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EV vehicle! 65 mile range. No need for for gas on Kauai. Conveniently located less than 15 minutes from the airport . Keep Kauai Green and drive an electric car. There are many FREE charging stations around the island. Kauai generates almost 50% of it's energy from renewable energy systems. Therefore your EV charge sends money to community solar farms, local biomass power plant, or the owner of rooftop solar panels which keeps more money circulating directly on island instead of off shore billionaires. No fossil fuel needed. Free parking at the Lihue Airport and preferred EV parking stations on the island. +Air conditioning. +Rear View Camera with large screen / GPS +Great Sound System +Battery has a up to a 65 mile range +Charge overnight in any normal household outlet ---110V. 220V hookup is not required!


Automatic transmission
EV / Hybrid
Audio input
Long-term car
USB input


Add optional Extras to your trip at checkout.
Mavic Air Drone, up to 4 days included. Each additional day is $20 per day to be collected in cash upon return.
$80/trip1 available
GoPro Hero 5: 4K camera and video with basic accessories. Can go up to 25ft underwater.
$60/trip3 available

Parking details

Please do not park in the driveway. Specific street parking instructions will be in your checkout message.


Check-In/Drop Off - Send photo of driver(s) license(s) minimum of 2 hours before car pickup - Self check-in details will be sent to you the renter within 48 hrs before arrival - 5 photos minimum of car must be uploaded on Turo app upon arrival and again at drop off Photos required: 1. Front 2. Right Side 3. Left Side 4. Back 5. Odometer - Return car CLEAN (no sand, mud, crumbs.. etc) Mahalo for your Kokua in returning in same or better condition. - Small broom and dust pan in back of car for convenient clean up of car. KAPU (Forbidden) 1. No smoking 2. No pets 3. No off-road driving


  • How do I know how much charge I have left?
    A gauge is located on the right of the dashboard. If you have 30 miles left please keep in mind this is an approximation. To maximize the range it is best to turn off the AC and drive in ECO mode. If the car is not automatically in ECO mode just shift into "D" a second time to bring it into ECO. The BEST feature is that the car will recharge itself anytime you are coasting or going downhill.
  • What is driving an electric car like?
    Electric cars are fun to drive with instant torque and the effortless, nearly silent, super efficient power of electric motors. Going electric is now the cool thing to do. Akon, Steph Curry, Oprah, Ben Affleck, Don Cheadle, James Cameron, Cameron Diaz, Beyonce & Jay Z, Morgan Freeman, Anthony Kiedas, Will Smith, Jaden Smith, Steven Spielberg, and a bunch of other celebrities now drive Electric.
  • How do I charge the electric car?
    Home charging is done easily with any 120v plug. The car is equipped with everything you need to recharge. In the trunk you will find x2 50ft extension cords and the car charging plug. EV charging stations are located on island. Download the EV Hawaii app or go to:
  • Where are the EV charging stations and how much does it cost?
    There are over 20 EV charging stations and majority of them are free. A few spots have restrictions or use a paid app such as OpConnect or Blink Download the EV Hawaii app or go to: Here you will find the details of each station and whether or not payment is necessary
  • How far can I go on a single charge?
    This car has a 75 mile range. This is an approximation and will be affected by driver acceleration, terrain, and A/C usage. Keep in mind the car recharges anytime you are coasting or going downhill (with no acceleration). Driving in ECO mode can increase distance by about 10% Kauai is relatively small. Here are some basic distances: East to North Lihue to Kapaa - 11 miles *20min Kapaa to Princeville - 22 miles *35 min Kapaa to Hanalei - 26 miles *1 hour Princeville to Haena - 12 miles *30 minutes East to West Lihue to Poipu - 13 miles *25 minutes Lihue to Waimea - 25 miles *52 minutes Poipu to Kokee State Park - 36 miles *1 hr 20 minutes (Recommended not to go to Kokee due to lack of charging stations and quick drain of battery due to climb)
  • How long does it take to charge?
    Time to charge an electric car can take as little as 30 minutes or up to 12 hours. The time it takes to charge depends on the size of the battery and the speed of the charging point, also how much of the battery have you used. A Nissan Leaf electric car takes 12 hours to charge from empty from home outlet or 4 hours at a charge station. - 120v home charger provides about 4 miles per hour of charge. - 220V charge station provides about 18 miles per hour of charge. A rapid charger at The Grand Hyatt can charge your car to full in about 30 minutes and is ideal for long distance journeys. Charging rates can differ based on the ambient temperature, the state of the battery (e.g. empty or half full) and the maximum charging rate of the vehicle. Like your phone if you plan on using it alot throughout the day it is best to stop and do quick charges during a coffee or lunch break.


54 ratings

Everything was completely fine, Justin respons very quickly and everything goes smooth.

Severin S.-Feb 26, 2019

Showed up with him flipping us off... told my boyfriend that “ you’re gf just walks outside of Home Depot half naked.... it was 80 degrees out we just came back from the beach and had to met him there. Because his Nissan Leaf was absolute crap... waiting to charge the car for 1 hour plus when we only have a few days to get around the island..... I asked him for a different car and he didn’t make it important untill I wanted to get someone else’s..... not only was he foul mouthed and gave me a hard time about other ppl using his cars and crashing them... he made me Feel bad for how little money he was getting out of us... then charged up an EXTRA $40 for a stain on his chair that was ALREADY THERE!! And a few grains of salt and a water bottle left on the trunk. He provides a vaccume that BARLEY works so we spent extra money we didn’t have to vaccume that car.... he then says you should have gone to a gas station and vacuumed it... AFTER THE second time of me telling him we did.. Sorry buddy but you live in Kaua’i .... Tourists want to see the Sandy beaches... I’d love to see your car .... sorry I’m not a detail car cleaner... but sand is not easy to get out.

Megan D.-Feb 12, 2019

The car itself was great and Justin did a good job of communicating at the beginning. We were able to pick it up on time and it was charged to 65 miles, but we quickly found out that it was much more difficult to charge the car around the island than the ad makes it seem. If we wanted to drive from Princeville to Kekaha (55 miles) we would have to drive extremely slow, let off the accelerator on every downhill and there is only one charging station on the opposite side of the island so we would have to leave it charging and walk literally miles to the activities we wanted to do. It took a couple hours for it to be fully charged even at designated stations, so sometimes we would have to wait at the Walmart in Lihue (the only other station to use without an RFID card) for an hour for it to get enough charge to get back to Princeville. We had quite the adventure on Kauai but felt very limited by the car. We did try messaging Justin about the charging issues a day into the trip but he did not reply until the last day. If you are going to be traveling short distances and not exploring very much (or at all,) this is the car for you. If you are hoping to have days with a medium-high amount of driving, I would highly recommend getting one with gas!

Michelle D.-Jan 17, 2019

Car was as expected. Location is close to airport. Charging was a pain. Would be 5 star if we stayed at a place with a charging station. We did not and it was a total drag on the trip. Use before you book and it will make your life easier.

Rebecca L.-Jan 6, 2019

Surprising this was a perfect car, we loved it. It was really easy to finding charming stations by using the PlugShare app. That is gold when on island. Also, we stayed at Kauai Palms hotel and our room was conveniently locked right in front of we’re our car was parked so charging the car from our room was perfect!! Dropping the car off was easy and located about 5 mins away from the airport, so getting an Uber was easy!

Thechapmans A.-Dec 28, 2018

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