I will charge traveler for Tesla supercharging stations at the end of your trip. There will be charges for 3rd party charging stations at points of sale.
  • How many Tesla Superchargers are there in Chicago area?
    There are 7 Tesla superchargers in and around the Chicago area currently. Two more opening in 2018. One near O'Hare and one in Glenview north of Chicago.
  • Do I need to pay for Tesla Supercharging?
    Yes. On the first day of your rental, the car is charged with at least 250 miles of range (depending on weather and driving habits). if you decide to charge at Tesla Supercharging network there is a minimal $ charge per miles charged and will show up on my account in which I will ask for reimbursement at the end of your trip. Please return the car with at least 25 miles left of range and I will fill charge for you and ask for a reimbursement later on Turo app.
  • Do I need to get a carwash at the end of my trip?
    Although I appreciate any offer of traveler taking the car through the carwash, I would rather do it myself as I hand wash all my vehicles to prevent scratches and scuffs.
  • What is Autopilot?
    Tesla Autopilot (aka driving without the need of a human) later sold as Enhanced Autopilot after a second hardware version started to be shipped, is an advanced driver-assistance system feature offered by Tesla that has lane centering, adaptive cruise control, self-parking, and enables the car to be summoned to and from a garage or parking spot. Planned improvements to Enhanced Autopilot include automatically changing lanes without requiring driver input, transitioning from one freeway to another, and exiting the freeway when your destination is near.


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