Toyota Prius Rental in Honolulu, HI | Turo
Toyota Prius2005
40 trips
$ 32
per day
The car
Toyota Prius
40 trips
5 seats
4 doors
Hybrid (Regular)
46 MPG
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Click the "View All" box and read the entire description ! There are car specifics and 8 points you HAVE to agree to. Write that you agree in your message to me when you book the car. If you don't I'll assume you didn't read and haven't agreed.

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Sip gas with my comfortable and environmentally friendly Prius. Has a decent CD player sound system, power windows/locks/mirrors, cruise control, and folding rear seats for more trunk space. Car is clean with cold A/C. EPA city/highway fuel economy: 48/45mpg.

Point #1 - Please respect my car. Do not track a bunch of sand back into it as cheap car washes will not be able to vacuum it all back up. Please be careful when eating in the car as well as dropped food attracts cockroaches and may cause stains. The car will be given to you vacuumed and washed. Please return the car in the same condition or there will be a cleaning fee. I suggest McKinley Car Wash at 1139 Kapiolani Boulevard, Honolulu, HI 96814 because it is the cheapest (between $15 for cars or $19 for SUV's and vans) and closest car wash to my house that does a somewhat decent job. Please watch them as they vacuum because they sometimes miss spots ie. not vacuuming the trunk or under the floor mat, etc. The other one next to it is absolutely terrible which is why they have no one getting their car washed there when Mckinley's lines are 3 times as long. McKinley usually stops taking cars at 5:45pm except on Sundays where they stop taking cars at 3:45pm. They take between 30 min to an hour and a half when busy so budget your time accordingly. They even have gas pumps so you can fill up gas at the same time. No smoking or pets period. This includes "service" animals !

Point #2 - I have a limited number of the following so please specify if you need any of these when booking otherwise they will not be supplied. Booster seats (free), Garmin GPS ($10), USB phone chargers (free), and Bluetooth FM modulators which allows charging via usb, play music via bluetooth or aux converted into an FM station, and make hands-free calls (free). If damaged or lost, child seats will cost $60, booster seats $30, GPS $115, USB chargers $15, and FM modulators $25.

Point #3 - If you book delivery and drop off and are not ready to be picked up within 30 minutes of your booked time, you will lose your pickup fee and need to come to the vehicle's location unless you make other arrangements 3 HOURS BEFORE the trip starts. After picking you up, I must be driven back to my home at 900 Green Street. On return, you have to pick me up and I will drive you to where you need to go (airport or within 10 miles as booked). You cannot leave the car at the airport. If you do not book pick up and drop off and if I am available to drive you when you return the car, I will beat Lyft and Uber's pricing for the trip at that specific point in time. If you have never used Lyft or Uber, sign up with my referral codes and get your first ride for free. Lyft: KEVIN23479 and Uber: 248wy6nzue

Point #4 - Turo offers free 24/7 roadside assistance. Their number is 1-866-735-2901. Towing, lock out service, jump starts, tire changes, etc. For mechanical issues which affect the safety or drivability of the vehicle, I have over 24 cars and will offer another car (unless they are all rented) if the issue cannot be resolved within 3 hours by my full-time mobile mechanic. If another vehicle is not available, the trip will have to be cancelled and the vehicle will have to be towed to my mechanic and the rest of your trip price will be refunded.

Point #5 - Please return the car with the same amount of gas (usually full) or the difference will be charged to you. Leaving extra gas does not substitute for returning the car clean as delivered.

Point #6 - NO EARLY PICKUPS or late returns. Turo only insures my vehicle and whatever it hits DURING the rental period. I released a car to a renter 5 minutes early and he got into an accident 7 minutes later. Turo told me NEVER to do that again as they would not have covered the crash nor the car he hit if the rental period had not started. Turo charges $50/hour for late returns so if you are going to be more than 10 minutes late, I suggest you extend the trip that way you won't be penalized. Click "Modify" in the trip and change the return time and date.

Point #7 - No speeding or racing and watch where you park. If you do not take care of the ticket, there will be court fees and collection fees on top of the ticket cost. Cars get towed a LOT on Oahu. If you get towed, I will need to go down to the tow yard because it's registered to me and it's a hassle. I do charge a $50 fee to get the car out of tow (for driving probably at some unreasonable hour in the middle of the night or in rush hour traffic, waiting in line, you paying and them, them processing the payment, waiting some more for them to get the car out, and driving home after).

Point #8 - No off-roading whatsoever (Gravel roads, sand, mud, red dirt areas, etc.) unless you are renting my Jeep Wrangler (in which case it is ok to drive on sand and gravel but not go rock climbing or mudding).
  • Automatic transmission
  • EV / Hybrid
  • GPS
  • Audio input
  • Long-term car
  • Bluetooth
  • Child seat
Car location
Honolulu, HI 96822
Honolulu International Airport
Up to 10 miles