Nissan Altima Rental in Honolulu, HI | Turo
Nissan Altima2014
14 trips
$ 40
per day
The car
Nissan Altima
14 trips
5 seats
4 doors
32 MPG
Ride in style in a comfortable Nissan Altima. Has an amazing sound system, Bluetooth accessible, and includes AUX audio input.

Please be sure to carefully read through my guidelines :)
  • Automatic transmission
  • Audio input
  • Bluetooth
Delivery details
Delivery is unavailable at this time!
You are welcome to pick up and drop off from my location.

I’m very flexible with pick up and drop off times; however, if plans change, I need a heads up.

1. If I am left waiting (and we did not discuss a change of plans in writing), I will charge a fee.

2. If I am at the location we agreed on (whether it’s my location or your hotel) and you are not there (whether you’re picking up a car or returning a car), I will charge you a fee once 15 minutes have passed.

3. If, at the last minute, you text me to change the time, I will charge you a fee.
For example: If we are set to meet at 9am, and you text me at 8:45am and say you don’t plan on picking up the car till 10am or later, I will charge you a fee.

4. If you text me randomly and tell me you wish to return the car early, I still need a heads up. If you text saying, “Hi, I’m here already. Done using the car and decided to return it a few hours early,” you will likely have to wait. And I will charge you a fee for having me rush back to pick up the car early.

5. If I am bringing you the car to the AIRPORT, and your flight is delayed, please let me know before you take off so that I am not sitting at the airport waiting. The Honolulu Airport is very strict and doesn’t allow people to wait at baggage claim for more than 2 minutes at a time. To avoid me having to drive around in circles and be yelled at by security, please ensure you are communicating with me as best as possible (letting me know you’ve landed or letting me know you’re waiting for your bags). Same as above, I give a 15 minute grace period. Of course, if you are standing and waiting for your bags and your bags aren’t there yet, that’s fine. But please ensure you are communicating with me (simply shooting me a text to let me know is fine) so that I know what’s going on.

Again, I’m very flexible with times changing. Sometimes, it ends up being more convenient for the both of us to change the times up. However, communication is key. I manage many cars on Turo (and also have an office job). So I need to be given a heads up in advanced when things change.
*Letting me know an hour in advanced is fine. Anything less than an hour in advanced, you will be charged a fee.


Often times, I have bookings back to back (which doesn’t give me any time to clean the cars in between each guest). Therefore, I ask you to please return the car how I gave it to you. A little bit of sand inside is fine; however, if I get a car back filled with sand or with food or with trash, or very dirty from the outside, I will charge you a cleaning fee (a fee to take the car to a decent car wash and a fee for the inconvenience of having to take it to a car wash).

Thank you :)
Car location
Honolulu, HI 96821